Chapter 131 part 2



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The spirit forest that spread over the northern part of the Ost continent.
There was a lake on the north side of the forest, and it was filled with crystal clear water.
Under the light of sunlight at the end of spring, a fragrant breeze blows across the lake surface.
And floating at the center, was an island with a total of two hundred meters in length.
That island began to slowly submerge itself in water, along with the ruins of a stone fort and the trees surrounding it.
Although slow, the waves it produces are great.
The water overcame the stone walls of an elegant small castle on the lakeshore and brought water into the castle.
The humanoid creatures that filled the castle begin to make a fuss, but the island continues to sink into a huge magical circle that unfolds at the bottom of the lake without a care in the world about them.
Then along with the disappearance of the magic circle, that giant figure also disappeared from the water.

『A world tree?』

It has no facial expression on its face that resembles a reptile.
But the island was surprised.
In the distant past, there were multiple world trees. However, it has been a long time since it became the only one in the spirit forest.
But right now, in front of it was a young world tree, greatly expanding its branches on top of the lake.

『Does this mean… it’s a different world?』

The feeling of discomfort that could be felt when using transfer magic.
It was a different one from what you would feel if you moved into the same world.
The island recognizes this as a separate and independent area.

『Is that… an illusion?』

It saw a giant humanoid figure that was as big as the world tree on the other side of the world tree.
The island first thought of it as an illusion and then changed its mind.
That was an existence that exists between the original world and this world.
The two worlds are in contact with each other around that humanoid figure.
That existence who manages the world tree might be controlling it that way so that it can interfere with both.

『This is my size in this world, huh』

The island looks at its own body.
The administrator might have arbitrarily set it this way. The island was impressed by their high skill.
And then, a fragrance reaches the island, making his eyes squint.

『What a nice fragrance…』

The humanoid figure had a huge yellow fruit from the trees on the waterside.
At that time, its scents were scattered around, carried by the wind and reached the island.
This scent is the very thing that led the island to this place.
And the fruit that the island strongly desires to eat again is the yellow fruit that the humanoid figure had.
It instinctively headed to the shore.


Tauro’s home.
The third floor of a three-story building near the red light district of the Royal capital.
Unlike the first and second floors, the indoor part is only two-third. The rest is a rooftop garden with a three meters tall tree and shallow ponds.
Right now in that rooftop garden, a man was bending over.

「It’s getting warmer huh」

The weather is good and the sunlight is strong. It was to the point I would sweat a lot during the day of a late spring like now.
I stood in the forest garden while having such a thought while looking at the pond.
I’m off today, so I’m going to do my housework.

「I think it’s about time to clean the pond」

Since I set up a pond in the forest garden, the scenery has become even better.
Moreover, the heavy lancers always drink from it, so it has become indispensable.

「The maintenance is really a pain in the ass though」

Since the pond has no natural flow, it has to be regularly drained, rubbed with a brush, and refilled with water.
Algae was starting to stand out, so I thought it was time for cleaning.

「Dangorou, tell the heavy lancers to stay out of the pond, would you?」

The heavy lancers always listen to what Dangorou says.
So, if I want to make the heavy mount heavy lancer moves, I have to do it via Dangorou.
I took out my favorite pomelo as a replacement for a snack while watching the heavy lancers getting out of the water.
At that time, I saw something that was never in the pond until now.

「Oi… there’s an island coming out of there」

An island about 20 cm in diameter floats in the center of the pond.
Moreover, there were trees and even the remaining of some kind of stone buildings on it.

「A pond miniature island, with ruins theme at that」

It was something that really tickles my heart.

「Since when did you make something like this?」

Imosuke who was on the branch was flustered and Dangorou on top of the stone was impatient, while the heavy lancers who seem to have received some kind of instructions from Dangorou were gathering around the pond.

「So that thing wasn’t something you guys prepared?」

Apparently it wasn’t.

「Then what is that… that island?」

That wasn’t an island, apparently.

「Spirit beast?」

Imosuke and Dangorou are spirit beasts. And the heavy lancers were a demon beast.
I don’t quite get the difference.

