Chapter 132 part 2



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

A guard station near the square in Landbarn.
After the capture of Land barn, it was used as a barracks for Imperial pilots.
After dinner at the cafeteria, the pilots are free to spend their time.
At that time, more than ten men were gathering in the conference room in the corner of the barracks.
Inside the room, aside from the chairs, there’s a long desk by the wall, with drinks and snacks placed on it.
All of them were the pilots of Rose Knights, and they had been told by count Rosehip to gather after meals.

「Is it not yet!?」

「I’m getting tired of waiting, oi」

Sitting on the chair while holding a glass of drink in their hands, the pilots whispered with each other in an excited voice.
Everyone here knows what’s going to happen and is looking forward to it.
Right now, in this conference room, a small stage was set and the curtain was currently dropped.
Behind the thick cloth, preparations for the event were supposed to be underway.

「I’m sorry for the wait!」

Count Rosehip appeared from the stage sleeves and walked to the front of the curtain.
The hall resounded with thunderous applause from the pilots and count Rosehip raised both of his hands to calm them down while laughing.

「Well then, without further ado, let’s begin Wickedness to the Defeated」

Cheers and whistles raised from here and there. Count Rosehip continued his words after waiting for it to calm down.

「There are five targets. The classification is as followed, one A-class Knight pilot, two B-class Knight pilots, and two guards」

Some of them exchanged glances after hearing that explanation.

「Why are there guards included? They didn’t fight aren’t they?」

「Apparently it’s because those two tried to hide and escape, instead of surrendering」

「So that’s why」

He was convinced after having a small conversation.
While he was doing such a thing, the curtain rose with a signal from count Rosehip.
Everyone in the hall made a fuss at the sight on the stage.
There are five men lined up in a row.
Their appearance is like a prisoner in a guillotine, with their neck and both wrists are fixed with a tree skein, and their mouth gagged.
Their heads are lower than their waists, and their hips stick out toward the back of the stage.
On top of it, the lower half of their clothes have already been taken off and are exposed to the audience.
Whistles and whispering of the pilots didn’t stop.

「Four people who will get their names called, go up to the stage」

Count Rosehip spoke.
The men who got their names called and stood up from their chairs.
Among these people, three of them have succeeded in stopping the second prince’s royal blue. The other one is a person who has achieved another achievement.

「You guys in particular did a good job. I’ll give you guys the right to go first」

There, a grin floated on his face.

「Be glad, they’re all virgins」

The four cheerfully thrust their fists up while the other people who are just spectators roared with envy and jealousy.
Count Rosehip gives all four of them a small glass vial.
Then he bent over in front of the escort Knight’s pilot and whispered.

「Because you seem to have bones. I will personally deal with you」

He looked back and declared with a smile.

「Now then! Let the party begin!」

With that signal, the party began.
With loud cheers, the four went behind the prisoners. Then, they picked up something from the vial and began their preparation.
Count Rosehip also holds the same vial and gently shook it in front of the escort pilot. The liquid inside it moved violently.

「The night is young after all. And because it’s your first time, let’s use this rose oil」

He whispered at the ears of the escort pilot who was violently shaking his head.

「And it’s not just any rose oil. It’s the one that has been blessed in the God of business temple」

The god of business, which also called the god of prostitution. And the blessing of such god was of course referring to the aphrodisiac effect.
The escort pilot who understood this widened his eyes and twisted his body even harder.

「I’m glad that you’re so energetic about it」

He smiled happily, then he turned around and poured plenty of rose oil on his hand.
He used the base of his right middle finger to carefully apply it and began to loosen it.
The escort pilot resisted by putting all his strength in one spot.
He felt fear he never felt before, when his body started to get hot for some reason.

「Hey, putting that much of a strength is no good, you know? You’ll ended up with warts that way」

Count Rosehip laughed and as if to enjoy the tightening sensation, he moved his fingers around.
The escort pilot was frightened by the finger that rotates around the center.

