Chapter 153

「I’ll be going out again today. I’ll come back later tonight」

As Dran said that, Selina and Dramina watched his back as he left. They hid their loneliness in their hearts, never letting it show on their faces, and they sent him off with smiles.

Now that Dran was gone and it was just the two of them left, their room in the high school boys’ dormitory suddenly felt larger and lonelier. Dramina, wearing a red dress, sighed as she wondered when he would be coming home.

It has already been two months since their summer encounter, but Dran’s existence in Dramina’s heart has only gotten bigger and bigger, and now she can’t imagine living life without him.

An unbearably gloomy sigh spilled out from under Dramina’s veil and reached the ears of Selina, who was also left behind in the room.

「Dramina, please don’t sigh so sadly. Dran will come back home when night falls, just like always」

Seeing Selina struggling to keep a forced smile on her face as she said that, Dramina realized just how much the lamia girl must be holding in her own sadness.

「I understand that, but recently, Dran seems…」

Tired of us, or so Dramina was about to say, but she was stopped by the sound of snake scales rubbing across the floor with a squeak, and then her lips were suddenly sealed by Selina’s kiss.

Don’t say any more, don’t think about that. Selina’s kiss was fierce, passionate, desperate, conveying unspoken words. Stop, stop, don’t say any more. Selina urged her to do so, desperately.

Selina’s tongue stretched to enter Dramina’s mouth with ferocious force, and even as their tongues intertwined like mating snakes, Dramina could only accept it with a quiet moan. If she rejected her, she knew Selina’s heart would break.

Dramina wondered how long it took until Selina’s lips finally separated from her. A silver thread of saliva stretched between their lips as they parted. Dramina tried to speak, but Selina just pushed her onto the bed and began to stroke Dramina’s body over her dress.

「We can’t, Selina, we should stop this. Even if we do this, it would just be a distraction from the emptiness of Dran’s absence…」

「Stop! Please stop, Dramina. If, if, if we don’t do this kind of thing, I’ll go crazy from loneliness!」

At the sight of tears spilling from Selina’s blue eyes as she lusted after Dramina’s body, and along with her heartbroken cries, tears unknowingly appeared in the corners of Dramina’s eyes as well.

So Dramina gave in and accepted Selina’s desire and loneliness, and her own body began to grow hot, and moist……

「O-O-Oho!! What’s this!? S-S-Selina and Dramina are d-d-doing these k-kinds of things!? How shameless! Shameless!! Waaah!!」

And then, having read up to this point, Phenia was dyed completely red and she let out a high pitched shriek while clutching the novel in her trembling hands.

The location: Galois Magic Academy, an open terrace cafe in a corner of the courtyard.

Phenia was together with Fatima, Nelneshia, and Sierra, engaging in an elegant afternoon tea party, but after reading through the novel that Nelneshia had taken out, Phenia reacted in this way.

Phenia was panting, like a horse that had just finished running at full speed, and as she thought about physical make-up of those girls, it looked like she would soon begin to snort out actual fire too.

「The students at this school have been secretly writing these kinds of books for a while now. Even the upperclassmen know about it」

Phenia’s reaction to the novel was stronger than Nelneshia expected, which slightly bewildered her, but even when she nonchalantly questioned her, Phenia turned around, her face still red.

Phenia would undergo training with Dran and Vaje, and sometimes even Ryoukichi, Alexander, or Bahamut, so the efficiency of her magical conversion has enhanced. But depending on the intensity of her emotions, she has reached a level where she can emit flames of medium or even high-level flame magic.

Originally, Phenia was told that a decent enough mage can use loud laughter in place of chanting for spells, but now there are some who can control strong flames just by thinking about it. So for many mages, it’s become standard for open mouths to get blocked.

「Yes, I know about that. It’s not just here at the Magic Academy, but also at monasteries and even regular schools. It’s natural for erotic literature based on the school’s most outstanding and beautiful students to circulate among the students, even I’ve heard that.

But, but, but to think Dran and Selina and Dramina would be used as subjects in these novels, n-n-not to mention, it’s between two girls! This is, this is– aaah!!」

Phenia, who continued to read the novel with wide eyes, received odd looks from the other students around them, but the four of them don’t seem to care about that.

While drinking the carbonated fruit juice drink made using seasonal fruits, Fatima looked unconcerned, knowing that these things can’t be helped.

Phenia has such a large storage of high heat flames within her, that if she forgets to restrain herself, the whole school would be wrapped in flames. And unlike Phenia, who was too excited, there was Sierra, who was a little more withdrawn.