「….Hey, it’s coming closer」

The island was silently coming towards us, spreading waves behind it.
The heavy lancers standing on the shore seem nervous. The usual idyllic atmosphere is not there.
Dangorou descended from the stone and puts his body between me and the shore.
I could feel a wave of emotion saying that he will protect me coming from him.

「Is it some kind of dangerous existence?」

As expected even I can tell that something abnormal is going on by looking at the state of my spirit beasts.
Was it an uninvited guest that appeared?
I crouched and focused my eyes on the island as it moves towards the surface of the water.

「…..A turtle?」

That was my first impression of it.
A turtle, about 20 centimeters long, grows trees on its back and mounts a collapsed stone building.
It’s a little bigger than Dangorou.
The island that was approaching the shore lifted its head, which was half submerged in the water, and looks at my hand.
It had a peculiar look of a reptile, but it looks like a turtle no matter how I see it.

「Calm down, Imosuke」

The branches were swaying as Imosuke moves in a hurry, and because of that he also going up and down along with the branches.
It looks like he was about to be shaken off and fell at this rate, so I stood up and took him to my shoulder
After he took a breather, Imosuke began to converse with the thing that looks like a turtle.

「That’s a turtle, right?」

Although I can feel that they were in tension, I didn’t feel any sense of crisis for now.
A turtle that is large enough to be held with both hands. It was because I could only see it as nothing but that.
Those black hollow eyes were looking this way.

「How is it?」

The conversation between Imosuke and the turtle seems to have concluded so I called out to him.
The atmosphere around my spirit beasts has softened, so the talk possibly went in a good way.

『He said he wants that』

At those words, I looked at the pomelo in my right hand.
The turtle’s gaze was still focused on this fruit.
According to Imosuke, he came here because of the scent of this pomelo.
Apparently he will return soon if I’m willing to share some of it with him.

「I see」

I was convinced.
It was a fascinating fruit that impressed Imosuke and Dangorou and captures the heart of the heavy lancers.
Perhaps this turtle was also fascinated by it.

「Is it okay to give it to him?」

This is not the last pomelo. There are still some others.
Besides, it will soon bear fruit again. If Imosuke and Dangorou were fine with it, then I don’t mind sharing some.
Looking at Imosuke who nodded, I put the pomelo on the shore.
It began to shrank rapidly to a size similar to a kumquat, just as when he had been shrinking the heavy lancers.
The turtle’s gaze moves back and forth between me and the kumquat, but it doesn’t move.

「I’ll give that to you」

Hearing my words, the turtle looked at Imosuke.
Then he approaches the pomelo and puts it in his mouth.
He was looking at us for a while. After confirming that we didn’t make a move, he made a gesture as if bowing to us and sank into the water.
In the water, a magic circle of the same size as the turtle suddenly appeared and glowing with blue color while rotating.
When the turtle’s figure sank into the magic circle, the magic circle disappeared.

「Teleportation magic!? That’s awesome」

He disappeared into the magic circle when he said he’s going to return home, so that must be teleportation magic.
I have a feeling that it’s similar to the one that Dangorou and Imosuke used when they invited the heavy lancers.

「A high ranked spirit beast huh」

Imosuke explains.
That it came from a lake near the spirit forest.
It’s probably a race that can be found quickly by going to the library. Not a race like “Imosuke” or “Dangorou”, which are grouped together in the “others” categories.

「So you were surprised that something came even though you properly lock the door」

No wonder you were so flustered.
Everything seems to have been organized to prevent strange things from entering the forest garden.
He seemed confident of it and didn’t expect it to be broken through.

「As expected from the manager and vice-manager of the forest garden. You guys properly protected the forest」

I praised them.
As they felt happy about it, they promised to make it unbreakable next time.
I’m happy that they’re motivated, but I don’t want them to overdo it.

「It’s okay to take your time, you don’t need to rush it」

I said and patted them with my fingers.
Then, I looked at the place where the turtle-like high ranked spirit beast had disappeared to.
The heavy lancers are moving around in the water near it as if they were doing a patrol.

「I wonder if they also have some thought about it」

While thinking about such a thing, I stood up to clean the pond.



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