High School Hack and Slash Chapter 107x Part 2

「C’mon, please pass them around to us, too. Shinnosuke-san.」

The attitude of the male members, who addressed their classmates with『san』, was clearly that of humbling themselves toward Shinnosuke.

The club『Long-legged Corps (Long Raiders)』 was formed by the classmates of the first year tiger class.

It was a lower end group of those who were excluded from the top group of boys and girls.

「My bad. After all, they’re my exclusive asshole women, you see. They can’t take anything but my dick.」

Shinnosuke, injecting another heavy mark into the female member’s womb, pulled out his penis.

With this, it meant that he had now completed the pot tasting of about half of his female classmates.

The party that Shinnosuke belonged to was the top powerhouse group even in the classroom.

For a few girls, he had employed a little bit forceful method to make them his.

「I’ve corrupted the female party in our class, alright. Next time, I’ll take them along during our dungeon dive.」

「For real?」

「Yeah, they’re small fries that got stuck on the fourth stratum, after all. As they asked me to help them with the boss fight, I carried them all the way to the fifth stratum and fuck them all over while I was at it, you see.」

Making the boy who was doing the girl with the big ass switch places with him, he shoved his penis in.

Shinnosuke, who stood high in the hierarchy, was able to choose which ass he’d like to penetrate.

「They’re weak and they haven’t done it with boys at all, so they readily become jelly-legged. Now they’re begging me to keep instructing them.」

「As expected of you, Shinnosuke-san!」

Grabbing her moist, sweaty buttocks with both hands, he used her vaginal flesh in exchange for a masturbator to stroke his penis around.

Shinnosuke’s penis and self-esteem were enlarged by the blatant flattery raised by those around him.

However, as it was the custom of the academy, it didn’t get to the point where he was getting carried away.

In a simpler manner, the strong ones were favored and lionized.

Such a thing was allowed.

Stretching out both hands and tucking them into her blouse, Shinnosuke continued to shake his hips while fondling her breasts.

「Ha, ahn, ah, ah….」

「The heck, rocking your hips like that. Did it feel that good to be seeded by Shinnosuke-san?」

At the spanking sound that echoed with the snap of his wrist, a sticky female moaning leaked out.

Their small club room, filled with a stale smell, was nothing more than a livestock pen.

◇ ◇ ◇

 Look for a big tree when you want shelter.

Or, form a clique.

There was no right or wrong there; it was nothing but a style for the weak to deal with the strong.

If the situation in which you found yourself was desperate, you would be made to realize that you had no other choice.

There was no room for likes, dislikes, or sentimentality.

The weak had no choice but to accept it, follow it and get swept along with the flow.


Yuka, sitting in her seat in the first year tiger group classroom, let out a sigh.

The season had switched to one where the wind blowing in through the open window was pleasant.

Even though the school festival was over, the academy was still a bit noisy as the interclub tournament, which could be said to be another kind of festival, was drawing near.

However, for Yuka, who was lost and remained still on her feet, nothing had changed.

As a female student at the academy, she had adapted and continued being swept away by the situation.

Even the classroom of the first year tiger group, where boys and girls were initially at odds with each other due to a certain incident, had naturally adapted to the academy’s culture.

Regardless of what form it took, boys and girls couldn’t remain unrelated.

They were settling into the form they ought to settle in, guided by the academy.

「Err… Yuka-chan, is there something troubling you?」

「Tatsuya-kun. Nah, it’s nothing.」

At the words of Tatsuya, who was seated next to her and with whom she was connected as fellow party member, Yuka, smiling vaguely, shook her head.

In the classroom, he was not as prominent of a figure as his partner, but one way or another, he was recognized as a force of the top party.

Yuka ending up backing off a little was not out of repulsion toward him, but out of concern for her body odor.

Today, too, she had already been taken out during break time and made to take care of some business in the bathroom.

The person who had made her let him use her for sexual venting, which had almost become a daily routine, was Shinnosuke, who was recognized as Tatsuya’s partner.

On the floor where the first year students’ classrooms were located, there were several restroom spaces arranged.

It had become a tacit understanding among the students that one of them was a place used for sexual excretion act.

In other words, it was proof that even the first year students had ended up becoming so steeped in the common sense of the academy.

While sensing Shinnosuke’s sticky semen inside of her panties, Yuka engaged in casual conversation with Tatsuya.

「Come to think of it, Tatsuya-kun. Speaking of when we do dungeon dive today….」

The figure of Shinnosuke, who had taken out Honami this time and was without a doubt having sex in the bathroom, was nowhere to be seen.

With no observing eyes, Yuka was happily talking with Tatsuya, to the point that even she herself didn’t realize it.

From the back, her panties were hung up like reins and Shinnosuke’s raw penis, which she had been made more accustomed to than anyone else’s, was inserted into her.

In order to finish it during the short break time, the piston was a one-sided mating for the sole purpose of stroking the penis.

