High School Hack and Slash Chapter 107x Part 3

「Do you want to make Yuka your masturbation pet too, Tatsuya? But Yuka is a pet kept by Shinnosuke, so you can’t lay your hands on her without permission, right?」

「R, Ru-chan. Why, are you doing, such a thing?」

Opening his mouth as if he was squeezing his words out, Tatsuya groaned.

The reason why the party members had continued on while averting their eyes from each other was because they shared a common desire not to destroy their current relationship.

「Nothing will change in the relationship between the party members. I mean, that’s the case, isn’t it? This matter is a secret between the three of us, after all. The only thing that has changed is that Tatsuya now knows that Yuka likes him… Hnn, Tatsuya’s getting a boner again, huh. Now then, let’s secretly and privately squeeze it out by using Yuka as a masturbation pet.」

「Riru, chan.」

「Yuka. Shut up, stand up, and come with us. Listen well, okay? This is a secret between the three of us only, after all.」

◇ ◇ ◇

―― labyrinth of Perforation Realm 『YGGDRASILL』, attached branch realm 『Yomotsu Hirasaka』 ――

――The『ninth』 stratum, 『charted』 domain――

「What is it? You guys sure are not so into it today.」

「It’s simply that you’re noisy, isn’t it? You should read the air, really, so idiotic.」

Riru, holding a small ax in her hand, disparaged Shinnosuke, who was carrying a two-handed great sword.

「Now now, fighting is a no no, okay?」

「Ufufu. Looks like everyone is nervous, huh~. If we break through this stratum, we’ll get to the tenth stratum『Dragon Garden Jungle』, after all.」

Both Yuka, who was wryly smiling, and Honami, who was acting in a carefree manner, were the same as usual.

「Dragon Garden Jungle, huh. Look like we’ll be able to finally call ourselves a full-fledged dungeon group, too.」

「What manner of stupid thing are you saying now, Tatsuya? Let alone dungeon group, of course we’re among the elite group, aren’t we? I mean, we’re at the top even among the first year students, and we even won’t lose against the small fry upperclassmen.」

These words of Shinnosuke were said with pride, but the indicators were visualized in terms such as class and level.

And in fact, the difference in『rank (level)』 was manifested as pressure even in interpersonal relationships.

Like a rabbit confronting a lion, the instinct as a living creature was to harbor fear.

「Hmph, do try your best not to catch your foot, okay.」

「Hah, talk about a woman of countless words. Peel your eyes and watch now. I’m not going to let anyone say any complaints. Since I’ll be the one to seize the top, after all.」

「Really, a total idiot. What are you, a Showa-era delinquent?」

Shinnosuke was assuming the role of the one being bullied, but the sexual harassment acts he casually directed at Yuka and Honami had escalated to a blatant level.

That was, in fact, because he was becoming defiant, implying that it didn’t matter even if they were to be caught.

The mask of an oblivious party from when they first enrolled to the academy was already a thin ice that was barely being kept up.

「A, hn… I’m sorry. Please let me go pick some flowers for a bit.」

「Tch, it’s the second time already, isn’t it? Really, you’re so hopeless, Honami.」

When Honami, whose ass was being fondled, requested for a bathroom break, Shinnosuke went along as her escort as if it was only natural.

From the direction of the shadows of the corridor where they disappeared into, the smacking sound of flesh being pounded could be heard not long after.

「Really, he’s as horny as a monkey. Well… Tatsuya’s is way more amazing, though.」

「… !… Ah… Uu.」

Tatsuya, who moved behind Yuka, had already inserted his penis into her ass.

Yuka, who was holding her own mouth and rolling up her skirt, turned her face away as if to escape from Riru’s gaze.

「I did know it, but you’ve really been made to always wear erotic panties where the sole purpose is to get fucked, huh. Shinnosuke sure has a nice hobby.」

「Riru, chan.」

「Yes, I know. I’ll let you know when those guys are about to come over, so Tatsuya, satisfy yourself to your heart’s content with Yuka. As for me, let’s have a leisure love sex once we get back?」

They had skipped a period of class to have sex in the bathroom.

Even after diving into the dungeon, they already had one shot.

Yuka felt the『Shinnosuke’s Exclusive Toilet Woman』 imprint painted on her ass reacting by throbbing and itching sweetly.

The restrictions imposed by the upperclassman boy were easily nullified, as they had been that night, and she welcomed Tatsuya’s penis deep inside her.

It was because he had reached a higher realm than the upperclassman who had painted the『Graffiti』.

