Chapter 26: Three expectations, chasing one Shadow




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Many bridges made out of rope was tied against humongous trees. The bridge was made out of wood, leaves and things like grass intertwined and bonded together. Their houses were made out of thick trunks and the roof covered in branches. This was a village community tied closely with nature.

It is a village of the Elven tribe which lived up on the trees.

Nana, Princess Sistina and Nina escaped the pursuit of the Dark Elfs and ran over here to seek refuge.

「Pleased to meet you, people of the Elves. I am Sistina Ranbadeia. We have known each other since the olden times and have friendly ties, I am the third Princess of the Ranbadeia Kingdom」

Showing such a decisive atmosphere with her speech, the Elf tribe who was showing a little caution to begin with changed their behavior.

The house of the chief elf was in the center of the village made from the hugest tree being hollowed out, the two people were invited in.  (TL: I suppose Nana is not considered human??)

「Fumu…..So what you are telling me is that, you are Sierra’s close friends, and Sierra and her allies have been captured by the Dark Elves, is this correct?」

The Royal Princess who was dressed up and wearing a tiara, the magician who was wearing a maid outfit, and a strange brown armored golem were assembled together.

Because they haven’t had visitors from the “outside” world for a very long time, the wrinkled up old elf gazed at the group with discerning eyes.

「That’s right, we have to save my Master and Sierra-chan!」

「Elder elf, what is going on in the forest of the elves? How come there is a fight, with the Dark elves, whom you guys have shared such a close bond with in the past…..?」

「Please tell us what happened, I’m begging you Elder Granny!」

The elven village had a tense atmosphere, scouts were placed on the lookout on top of the various trees, bows and arrows were knocked up and soldiers were on high alert, with their eyes gleaming with trepidation.

Without a doubt, it was clear to see that both of these races had hostile relations with each other.

「For the truth to be let out to outsiders, is honestly a very embarrassing thing………….However, having come this far in the feud, there is really not much use hiding it any longer」

A sigh was released from the Elder Granny Elf and she sat herself on a floor cushion that was made out of grass.

「Everything began…….When “That” particular thing had been discovered」

「……….When the people of my tribe was expanding the underground caves to build new residences, “a certain thing” was dug up. That was the start of everything」

From the other side of the thin curtain, a settling voice that was both slow and calm resounded.

Without a doubt it was the nostalgic voice of elder sister Dianne………..It pricked at Sierra’s chest and brought back these old memories.

Sierra had been searching for the method to liberate her from the curse of short life which continues to affect the priestess’s from generation to generation. That was the reason why she left the forest, and became an adventurer.

「In order to uncover the true nature behind the mysterious object that was discovered, both the dark elf and the elf tribe assembled the wise seniors and elders to identify it.

What we found was that……… was a part of the “Divine Corpse”」


Divine Corpse.

That is precisely the thing that was mentioned by Princess Sistina in her prophecies.

And it is also the name of the thing that Iblis of the eighth family is aiming for.

「So, that thing, where is it now…………!?」

Instinctively Sierra took a step towards the thin bamboo blind towards the shadow.

「From that reaction, it would seem that you are also aware of what it is, aren’t you Sierra. The value of that object」

「That is…….I’ve heard that it is a dangerous object」

Even though Sierra’s voice was very soft, the silhouette that is reflected from the curtains does not waver in the slightest.

「That’s right, that is the reason the old timers for the elf tribe want to re-seal the dark object.


「And then the Dark Elven tribe blockaded the excavation site and the Elven people were shut out…………..As they tried to monopolize a part of the “Divine Corpse”!?」

Hearing such an unexpected word that appears as the cause of the fight over the Elven tribes, even Princess Sistina had a complicated expression on her face. Her platinum blonde hair and her blue eyes were nervous and shaking.

「Indeed……..Moreover the person who gave the decision was none other than their Religious leader the shrine maiden Dark Elf, Dianne……..Who in the past was brought up together with Sierra, them being as close as real blood sisters」

「Sierra-chan’s……..!? Wh, why would she do such a thing!? Isn’t that supposed to be a really dangerous thing?」

To Nina’s question, the Elder Elf drooped both her ears down like a huge earring was hanging on pulling it down, she shook her pure-white head slowly from left to right.