「Dran’s been in the spotlight for a while, since he entered the school together with Seli, but  because of his social status, he wasn’t really a big subject of conversation yet」

「Didn’t he get a lot of attention all at once when he brought in Dramina, a vampire, as his familiar, and again through his achievements at the Tournament? And now that he was awarded knighthood, he’s become the subject of more stories, right?」

When Sierra said that, Phenia began to calm down a bit. In order to calm her down further, Fatima spoke up as well.

「Generally, it’s as Sierra said. Other people used to be the subjects of these stories, but ever since the Magic Tournament ended, Dran, Selina, and Dramina attracted a ton of attention.

The one I just showed you, Phenia, is a story that focuses on two girls, but there are also stories between boys too」

Phenia didn’t feel too good about books being written about real people without the actual person’s permission, and she definitely felt some indignation from her friends being used so freely.

There have been problems in the past, so there is a rule among the students who circulate these books, that they must never intentionally inform the actual people who are used as the subjects of the books about these books, and if a complaint is filed, then it would no longer be allowed to use that person as a subject in those works.

「Jeez! How sinful! Hmm, but Dran, Selina, and Dramina are living together in the same room, so it isn’t all that weird that people would think these kinds of things happen.

It’s because of that, that these books are written」

Oho, muha, Phenia kept screaming occasionally as she continued reading the novel.

She was so concentrated on reading, Nelneshia and Fatima exchanged looks as they both thought that it might have been a mistake to teach Phenia about these books.

Among the five people who recently participated in the Magic Tournament, Christina was excluded and the other four have been frequent subjects of a growing number of new books. There are even some about Phenia and Dran overcoming the differences in social status and forming a union of love, or stories of Dran toying with Lenia, who adores him so innocently. There are truly so many different books, so they’ve been thinking for a while that they should tell Phenia about it, but…

Furthermore, the reason why Christina is not treated as a subject for these books is because everyone gave up on being able to express her beauty in words. If people knew what Dramina’s bare face looked like, she would likely not be used in the stories either.

「Oh, my, my. This was a mistake. Phenia, you must not get too obsessed with these novels」

「Yes! This won’t do. As a lady, this just won’t do. That’s right. I knew that these kinds of dubious artwork has been passed around between students, as a sort of tradition.

But I feel uncertain about people I actually know being used as subjects. I got a little too excited back there, but I’m sure if Selina and the others knew about this, they would most likely be sad」

「I always thought Selina and Dramina were a little suspicious」

In response to Nelneshia’s thoughtless words, Fatima was truly surprised and she stared at her friend’s face.


Nelneshia didn’t falter under Fatima’s gaze, and simply drank the black tea she ordered, which was mixed with plenty of milk and sugar. She also savored the scent and sweetness of the chestnuts in the recently popular Mont Blanc that she had ordered for the tea party, before she answered Fatima.

「I’m joking. Half joking」

「Even half joking is no good, you shouldn’t say things like that」

「Dran gets along way too well with all the girls around him. It’s natural to be a little skeptical about that. Rather, it might be possible that the events in this novel might actually be happening, including Dran」

「Eh, isn’t that too much of a stretch? Dran said a long time ago that he wants to graduate, properly earn a steady income, and then get married to Selina, Dramina, and Diadora」

「But Selina and Dramina are both so pretty. I don’t think Dran would ever get tired of them and leave, like he did in the book.

Dran is more or less a healthy boy, after all. Is he really able to maintain reason while sharing a room with those two, every day? I think that would be very difficult. Especially because Selina is a lamia. They should instinctively desire a man’s spirit」

As they listened to each of the opinions that Nelneshia laid out, they thought it certainly was true. Nelneshia’s words are all the more credible, especially since they are some of the very few people in the Academy who have seen Dramina’s bare face.

It also helps that Dran makes occasional comments saying that he wants lots of children. To Fatima and the others, who don’t know that he is actually the Ancient Celestial Dragon, Dran is just a sixteen year old boy.

How can anyone declare that no mistakes are being made, when he is spending 24/7 with two attractive women?

In fact, Selina, Dramina and Diadora are the ones who wouldn’t mind any advances, or rather, they’d welcome it! But the fact that Fatima and others don’t know is that Dran was willingly restraining himself from making the next move, even though he was prepared to take the next step, and that is one of the reasons for increased credibility.

Realizing that the direction of the conversation was beginning to shift, the older Sierra smiled from the heart, amused that the topic of their conversation, Selina and Dramina themselves were walking toward them from the school building.

「Speak of the devil. Fatima, it’s Selina, from the stories 」

「Hm? Ah, yeah you’re right, Dran isn’t here. It’s quite rare and lonely. Seli, Dramina, heeey!」

Noticing Fatima calling them while waving her arm around, Selina and Dramina approached without any energy.

They lacked energy, but if Phenia begins to breathe fire even underwater, something needs to happen first, or so they guessed.


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