Chapter 131

The god who I haven’t seen in person for a while is the great god who rules over chaos, known as Keios.

He is Caravis’ twin brother, and along with Mairahl, he is a natural enemy. He was deeply involved with the creation of the living things on earth which were the beginning of humanity, and granted them possibilities, so he is widely worshipped.

A short pause after I called out into the empty sky, the presence of Keios’ clone descending became known from outside my room.

Then after I opened the door, Keios peeked his face inside, dressed in commonplace clothing consisting of a white shirt and navy blue pants seen commonly throughout the kingdom.

The reason why his handsome features now looked more bashful, was probably because he felt embarrassed to be coming in after Alexander and Caravis.

“I’m sorry, Dragon. I was not aware of Caravis and your younger sister all meeting up, so I hesitated.”

He hasn’t changed at all; he’s still as humble as ever, unable to think of himself as one of the strongest existences in the heavens. In some cases when Lenia has to face an opponent, she is unable to hide her nervousness and a grim expression rises to her face.

She understood that there was an unbridgeable gap in power between herself and Keios. Fumu, it seems he’s actually gotten even stronger since the last time we met in my previous life. Caravis can only try to avoid a head on battle.

I let go of Selina and Dramina, who were hugging me, and got up from the bed to face Keios.

「Selina, Dramina, I’ve heard a lot about you two from Mairahl. I am Keios. Dragon’s old friend.」

Keios spoke with a gentle voice and expression that suited the atmosphere of his appearance, which caused Selina and Dramina to calmly stand and return his greeting.

Keios was being considerate by completely concealing his divinity, and Selina and Dramina were also able to remain calm because they were used to being around gods.

「Even among the great gods, you in particular are outstanding, Lord Keios. It is an honor to meet you. Allow me to properly introduce myself, my name is Selina」

「I consider it an honor to be in the presence of someone as great as yourself. O God of Chaos, I am known as Dramina. In regards to you accepting my pledge, I cannot thank you enough」

While Selina’s greeting was a little rough, and Dramina’s was more elegant, a refreshing smile rose to Keios’ face. It seems from just that, the God of Chaos was able to understand many things about them.

「Ah, it’s really just as Mairahl said, you two are truly good women. As long as you two are here, then Dragon is unlikely to revert to his old ways. That is a relief」

Apparently Keios had been there to witness how I had died in my previous life. But, now that I’ve been reborn as a human, things like isolation and loneliness are distant worries now.

「Thanks for complimenting them. I see you’re still such a worrywart. I intend on living out my whole, natural lifespan this time. I’ll make sure of that」

「Fufu, that is what I’m wishing for, Dragon. If there is anything you need, I will do everything in my power to help. I’ve already heard of the situation from Mairahl.

Aldin, Jareid, Hades, and all our other friends have a good understanding of what we’re dealing with」

Fumu, it seems the fact that I am bound to a curse of reincarnation is already widely known among all my old friends in the heavens.

Fortunately, Keios here is promising to provide his assistance, but I wonder how long it will actually be until I will have to ask for his help.

「Now that greetings are out of the way, congratulations on winning at the Magic Tournament. Aldeath and Chrono Maze were summoned, so I feel bad for whoever your opponents were, but I’d say the results were correct.

Your opponents were quite unfortunate to fight against you, or maybe it could be said they were blessed with the fortune of having a rare experience. Though I guess from their perspective, they think it was unfortunate」

「Even I think that I overdid it a little. Though it might have been a chance for Haruto to be noticed by Aldeath, or maybe even Ashnarus」

「For the priestess dwelling in that sword, it might have been good for her since she might be able to meet the god she believes in.

Now then, the biggest reason why I’m here is because I want to congratulate my old friend, and because there was someone I had to see– Lenia」

And naturally, Keios turned to look straight at Lenia. Lenia is torn between considering Keios as an uncle she should love and respect, or as an unpleasant enemy to her mother, but even now she still remains stubbornly indecisive.

Sometimes she would be ready to enter battle with him immediately, but from what I can see, Keios has no intention of fighting.

「Although she is my older sister, Caravis is also the great evil god of destruction and oblivion, and since you are her beloved daughter, I worried greatly about how I should act around you.