「We don’t know………We cannot figure it out. Perhaps, instructions passed on through the generations to the Shrine Maidens have uncovered something about the object」

「Shrine Maidens, oral tradition….」

Since ancient times, the Shrine Maidens govern over the festive occasions, the history is older than the elves, and their influence amongst their tribe seems to be fairly large. At times, it has been said that the Shrine Maidens have had the power to move the clan to action.

「We were not answered whenever we asked them about it, and we were shut out leaving us utterly helpless, in the end they declared that if we approached them or pursue the object, they would attack us. That was, the start of everything」

「To begin with, what kind of object is it? What is this Divine Corpse and what is part of it?」(Nana Speaking)

「…….Explaining it just via words is difficult. However, without a doubt…….it is an object that is not going to bring any good to the population」

The elder’s bony arms started to shake and clatter.

「Therefore, we tried to seal it deep within the ground once more. It was supposed to be a simple conclusion, and yet………!」

「Elder Sister………Sierra, only wants to know the reason behind this. Why is the kind Elder Sister doing this………..!」

Why did she allow the tribe to use such violent and foolish means showing blatant hostility? Sierra’s voice was unusually rough, originally it was supposed to be a pleasing reunion with her beloved Elder Sister and yet, now her emotions were in turmoil.

「I suppose you have a right to know………..Sierra, perhaps if you also see it, you will change your thoughts on the matter」

「The thing……..It can’t be?」

「Precisely, it is the divine corpse…………..Without a doubt, it is a part of it and it is just beyond here」

Hyuuuuo……The sound of the chilling wind rolls into the interior of the temple, the thin curtain was shaken as it blew through. Something that exists within this temple, it seemed as if it was letting out a deep breathe.

「Pay attention all you dark elves, open up a pathway!」

「Eh, Wha, what…….!?」

「What the hell is that? You’re lying…….!?」

All of the brown skinned dark elves girls who were wrapped in a white robe, the attendants of the Priestess Dianne, was looking at me with expressions of astonishment as I rudely advanced towards the passage.

Amelia and I escaped from the dungeon, and with the enslaved dark elf as our guide, we were able to sneak around without much notice, we were approaching the area where Sierra was being held…….It was the so called Shrine Maiden’s temple.

If you were to ask about the “Situation” we were in.

「Nnhoo, Nhaaaa!? Nooo, My pussy is getting torn apart!? Please, do it more slowlyy……….Nhyaaan!?」

「How sluttish, We’ve been only walking whilst fucking for such a short amount of time and yet you are already complaining? And you wish to call yourself a prideful warrior of the elven race? Huhh!」

「Hyaahiiiinnn It’s so deeppp!! Nhaaaa, and everyone is watching us………Th, thiss!?」

Holding her tanned, light and delicate limbs by both of my hands supporting her figure into the shape of an “M” pose spreading her legs apart. I was slowly thrusting into her wet vagina whilst walking along the way.

Whilst walking the pathway towards the holy temple grounds, I was defiling one of their own, performing shameless acts in front of these shrine maidens.

「Hey, Master, isn’t this going a little to far……..I mean aren’t we exposing ourselves to dangers if this continues?!」

Having retaken her chained blade, Amelia is blushing whilst guarding me in this abnormal situation. Whilst we were coming here, the dark elf slave has been made to orgasm over and over again as she receives my thrusts, Amelia having been made to watch such a thing seems to be in a slightly sour mood.

「Well, think about it this way, having her so close to my body and using her as a hostage, they are unable to take a good aim. It would seem though that most of the warriors are situated outside……….If Amelia says so I suppose we should hurry up!」

「Nhiiiyaaah!? If you increase the speed any moree, it will go even deeper into mee………Mou, I can’t」

Pushu, love juices keep spouting out of her into the passageway wetting the wooden floor.

The shrine maidens all cover their faces with their hands, and hide behind their pillars, whilst peeking at us and inquiring.

「A, amazing…..! Is, is that what humans on the outside do…….is that a man’s thing……..!?」

「Wai, wait! We need to stop watching and help her, or report this…..!」

「B, but if we do that, it seems that the woman soldier over there will attack us, look, see?」

「You, can’t be meaning to just watch them right……..?」

Seeing a different species mate, the pure shrine maidens could not hide their fascination, and multitudes of their gazes were pointed in this direction. Incidentally, after coming here, there has only been women dark elves…….It would seem that there are not many men born of their race.