The humiliating toilet woman’s imprint was exposed to Tatsuya’s eyes, and as she had it gently traced by his fingertips, it even made an indescribable sense of shame rise within her.

Yuka, who was accepting the penis of the person she loved while having the proof of her having been turned into Shinnosuke’s sex slave seen, had come to be unable think of anything else anymore.

「If you want Tatsuya to fuck you like this, be sure to be as careful as possible as to not get caught, okay. As a matter of fact, Yuka, for you, who has already been registered as Shinnosuke’s partner, to have sex with Tatsuya like this is against academy rules, after all.」

「Haa, haa, haa…!」

「Tatsuya who’s shaking his hips as hard as he can sure is cute. That guy is a real idiot, so it looks like he doesn’t realize the fact that Yuka has instantly fallen, as well as that the sperm injected into Yuka’s ass is actually Tatsuya’s.」

「… Hnn, nn!」

With a jerk, Yuka’s knees fell, as she desperately held back the voice of her orgasm.

「Right, Yuka? Does mating with the person you like feel that good? Does he feel better than Shinnosuke who fuck you like a monkey every day?」

「… ! … Ah! … Hn!」

「… Ahn, cumming…」

Tatsuya, arching back, poured his ejaculate into her while pressing his hips against her.

Ultimately, which one of them finished first?

The party members, who had regrouped while showing a face as if nothing had happened, proceed to explore the dungeon.

No one pointed out the sex stench wafting through the air, which could not be concealed, either.

「Say, don’t you think… something is a little weird?」

Standing side by side with Tatsuya, who was standing in the front row, Riru raised an alarm.

「Huh? Nothing’s coming out. Riru, you’re too much of a scaredy cat.」

At the back of the line, Shinnosuke, who was sexually harassing Yuka’s buttocks as she walked in front of him, snickered.

「I mean, no monsters coming out at all.」

「You’re right. I wonder if our route is overlapping with another party?」

As said by Honami, who tilted her head slightly, in the in-map areas, there were many cases where one’s area of activity was overlapping with that of another party.

Encounters between parties were events that were more dangerous than fighting against monsters.

「On second thought, we may have gotten lucky. I mean, with our objective this time being to break through the gate to the 10th stratum and all. If they could defeat the guardians of the realm gate for us, we’d be able to break through with ease, and even if they were to be wiped out, if it were a wounded boss, we should be able to devour it with ease, after all.」

「That’s certainly true, but I also have a somewhat bad feeling about it. Riru-chan. I’ll be the vanguard, so take some step back and be on guard.」


Riru happily nodded to Tatsuya, who readjusted his old-looking harpoon.

*Tch* Clicking his tongue, Shinnosuke looked back at Honami the『Officer』who was checking the map.

As long as they had the map of the controlled area sold at the purchasing department, even the unexplored areas would come to be able to be reflected on the 『Officer』 map display.

「Hah, don’t you get cold feet now. Be it Boss or PKers, I’m going to send them all flying.」

「Hey, Shinnosuke. Wait.」

「Tatsuya, shut up and watch. Yuka, Honami, let’s go.」

「Y, yes….」

「Eeh, I’m a rear guard, you know?」

By all rights, neither Yuka, a『Spirit User (Shaman)』 who wielded a magic rod, nor Honami, an『Officer』 who held a short spear in her arms, were of classes that would normally stand in the vanguard and confront monsters.

「Really, the heck with that guy putting on airs like that.」

「Ah, yeah, well… You’re right. But be careful, Riru-chan. There are probably no monsters or people in the area, after all.」

That was exactly why, it was abnormal.

「Hey! What are you two doing? There’s a gate over here, let’s get off at once!」

In the chamber, where Shinnosuke’s call was echoing, a gigantic stone gate that looked like a historic ruin stood tall.

Unlike the realm gates thus far, it was a gate oozing with solemnity and oppressive feeling.

That door was the entrance connecting to a different world.

「H, hee~. As expected of the gate connecting to the middle level of the dungeon, isn’t it? It’s huge.」

「Y, yeah. It’s… so big that it’s a little scary.」

Standing in front of the gate, Riru and Yuka looked up at the door.

From the depth of the stone gate, which dug into the dungeon’s partition wall and had partially assimilated into it, a wind that sounded like a deep roar was echoing.

「… But, in the map from the academy, it looks like there’s no gate in such a place, though.」

「Honami-chan, by that, could it be a raid—」

「Tatsuya, I’ll leave you behind if you keep dawdling about!」

「Wait! Shinnosuke, don’t touch the door!」

Raising a clicking sound of shackles being released, the door opened with a creak.


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