Even among the divine beasts, you are exceptionally powerful, but at the same time, you are related to my old friend Dragon, as his family.

As such, ever since I found out that Dragon had been reincarnated, and you were once again by his side, I have been watching your actions, in order to determine if you are really an evil entity that must be killed or not」

「I see, but the same goes for me. Should I address you as Uncle, or as the enemy of my mother? Ever since you and all the other gods watched my match from the heavens, I have always worried about that.

In the end, I couldn’t arrive at an answer, but I decided that it would depend on how you, the god Keios, perceives me.

As the younger brother of my creator Caravis, and as one of the most revered gods, Keios, please answer me. In your eyes, what kind of existence am I?」

Unlike the time when Caravis and Alexander were there, the atmosphere now was heavy and awkward, and Selina and Dramina closed their mouths with nervous expressions on their faces as they waited for Keios’ answer.

For us, the worst case scenario would be if Keios decides that Lenia is an evil that must be killed, and uses all his power to exterminate her, but…

「Umu, I couldn’t think of you as my sister’s creation. I felt bad about it, but ever since you were born, I had Aslaria and the God of Time help me observe your actions, until today.」

「Aslaria, the goddess my mother believes in? You didn’t have to hide from me. If you wished to watch me, then you may do so as much as you want」

「How gracious. It’s getting even harder to believe that Caravis is your parent. It must be due to Dragon’s influence during the formation of your personality. And as a result, although your soul definitely possesses some evil, you also certainly possess a heart full of affection.

It became even more remarkable ever since you reunited with Dragon. It doesn’t show, but you actually hold affection for your human parents in this life, don’t you?」

Just some time ago, Lenia probably wouldn’t have answered honestly, but now she didn’t hesitate to talk about her feelings toward her parents.

「Yes, I love them. First of all, since those two were there for me, I was able to reunite with my father like this once again, and I can call him Father as well. For that, I thought I held feelings of gratitude toward them.

However, as time passed, while spending it together with Father, Selina, Irina and the others, it became clear to me. Even though I possess a non-human soul, those two still loved and cared for me, and I have already long since loved them.

God of Chaos, I have two pairs of parents. The mother of my soul is the Evil God Caravis, and my father is Dragon. And then, my human father is Julius, and my mother is Lanala. Without anyone having to tell me to, I adored and loved these four as my parents.」

As Lenia spoke proudly, as if boasting in front of the whole world, I was unable to utter a single word.

Unconsciously, the corners of my eyes became hot, and Selina and Dramina softly placed their hands on my shoulders, immediately understanding my feelings as they nodded in understanding.

It is hard to properly put my current feelings into words. It’s a shame that Lenia couldn’t convey these words to her human parents.

Should I try to think of a way to make her tell them later? No, no, this isn’t something I should get involved in, I have to wait until Lenia conveys her love for them of her own free will.

While I was still too emotional to speak, Keios listened to his niece’s words, and smiled happily from the bottom of his heart.

Without intending to, Lenia had given him the answer Keios had wished to hear the most.

「I see, if that is your answer, then my decision is also made. Just as with Mairahl, so long as you do not commit any evil deeds, I will acknowledge and bless your existence on this earth.

Dragon is here as well, so I’m assuming there isn’t much I have to worry about anyway」

Keios sent me a look, as if telling me he’ll be relying on me, and I answered back with a firm nod. I have various worries regarding Lenia and how she’ll be adjusting her strength, but the Lenia as of this moment would not unreasonably kill or cause large-scale destruction.

Well she would do it without hesitation if she does have a reason to, but I’ll just have to deal with that problem if it ever comes, yes. I’m praying that such a situation will never arise… but the one who I’d pray to isn’t here, so I settled with just holding my expectations.

「Dragon, Selina, Dramina, I apologize again for my sudden visit. Let’s meet again under calmer circumstances next time.

And Lenia, my niece. Your soul parents will probably continue to live robustly even if nothing is done, so I won’t say anything about them, but you should treasure your human parents」

Upon hearing Keios clearly call her his niece, all the tension that Lenia had held inside finally left her body, and her lips which had been tightly set in a line, changed into a natural smile. In this moment, Keios had become an uncle she could love and adore.

「Yes, I will continue to love my father Julius, and my mother Lanala. I swear I will, Uncle Keios」


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