The same was true for the couples rattling and causing a stir in the other toilet stalls.

She was treated as a living onahole to relieve his built up frustration during class.

If they didn’t manage to finish it during break time, there were also times when she was made to accompany him for an extra time.

Such couples were not uncommon, and they were not reproached by the teachers, either.

The finish was, of course, done in a creampie.

Like an animal claiming its territory, he marked his females by pouring his sperm into them.

Deep inside Yuka’s skirt, the scent of Shinnosuke that had been marked into her was thickly contained.

Yuka herself knew that her ass was no longer her own, but had been made to be a dedicated sexual organ for Shinnosuke’s use.

However, the person in question, who was fantasizing if the partner were Tatsuya, didn’t realize it.

「Tatsuya~. What are you talking about?」


Caught off-guard by Riru, who suddenly hugged him from behind, Tatsuya was startled.

The distance between the two of them were obviously close, but it was not limited to just in a physical sense.

「We were having a meeting about our after-school dungeon dive.」

「… Heh~. I see. But, you see, isn’t that idiot Shinnosuke going to mingle with the other party again?」

As far as Shinnosuke was concerned, he could not lay his hands on Riru, the one he truly desired, so Yuka and Honami, who had ownership marks engraved on them with『Graffiti』, were his safe bet.

Now, he was following his desires, reaching out his hands even toward his other classmates and aiming for a harem.

「That guy has been getting carried away lately, so, you see… Well, I don’t really care as long as Tatsuya is there, though.」

Tatsuya was flustered by the cheek-to-cheek hug.

「… Riru-chan, Tatsuya-kun, you two sure are close these days, aren’t you?」

「Yeah. We’re very close.」

The straightforward declaration made Yuka’s lower abdomen raise an ache.

「Rather, he always takes care of me throughout the night, you see. Tatsuya is amazing. No matter how many times I squeeze him out, it doesn’t go down, and now I’ve become Tatsuya’s woman, in both body and soul.」

「R, Riru-chan?」

「That’s the truth, isn’t it? It’s on the level where, last night for instance, even while I was being taken to the toilet, I was carried while being pounded in his arms, after all.」

As if holding down Tatsuya who was startled and was about to bend backward, Riru put more strength into her arms that were hugging him.

Riru’s words were said in a hushed voice, but it clearly reached Yuka’s ears as well.

「I… see.」

「Yes, as you can see. Do you envy me? You like Tatsuya too, don’t you, Yuka?」

「Wh, what are you talking about?」

「Tatsuya is, you see… It’s not like he is particularly in love with me or anything. But, you see, accepting my wish, he granted it by making me his. He sure is kind, or rather, indecisive, isn’t he? But I like that part about him, too. At least, I like him much more than the likes of Shinnosuke.」

The stiffening Tatsuya did not notice Yuka, whose face was turning pale as she hung her head.

「That’s why, if Tatsuya wants to have sex, I’ll let him embrace me as many time as he wants. Unless he does it, I’ll be the one to rape Tatsuya instead. I mean, I want to do it, after all. Having sex with the person you love is simply the best. It’s so melty, as if you’re being titillated.」

The mind was subordinate to the flesh.

As long as the body accepted and continued to seek it, the mind would be transformed without being able to reject it.

To accept it without raising any refusal.

The end result was Honami, who had become a female dog who shook her ass at Shinnosuke, as well as she herself.

That was why, she could no longer be of any use to Tatsuya.

That was why, instead, an idol to stir up his karma was necessary.

She definitely did not want to go back to that position.

Accepting the whispered advice that was kept a secret from Tatsuya, Riru tried to use Yuka.

「If we keep doing things that feel so good, Tatsuya will definitely come to fall in love with me, as well. Don’t you think so too, Yuka?

「I, am….」

Yuka, who had been dyed by Shinnosuke to the point of being on the verge of being corrupted by him, ended up understanding the words of Riru.

The entrance was the resignation to give up by saying she didn’t care anymore.

However, if she wound up being made aware of the feelings she had been keeping to herself in such a manner, right in front of the person in question, it would end up becoming a wedge that she would never be able to pull out.

And then, as it was, she’d have no choice but to be content with being Shinnosuke’s masturbation pet.

「Tatsuya cock is also amazing, you know. It’s gallantly warped up to the sky, big and strong, one that makes women cry.」

Yuka already knew that.

It was exactly because she knew that her lower abdomen, which had been injected with Shinnosuke’s sperm, ached with agony.

「Right? It seems to feel much, much better than Shinnosuke’s tiny cock, doesn’t it?」

「I don’t know, what you’re talking about….」

It felt good.

After that night, as she was unable to endure it, she masturbated by herself times and again while ruminating on the sensation.

It felt much, much better than the club president of Wild Bunch who repeatedly raped Yuka and remold her female genitalia.

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