「Alrightt, since they are so interested, shall we give them a good showing! I will put it deeper into you, Hora! Give in completely to your desires and show them a good service!」

「Hyaaannn, Hyaaaaanh!!? I’m cummminggg, I hwaventt stwopped cumminggg!! Pl, pleawse forgive mee!!」

I completely disregarded her plead to stop without hesitation, I continued to carry her by her voluptuous thighs as I fucked her raw whilst marching forwards, her face was crimson red all the way to her ears which were trembling.

Amelia was looking around the area vigilantly on guard, at the same time, she seemed out of breathe as she released hot sighs.

「Well……….I wonder if Sierra, is safe………..」

Perhaps right as of this moment, Sierra was supposedly in the middle of speaking to her beloved “Elder Sister”.

Because it was likely that Sierra would be able to gain more information if given more time, I decided that it would be wiser for us to take more time to reach her. Well regardless of the situation, it is also largely attributed to my way of life of doing whatever I please no matter the time.

「Just you wait, Sierra, also Dianne………..I will examine the true colors of what has been discovered」

At around the same time, something was occurring right in the middle of the dark elf underground village and the elf settlement. The two remaining girls who escaped was near a pond where the sunshine reflected on the waters to the trees quite beautifully.

「Palmyra………You told me that you had something to say before moving from this location, what is it?」

The three people who went to the elven village, the “Princess Group” and the three people who presumably got captured to infiltrate the dark elven tribe, “Tooru’s group”. Kirika and the Demoness were convening on whose group they should join up with. Their figures were reflected on the surface of the water, a girl wearing a black goth loli dress, and a princess knight.

「Princess Knight…….Do you understand? We have a very valuable decision to make based on our coincidental situation」


Palmyra’s voice was a little lower than usual as she whispered out the words.

The surface of the water was shining green as Palmyra was fluttering in the air with her magic.

「Do you not understand? This is a one in a life time opportunity. This is our chance………to escape the subjugation rule of the Slavemancer’s magic and be free once and for all」

Her silver hair which reflected the sunshine was swaying, as Palmyra’s red eyes was gazing straight at Kirika.

Inside the forest of the elves, a lone figure appeared.

As if not fitting for the surroundings, a small and diminutive shadow was buoyantly floating and its cute looking nose was strangely twitching and moving.


A black coloured Kimono which was highlighted with golden threads, and a long sleeved dress which hung down to her white bare feet. Purplish blue long hair, and a red mark on the forehead symbolizing a high ranking demon. Possessing wings of a bat, the figure fluttered and turns on the short grass.

「Ahah, as expected, its over here! The smell magic………It was the correct decision for me to follow it! I can sense a huge amount of magical energy being used in this area!」

This was the area in which Tooru and the others fought the tree ogre two days ago. The remains of the tree giant were scattered all over the place, as if it has been struck by lightning the ground was also scooped out here and there.

「If it’s like this, I think that they haven’t gone too far ahead? Let’s see, it would seem that we will meet sooner than later, won’t we Palmyra!」

Giggling with a tinkling voice, baring her sharp fangs. At that time, behind the diminutive demon girl……the trees were billowing and breaking apart violently as a large silhouette of a being appeared. It was another tree ogre. Perhaps it was because it got drawn into the scent of its dead family member, or perhaps it just came by chance.

「Nfufufu………Elder Sister Iblis-sama, and that damned conceited Cruz, will surely be surprised!」

The tree giant raised its huge wooden arm in the air, to the existence of the brutal tree giant, the girl has no reaction. And in the moment it swung it’s hammer of death towards the little girl.

「When I completey crush Palmyra’s corpse, grind her into dust and bring her home……..!」

Beshan! A humorous sound resounded. The gigantic figure of the tree ogre disappeared.

「……..Eh? But I think Elder Sister-sama was searching for something else, wasn’t she?」

She was hovering in the air……..As she thought about what she was missing, she placed her fingers to her jaw in a thinking pose and was in contemplation.  Immediately after that…………A strange thing sunk into the ground. It was almost like a cork board that was light brown in color, its thickness was only several centimeters, and it was as if it was compressed from four directions.

「What could it be? Let me think….Let’s seeee…….Nnnnn, I really can’t remember what it was…………Oh well!」

Without turning around, she gently flies away from that place whilst in her kimono clothing. All that was left was the remains of the Tree Ogre, and the shadow of its totally squished form.

The real younger sister of Iblis, AKA “The Mad Princess” Flamia, was aiming for her target and moving steadily………….Relying on her crude intuition she approached her sworn enemy Palmyra.




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