Chapter 62: [Vanguard Battle] Drake vs. Romelio

『Daytona has been defending the Rank 1 position for seven years!

In last year’s finals, the powerful blow that Bride of the Blazing Flames unleashed is still clearly engraved in my memory!

This year,【Soundless Bow】Romelio has been added to the lineup, further refining their lineup of players! I wonder just what kind of match we are going to witness todayyyyyyy!!

The gong is about to ring soon!』

After Daytona’s players’ introductions were over, the opponent’s vanguard, Romelio, climbed onto the ring.

「I’m going now!」

「Ah! Make it flashy!」

As Drake slowly entered the ring, the enthusiasm of the venue increased.

The two stood in the center of the ring and glared at each other.

「Romelio, why did you betray the elves?」

Romelio’s eyes widened as he heard Drake’s words.

「You…How do you know that?」

「Ha! So it is as I thought. You’re just a shitty bastard, ain’t you? Even if you live for a long time, I guess your true nature starts rotting.」

「Kuh… Don’t think you’ll make it out of here alive.」

Romelio kept his distance and held up the bow in his hand. As Drake held up Red Ogre’s Iron Club in his right hand and retreated to the starting position, the bell rang.

As soon as the gong rang, Romelio shot an arrow, but Drake deflected the arrow with Wind Pressure. Drake then dashed straight and shortened the distance at once.

In response, Romelio took out his rapier and thrust it out. Drake dodged those thrusts and brought down the Red Ogre’s Iron Club towards Romelio.

While they are both evenly matched in speed, Drake has the advantage in terms of strength.

「Tsk! Wind Film!」

Romelio immediately reduced the power of Drake’s attack with wind magic and endured the attack with both arms.

「Wind Cutter.」

「Wind Cutter!」

Both of them fired wind cutters from a medium distance, but Drake’s magic, fired from a perfect posture, seemed to have a slight advantage.

Romelio jumped back and shot four arrows in rapid succession while still in the air.

Drake immediately put Red Ogre’s Iron Club into his magic bag and knocked down the flying arrows while dodging it, but Romelio’s rapier, which rushed in, slightly grazed his left arm, causing him to bleed.

However, although it was Romelio who landed the attack, it was also Romelio himself who created an opening for Drake.

It seems that Drake acted on the assumption that he would receive some damage. He grabbed Romelio’s clothes with his right hand and slammed him into the ring.

「Hey, why did you betray them? You knew your brethren would be enslaved.」

「Shit…. The era of the elves is gone. From now on, it’s the era to live in the human world with the guys who have power! Despite that, no one tried to understand my words!」

「So that’s why you betrayed them and became a pawn of someone in power in hopes of living a good life for yourself?」

「Someone like you will never understand how I feel!!」

「No, I kind of understand. I was also exiled from my village. There was a time when I was also in desperation… But is that really okay? Is your pride something that you can throw away so easily?」

「I can’t turn back anymore! UOOOOO!」

Romelio activated Cyclone around himself and blew Drake away.

「Even though you are much older than me, you are a bastard. I’ll teach you the real strength of pride! Wind Cloak, Cyclone!」

As Drake raised his endurance and agility with the Wind Cloak buff skill, he cast the same magic towards Romelio’s magic to offset it. The wind bubble that had been raging around the ring burst, and a gale flowed upwards to the sky.

As if aiming for that, Drake crouched low, and the moment the gale flowed upwards, Drake jumped into the sky, riding on the wind.

「Now then, time to destroy Romelio together with his rotten nature.」

For a moment, Romelio lost sight of Drake, but when he spotted Drake falling at high speed from high in the sky, he immediately took defensive measures with Wind Film and Wind Wall.

However, Drake ignored the damage he received and used Wind Pressure to restrict Romelio’s movement.

Using the momentum of the free fall, Drake slammed the Red Ogre’s Iron Club into Romelio’s defensive magic and cracked open Romerio’s head.

『A terrifying exchange between wind magic users! The winner is… [Star Supremacy] Drakeeeeeeee! ! !』

As Michael declared the victory, Drake took his eyes off the defeated Romelio and returned.

「I got the first win! And, did you hear our conversation?」

「Well done! And yes, I heard the conversation. As expected, Romelio was involved in the attack on Nelfie’s hometown, after all.」

「I have never heard of Romelio. He must be an elf from another village…but I can’t forgive him…」

「Nelfie, I feel the same way. He will surely be judged. I’m sorry, but please endure until then.」

「I know. That’s why I’m definitely going to win the next match.」

「Nelfie-neesan, I have high hopes!!」

When Romelio was carried out on a stretcher, Nelfie climbed up to the ring. At the same time, the opponent’s second contestant, Darius, a healer, also advanced to the ring.

『Continuing, we will begin the next match, [Star Supremacy] Nelfie VS [Daytona] Darius!』

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