Chapter 61: Michael Performance

On the day of the final match, the 3rd place play-off was also held in the morning. We watched the match in the waiting room. Zen eliminated the 5 members of [Sword Master] and secured 3rd place in the ranking.

And now, there is only a few minutes before the scheduled start time of the finals.

「The final match is just around the corner. Are you all ready?」


「Though it was 14 years ago, our opponents are fools who betrayed Aun-sama. I shall crush them with everything I have.」Shinku.

「My opponent is the elf Romelio! From what I saw yesterday, he seems like quite the opponent, but I’ll be sure to win.」Drake.

「I truly take pride in being a part of this Star Supremacy clan. I’ll do everything in my power to get the victory!」Nelfie.

「Alright! You guys… Let’s go wild!!」

We started walking from the waiting room to the entrance. Michael’s mic performance began in accordance.

『Thank you for waiting, everyone! Here on, the final battle of the Clan Battle Tournament will begin!!

Star Supremacy enters first!!

Even though they are a new clan, their combat power is overwhelming! They advanced from the first match to the finals without a single loss!

Witness and listen well to this great eruption of cheerssss!!

Whether they be demi-human or beastfolks…the people are cheering as if such things don’t matter anymore!! I’m so moved that I can’t see the ring clearly because of my tears!』

The audience’s loud cheers don’t stop…

With the mic performance just now, the first blow towards destroying this country’s “Human Supremacy” was sent out! Michael really is the best!

『Furthermore, Star Supremacy has many players who have been given nicknames in this tournament. Since it’s their first time participating, I would like to introduce them one by one!

First, the vanguard Drake Beresti! He defeated 4 contestants in the first match and achieved a spectacular victory… It seems that the Red Nail clan disbanded right after the match!

Displaying an overwhelming power difference, he destroyed not only weapons and bodies, but also the opponent’s mental state and the very clan itself! The way he fights is exactly what his nickname is,【Incarnation of Destruction】!

……Moreover, it seems that some enthusiastic female fans who watched the match shouted, “Destroy me too!” Just how much more will this man destroyyyyyyy!!』

「B-Bro…I’m embarrassed!」

「Well, it can’t be helped, give up.」

Aside from the last sentence… Drake’s nickname fits his image!

『The second contestant is Nelfie Garden!

In the first match of the second round, she is the player who broke the all-time record for the fastest match finish by a great margin!

Her opponents have said that she “disappeared before they realized” or “there was an arrow stuck in their forehead before they knew it”. And so, she is called by the nickname of【Timeless】among adventurers!』

「Hmm… My nickname has changed.」

「Is that so?」

「Previously I was called the【Black Hunter】.」

「Man, you get all the really cool nicknames, don’t you?」

「I don’t care what they call me… Fufu, I guess all men like that sort of thing.」

「Of course! Besides, a nickname is like proof of one’s ability!」

In that match, Nelfie showed off her abilities enough to change her nickname.

I can’t wait to hear what kind of nicknames Kinu and Shinku got!

『The contestant in third is Shinku!

In a short period of time, she mastered a special weapon called “Deformed Giant Axe” that was auctioned off at the auction house, and successfully eliminated 5 contestants in the third round of the tournament!

What’s more, the opponent was the 4th ranked clan last year with 4 S-rank adventurers!  

The ever-changing scene of her skillful maneuvering with counters and fighting with excellent skills in both offense and defense is truly【Phantasmal】!

Even I, who commented on the match, had no idea what actually happened until I checked the footage!

Personally, she is the player I am most interested in!』

Shinku gracefully bowed in response to the mic performance.

Phantasmal… This certainly hits the mark.

This is probably not known to anyone other than my comrades but there is no one other than Shinku who can change not only her appearance, but also her race.

『Next, the vice-captain Kinu!

She possesses mana and intelligence that one would not imagine from her adorable appearance!

With precise magic manipulation, she manifested seven Flame Blades and masterfully handled them!

In addition, she has even mastered healing magic on her own! She overwhelmed last year’s 2nd rank player, Zen, and carried her clan to the finals!

It was truly a battle worthy of the name【Flame Princess】!』

「Aun… How does Flame Princess sounds?」

「It’s a good nickname for you, Kinu. Doesn’t it give off a strong and cute feeling?」

「Nn… if Aun likes it, I like it too…」

『And the last one is the General, Aun!

We haven’t seen him fight until now, but according to one theory, it seems that he defeated a dragon together with contestants Shinku and Kinu! Today’s General Battle is not something you want to miss!!』

…Ah, I’m the only one who’s missing a nickname?

No, it’s fine. I’m not disappointed or anything like that

I was just looking forward to it a little. Yeah, just a little…

…Fine, I’ll go on a rampage during the General Battle!

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