Chapter 152

It was a few days after my first meeting with the Three Celestial-Dragon Emperors and the Three Dragon-God Emperors, and the three days and three nights of playing tag with Alexander also ended a few days ago.

After working hard today at the Galois Magic Academy to gather research for post-graduation territory management, Selina, Diadora, Dramina, Christina, Lenia and I received contact from Ryoukichi, so we made our way out to the city outskirts to meet her.

Taking Dramina’s special conditions into account, we headed out at dusk. In a corner of the grassy field where we would gather and hold mock battles before the Magic Tournament, we boarded Dramina’s carriage. Now we were all facing each other inside the single room within the carriage.

In order to revitalize my hometown, we had left behind all but the minimum required furniture, leaving the room very desolate, but after Dramina had joined forces with me, she purchased new furniture using her own earnings.

The interior of the carriage was arranged nicely, with furniture that is good quality for their price, but unfortunately, with just Ryoukichi, Dramina or Christina being present, no matter what kind of furnishings are prepared, it just wouldn’t match them.

But among those three, Christina was the only one who seemed uncomfortable to be surrounded by luxurious furniture. We sat at a long table covered in a blue and white plaid tablecloth, and waited to be told by Ryoukichi as to why we were called here.

Between the two couches, Selina, Diadora, Dramina, Christina and myself were sitting on the one near the door. Ryoukichi, Liu Yu, Vaje and Lenia were sitting on the other couch opposite us.

Ryoukichi was accompanied by Liu Yu and Vaje. Vaje had gotten used to me enough to finally stop seeming like she would suddenly foam at the mouth and faint, but now she looked a little stiff. Fumu, I guess she’s doing well?

「Now then, everyone, thank you very much for meeting with me, and even for preparing this place for us to gather. You have my many thanks」

Ryoukichi said that while bowing gracefully, and although many of the people here have seen it before, they still let slip sighs of admiration.

But, well, this makes me really glad that our country’s important leaders don’t have to meet face to face with Ryoukichi yet.

「The reason why I called you all here today is because Liu Yu and the others thought of something that we need to tell you, about what happened when we, the Dragon Emperors, met with Dran, as his Ancient Celestial Dragon self」

When Ryoukichi glanced at Liu Yu, who has looked nervous and troubled ever since we met up, she nodded back at her mother with a face wiped clear of emotion.

Ah, I see, so it’s about the talk that popped up during the meeting, that Ryoukichi and Liu Yu would be candidates to be my spouse, as the Ancient Celestial Dragon.

The fact that Ryoukichi and Liu Yu hold affection for me was already known by everyone here a long time ago, but I suppose they wanted to tell everyone about what the Dragon Emperors talked about.

Instead of Ryoukichi, the one who started the conversation was Liu Yu, whose face was getting red, and she was getting increasingly more tense.

Before she opened her mouth to speak, she looked once at me, and then her face grew redder. Ryoukichi and Liu Yu wanted to tell everyone that they wanted to be engaged with me, just as Selina and Dramina are now, but just that was enough to make Liu Yu overly conscious of me as a member of the opposite sex.

「Everyone, as you all learned when Alexander and Leviathan came to visit, both my mother and I have feelings of love for Dran. This might be very disrespectful, but that was not a lie nor a falsehood. However, my mother and I are the Water Dragon Emperor, and the next emperor in line, respectively.

The fact that we love Dran, who stands at the peak of all Dragonkin on earth, is something that our brethren cannot accept quietly」

From what Liu Yu had said up to that point, no one here could guess what she had done in response.

Dramina in particular, as a former queen, shows a strong understanding while she nods her head up and down, saying, “I see, I see.”

Although she looked like she knew that the conversation had become quite serious, Lenia didn’t appear too interested, as expected. In this situation, on behalf of the ones that were called here, Selina cheerfully raised her hand and asked a question.

Out of all the women here around me, Selina is the only one who is legally my first wife, and although she is not too self aware about that fact, the other women seemed to give her a second glance.

「So in other words, the White Dragon Emperor and the Wind Dragon Emperor know that Dran is actually Dragon, and then heard that he will be marrying us, including Ryoukichi and Liu Yu? Is that correct?」

「Y-Yes. For myself and my mother, the date is still undecided, but we told them that you are all going to be tied in marriage with Dran. Everyone was really surprised, but they all agreed that this was Dran’s decision」

「Hmmm, judging from the attitudes of Vaje when she found out who Dran was, and Liu Yu’s reaction when his sister-in-laws arrived, the Ancient Celestial Dragon is an absolutely sacred and divine existence in the eyes of the Dragonkin on earth. So I always felt like whatever Dran decides, there isn’t anyone who would object to it」

Fumu, Selina is so sharp. In fact, when I accepted Ryoukichi and Liu Yu’s confessions, Conquester, Kourin and the others lost all words to object with.

They are still not that used to me yet, but we will be meeting up many times in the future, then I can finally arrange for my brethren in the Dragon World to visit them.

Because each of them have their duties as emperors, it’s not always easy to set aside time for these things, and this definitely isn’t something that can be settled in just a few days.

It might take months or even years of preparation for any exchanges between earth and the Dragon World to happen without my mediation.

In response to Selina’s words, Liu Yu might have recalled Conquester, Albion, Kouga and the others’ reactions back then, and a rare smile spread across her face.

「Truth be told, I cannot deny your words, Selina. For us, there is no existence more supreme than the Seven Original Dragons.

However, ever since I met Dran, I’ve come to realize that they are not very different from us in their hearts」

When Liu Yu said that, Vaje, who was sitting beside her, made a startled face, and stared at Liu Yu’s face from the side.

Liu Yu is the next Water Dragon Emperor, and Vaje is the next Crimson Dragon, and perhaps because of that, they feel a bit isolated from each other. But with Liu Yu and me, there’s more than that.

But when Vaje saw Liu Yu looking at me so lovingly, her affection far outweighing her fearful awe and respect for me, Vaje seemed to be quite moved by that sight.


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