Chapter 114



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

To the north from the Royal Capital, further across the border of the country.
There is the forest of Black Locust country.
The time is midnight. The light from the town inside the forest can be hardly seen.
Therefore, the starry sky which is impossible to see in the Royal Capital, was glittering all over the sky above the town.

And on the outskirts of the town was a small wooden house.
On the bed inside the bedroom, there is a man who couldn’t sleep.

(It went as I expected, no, it even went beyond my imagination)

He was thinking while sometimes rolling on the bed.
A Knight who saved him from a stone golem at the outer edge of the Black Locust country forest.
It soon became clear that he was affiliated with the Kingdom’s Merchant Guild.
Fate sure is strange. To think that the Knight from the Merchant Guild would be dispatched instead to help them fight the Empire.
That news both surprised and delighted him.

(To think I would meet that Knight and its pilot)

He was really looking forward to this day.
He couldn’t help but smile as he realized that he had counted down the days until that one arrived in the Black Locust country.
While he was eagerly waiting for him, the Knights from the northern country came.
Then there was a meeting with the King, the Minister, and the pilots, and so the busy time has passed.
And finally, the time has come.


「Lightning-dono. The Knight from the Kingdom’s Merchant Guild has arrived and currently waiting outside of the town」

A soldier brings the news.
While being nervous, I rode the barrel Knight to pick him up outside the town.

(As I thought, it was the Knight from that time)

What I saw there was a beige colored Knight that quietly standing by.
I was fascinated with that soothing color and the beautiful model that Knight had.

(Now then, what should I do?)

There, I noticed.
I did come to pick him up but… I didn’t know what to do when two Knights met each other.
To be honest, I haven’t thought that far.
I decided to do what I can in the time being by making my Barrel Knight do a bowing gesture.


To that, it returned with an elegant bow like what nobles would do.

(It really lives up to its name, Old Lady)

I involuntarily let out a sigh of admiration.

(So Tauro-dono is treating his Knight as a real lady, huh)

They knew the name of the Knight and pilot right away by inquiring with the Merchant Guild.
A male pilot who treats a female Knight like his own daughter with respect. That relationship was really dazzling.
After I guided him to the town square, I got down from my Barrel Knight.

(I wonder what kind of person he is)

I was so curious about the appearance of that pilot who just got down from the Old Lady.
While trying not to be rude, I aimed my line of sight at him.

(So he didn’t wear that golden mask…)

His age is around thirty, I guess. He looks a little older than me.

(….As I thought, I don’t recognize him)

The match before the God of Business that was held in the Holy City. According to the information, Tauro-dono was also participating in it.
However, I got my hands full trying to win the match so I didn’t have the time to look at the other contestants.

(He probably has his own reasons for wearing a mask at that time. But it’s not like I can bring up that matter here)

To tell the truth, I really wanted to thank Tauro-dono for healing me that time.
However, if the other person is inconvenienced because of it, then it would mean putting the cart before the horse. I can’t just give priority to my own feelings without considering the feelings of the other party.
I decided to only give him my thanks for saving me from the stone golem the other day and introduced myself. I unconsciously stared at him for a long time
The person I admire and look up to. Right now, that person stood before me. I’m thinking that this much should be fine.

「Well then, this way please」

I immediately guided him and the other pilots toward the inside of the castle.
They passed through the hallway to the widest and most luxurious room in this castle, leading the way to the King waiting there.

(Wow, as expected of him)

I got a strong impression when I looked at the figure of Tauro-dono.
There was no sign of arrogance because he came from a merchant guild in a big city, and he didn’t become servile just because he’s in front of the king of a country.
His attitude was very natural.
I couldn’t compare myself to him where I can’t even turn my head when I have an audience with the King.
His Majesty also seemed to be satisfied, and he signaled me to start the meeting.

「ーーThat concludes my report on the matter」

Tauro-dono listened silently to my poor explanation.
Since the result of the battle between Knights leads to victory or defeat in war, the words of the strongest Knight’s pilot is absolute.
With regard to the command on the battlefield, it doesn’t matter whether they are the King or the minister, they have no say in this matter.

(Was there something wrong with my explanation?)

I have finished talking, but Tauro-dono was still silent.
Since there is no further statement from the person who is supposed to take the lead, the meeting also stopped.
While feeling a bit impatient, I looked at the other two pilots. They also seem confused.
Just in case, I called out to him.

「Excuse me but… I would like Tauro-dono to take the command」

Even after receiving those words, Tauro-dono still hasn’t moved.
I felt a little nervous because it feels like he’s measuring our strength.
And since I don’t know what he’s thinking at all, I continued.

「Our Knights are all C-class Knights. The difference in strength between us and Tauro-san who uses a B-class Knight is as clear as day. So it should be obvious that the strongest one must be the commander here, no?」

Those words made the expression of Tauro-dono become steeper.
What came out from his mouth afterwards was that he thought it would be better to let someone else take command because he had no experience doing it.
I nodded.
Unless you are an experienced pilot that’s affiliated with the Knight Order, there is no way you would have any experience in taking command.

(I’m also the same. No, I don’t even have any experience on a battlefield at all)

The only experience I have was just demon beast extermination and hunting.
When our gaze met for the second time, I spoke on behalf of the other pilots.

