Chapter 177 — Part 2

That’s why, in this moment, Lynette was more wary of Zanad than of Aslam. Zanad, who had closed the distance not to help Aslam, but to finish the job herself with her own hands.

Zanad placed her slender right hand over her own lower abdomen. It was a movement that made her look like a mother concerned for a child in her womb, but what happened next began to depict a sight that betrays that impression.

As Zanad’s right hand left her abdomen, a single dagger began to come out of her own body.

The golden handle of the wide, gently curving blade was engraved with various multicolored jewels, and although it was invisible to the eye, the blade carried a sense of divinity which could be felt clearly with the body and soul.

If Dran hadn’t become Lynette’s master, she would have kneeled in awe towards the dagger the very moment she laid eyes on it.

With the dagger in her hand, which seemed to take on the form of divine power itself, Zanad opened her mouth to speak for the first time. It was a prayer offered up to the god she believed in.

「There is darkness and there is light. There is heaven and there is earth. There is the moon and the stars. There is quiet and there is strife. There is life and there is death. The one who walks the windy wastelands, the one who looks up to the stars and sun in the sky, change the form of life with Your power–  Vanashustra!」

Vanashustra — is that the name of the dagger, or is that the name of the god she was praying to?

As soon as Zanad said that name, a light similar to a richly colored nebula appeared from the divine dagger Vasashustra.

Vanashustra, that is the name of the dagger that was used by the first god who assassinated one of the most ancient gods that arose from the primordial chaos.

Zanad’s clan, which believes in the ancient Assassination God, has passed down the dagger that was used in that moment when the other god was assassinated. That dagger is known as Vanashustra.

Of course, the real god-killing dagger was not passed down. The actual dagger is hanging from the waist of the Assassination God in the World of the Gods right now.

What was passed down through Zanad’s family was the object that they once asked the Assassination God for, given to them in exchange for an offering.

Unless it can thoroughly contain its status the way Dramina’s six divine vampire weapons can, then a sacred weapon used by a god couldn’t possibly ever exist in the mortal realm.

In the true sense of the words “divine weapon,” a divine weapon is an object of a higher order that has the power to destroy the world just by existing.

Therefore, the dagger that Zanad pulled out of her womb, which bears the same name as the actual divine dagger, is definitely not the real thing.

It wasn’t, but it did have the form of a god-killing blade.

Its spirituality and power, even without the help of the power of other high ranking gods or higher beings, was still enough to be able to destroy any mortal being on earth with a single stab.

The Gandor alloy that the Gandoga is made out of, and the multiple layers of barriers deployed around it would be no match in the face of Vanashustra’s blade.


Ever since it was given to her by the god, she has had full trust, or rather, full faith that this divine blade would bury all her enemies, and with that faith, Zanad thrust the blade up into Gandoga’s left side torso, as if to gouge his guts out.

The blade should not have been able to reach Lynette, who is in the chest area of the Gandoga, but the Vanashustra is a divine weapon.

The laws and reason of this world don’t mean anything to it, and those injured by the Vanashustra are met with a certain and quick death.

Anyone who is injured by the Vanashustra is considered by the world as killed on the spot, regardless of the size of the wound, as it is a blade that enforces a fate of death.


However, what Zanad saw was that the tip of the sacred weapon was blocked, and it did not pierce through Gandoga’s armor.

The recoil that Zanad felt in her arms that passed through the blade of Vanashustra was so absolute and strong, she was sure that even if she were to slash or thrust ten thousand more times, the Gandoga would not be harmed.

「You have chosen to use a weapon of divine power against this Gandoga. That is your greatest mistake」

What both Zanad and Aslam didn’t know was that, as Lynette had said, Dran had helped build the Gandoga, and gave it a certain function that even Manos did not know about.

Dran had been worried about the safety of the passenger, Lynette, and feared that if the Gandoga suffers an attack of divine origin, she would be hurt, so he had blessed it with the protection of an Ancient Celestial Dragon.

Normally, attacks that came from higher beings such as gods or great spirits are extremely effective against lower dimensional beings from the mortal realm.

But the reason why this attack didn’t work at all was because of Dran, the reincarnation of the Ancient Celestial Dragon.

Ironically, the more divine of a higher being one is, such as a god, the more they would try to avoid antagonizing an Ancient Celestial Dragon, though there are a few exceptions.

With the blessing from Dragon, the Gandoga now boasts absolute protection against attacks that came from divine sources.

「It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this Armed Golem Gandoga is practically invincible against all attacks or defenses that originate from any god!」

The moment Lynette huffed in pride, Zanad reacted, as if her body had suddenly been struck by lightning.


Zanad’s mind was caught in a standstill, which could only be described as her blunder, but her body, separate from her mind, had not relaxed in its vigilance.

Gandoga swung its left arm with enough force to crush her upper body, but Zanad’s body immediately leaped backward to avoid the attack.

「You can’t escape, and Aslam, I won’t let you interfere. Fire Flying Iron Fist, Rocket Punch!!」

Gandoga’s clenched left and right fists thrust forward, straight for Zanad, who jumped back out of the way, and for Aslam, who had started to move the moment he saw Vanashustra’s blade fail to penetrate through the armor.

A metallic clang rang out from the Gandoga’s elbow joints, and from the cross section of the detached elbows, a white smoke and bright red flame spewed out with intense and fierce momentum, flying straight toward Aslam and Zanad!

As if her faith itself had been threatened, Zanad’s emotional turmoil was immeasurable, and she was unable to evade the roaring iron fist with just the reaction time of her physical body, and the iron fist pierced deep into her abdomen.


Zanad’s internal organs were crushed, and black blood flowed out of her mouth as her bones were crushed with a bone-breaking sound.

While Zanad, whose blood which she was spewing out reeked due to the effects of the various medications and hypnosis she was taking, was blown far away, Aslam also reacted to Gandoga’s unleashed right iron fist, and successfully intercepted it with a straight right jab.

However, even Aslam’s form was broken, as if the wind had been taken out of his sails, and in the moment of time it took for him to readjust his posture, Lynette was already chasing after him.

Once again, the propulsion machines were opened fully to make Gandoga accelerate, and the Cernunnos Horn slammed into Aslam’s thick chest plate at maximum speed.

Aslam immediately put up a shield of fighting spirit over his fighting spirit armor, and tried to fight against the Cernunnos Horn with his left arm, but the Cernunnos Horn pierced through both his shield and his armor, mercilessly turning Aslam’s left arm, the base of his neck, and his left shoulder into minced meat, causing blood to spray around everywhere.

「I wasn’t ordered to take your lives, but I shall injure you both enough so that you will be rendered immobilized」

Lynette spoke coolly from inside of Gandoga, while she reconnected the returned Rocket Punches back into their elbow joints. Aslam had already stopped the bleeding and blocked the pain by focusing his fighting spirit on the injured area, and Zanad had taken her pills and was standing up once again.


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