「That’s also the same for us」

Tauro-dono closed his eyes for a moment and opened them again. After that he began to speak in a calm tone.

「But even so, I’m not a national pilot unlike all of you who are here. Old Lady, as you know, is just a Knight of the Kingdom’s Merchant Guild」

I felt like I was hit by those words.
That’s right. Tauro-dono is a pilot who rides a B-class Knight, the strongest Knight in this place right now.
However, it is true that he’s just a support sent by the Kingdom, a helper.
It feels like he told us, “This is your battle to protect your hometown from the Empire. Isn’t that right?”


I became ashamed of myself.
When I looked around I found the other two men seemed to share a similar feeling as they make a bitter expression full of regret.
But I can’t stop here.
This will be a battle to protect our important hometown against the strong Empire Knights. I want Tauro-dono to take the command in order for us to win.

(If it’s with this person… we should be able to obtain victory)

I was convinced by the words I mentioned earlier.
If we were led by Tauro-dono, then we would absolutely obey him.
That way, even if our number is inferior to theirs, we won’t be afraid.

「I understand where you are coming from. But even so, we would still like Tauro-dono to take command」

I have no choice but to push through.
While giving out various reasons, I approached Tauro-dono.
Tauro-dono stared at me for a while… but then he nodded slowly.

(Did our feelings finally get through?)

Perhaps we were being tested.
To not rely on the power of others to protect our country. And whether we are ready to shed our blood for it.
And it seems that our sincere thoughts have reached him.
The two other pilots also seemed to have resolved themselves as the glint in their eyes looks different from before.
One of them must’ve been unable to control his emotions. He began to appeal for him to guide them.
Tauro-dono made a gentle smile.
Then, he began to unveil the detailed operation plan that only the god knows when he thought about it.

(To think that…. He already made a preparation)

A shock runs through my mind.
Just how far ahead has this person seen?
All of us, the King included, were trembling in admiration.
And with the conviction of victory, we listened to the detailed plan.



After recalling that event, my mind returned to my bed.
I let out an exaggerated sigh.

「What’s wrong, dear?」

My wife, who was sleeping next to me, woke up after sensing my state and called out to me.

「Sorry. Did I wake you up?」

While saying so, I still reach for my wife’s soft and warm body.

「Really… is there something wrong, dear?」

Intrigued by my action, she let out a puzzled voice.
But my hand doesn’t stop. It’s a body I know well. I immediately shifted her body into receiving position.

「Please help me calm down this overflowing feeling」

As I whispered those words into my wife’s ear, I invaded her.
I unintentionally laughed when my wife said “It’s full of holes tonight, you know?”
However the voice of my wife, who said that much was already filled with honey.
I continued to push myself onto her after that.

「W, Wait, dear. Wait a moment….」

The usual nightlife. My wife who imagined that, irresistibly screamed at the attacks that can’t be pulled out.

「Please… just a little is fine, let me rest a bit」

My lovely childhood friend and my wife.
I always treat her dearly like a treasure, but only tonight I can’t control my desires.
After receiving the third shot, my wife tries to escape.

「No, you can’t!」

I pinned her down and continued to attack her.

(She would probably scold me harshly tomorrow morning)

I think so. But I can’t stop.
My lower body that has been trained for years. The body of my wife floats up in the air every time I thrust into her.
The urge that sprang up in me eventually made me say one word.

「……Lightning Sword」

Listening to my whispers, my wife’s eyes opened widely.
But she can’t do anything.
The moment she received the technique I just activated, she screamed as her eyeballs went upwards, hiding her black pupils.
Her body trembled with gakugaku.
I hugged her strongly and poured it all deep inside her.
And then a big sigh escapes from my mouth.

(I overdid it…….)

My wife whose body convulsed beside me.
I reflected on my actions while caressing her bangs.
Some time passed after that.


Has her consciousness returned? My wife turned her back towards me.

(She’s quite angry it seems)

Her back spoke eloquently.
I know it was my fault but, I was bewildered because I couldn’t think of a solution.

(This is bad…….)

Her angry back, also her nape and spine stimulated my heart.
While I do feel like I shouldn’t do her again, I can’t help but feel horny anew.
I reached for her from behind.
My wife probably thought I was trying to apologize.
She closed her eyes and turned her body over as if refusing my apologies.

(I’m sorry)

Although she doesn’t want to listen to it, I apologized in my heart beforehand.
Because I still want her.


Hold her gently and whisper words of apology.
She probably thought so.
However, she finally understood the intention behind my strong hug.
My wife turns around in protest along with a confused and surprised expression, while trying to open her mouth.
I block her mouth with mine, and invade her without delay.
Then we start crawling on the bed again.



A fat old woman put a cup against the wall in the next room while letting out a heavy sound.
She groaned as if she was enduring something.
It was the great madam.
She puts her right hand on the center of her body and greatly shakes her whole body.
Thighs, hips, belly, chest, arms, and chin. The shaking of her rich meat body parts was amazing.
The great madam was cooking herself with the noise from the room next door as the fire.
By the way, her husband, the former dojo owner, has sensed danger and hasn’t been having sexual activity lately.


The voice of the great madam echoed inside the room.
It sounds like the cry of a cat in mating season, but with deeper bass.
Be careful, Lightning. The limit she can endure is not so far away.



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