「Even so,『I’m a man』huh? Do you really think that you can get away from Wickedness to the Defeated if you’re a man?」

As his mouth warped up sarcastically, he continued.

「I’m disappointed. You held Wickedness to the Defeated ceremony, but never at the receiving end. What a very selfish thinking」

Then while slowly moving his finger, he whispered.

「Don’t worry. I’ll correct that distorted way of thinking now」

The pilots exchanged words while watching that scene from the spectators seat.

「But still, why aren’t lord grim reaper or the bunch from the frontier knight order came? Isn’t it lord grim reaper if we’re talking about the ones who made the most achievement in the battle」

When he looked around, there were only the pilots of Rose knights here.

「I don’t know about lord grim reaper but, the guys from frontier knight order refused the invitation. Saying things like, we don’t have that kind of hobby」

At those words, the pilot who asked first nodded.

「Are they that… those who dislike the dish without even trying it, was it? I can’t speak for other people but, they will surely regret it. It’s such a waste」

「You tell me. To only enjoy woman, they’re losing half of the fun they’re having in life」

Away from the pilots who talked to each other, the people who had finished applying the rose oil began shaking their hips.
The pained voice leaking out from the gag further stimulated the pilots’ sense of superiority.
Some have begun to get excited, replacing themselves with prisoners.
Jealous sighs leaked from the spectators’ seats, and just before the venue was about to be filled with such sighs, a pilot stretched his back and trembled greatly.

「…Oi, isn’t that guy finishing too fast?」

「Perhaps he just got too excited because that was his first time with a virgin」

The pilots were cheering while standing up from their seats, hoping to get their turns.
The trembling pilot’s face was bright red.
The order from the second number onwards was not specified. Even so, there were no quarrels and instead, they formed lines in a cheerful atmosphere.
This is not the case with other knight orders. Something like this can only happen within the Rose knights.
While looking at that scene, count Rosehip turned around and spoke to the escort pilot with a gentle voice.

「Now then, shall we also begin?」

Feeling the sensation of something being put in, the escort pilot resisted with his whole body.
The only muscle he can freely move right now was his sphincter. That’s why he put all of his strength into it.
Good grief, count Rosehip let out such a voice in exasperation as he shrugged his shoulders.

「If you’re trying this hard to resist, then I have no choice but to use my technique」

He exhaled and closed his eyes.
And then, he opened his eyes and shouted loudly.


A heavy impact shook the body of the escort pilot.
With that one attack, the gate of the escort pilot was distorted and the bolt lock was cracked.
A loud cheer rose from the audience seats and the line next to him. That’s because their leader showed his signature move.

「Here it comes again. PILE BUNKER!!」

Once again, a deep bass shook the air.

「Quite persistent, aren’t you? However, this is the end」

Count Rosehip’s smile hasn’t faltered.


The next moment, the gate of the escort pilot was blown off.
After moaning a lot, his breath stopped. Because of its overwhelming size, the diaphragm was unable to move temporarily.

(I-Is this a carp? Did a carp just enter me?)

The escort pilot hallucinated.
He feels like a rugged carp has come inside him.
Both of his eyes were widened to its limit, and drool was dripping from his gagged mouth.
And then the carp, which is a symbol of robustness, begins rampaging inside the escort pilot.

(I won’t lose!)

The endurance acquired in the course of learning martial arts. With it, he barely collected himself.

「Looks like you can entertain me for a while huh」

Count Rosehip laughed happily while sweating on his forehead.
The escort pilot whose heart still not broken was a tough opponent he had in a while.

「Alright then, let’s get serious」

He took a deep breath and stopped.
His face and whole body turned red and the muscles in his body swelled.
It was as if he had turned into a demon.

「Take thisー!!」

The body of the escort pilot began to shake violently at ultra-high speed as if it were a toy.
The vibration also causes the contents of the glass on the desk in the conference room to ruffle.
The rose knights were staring at them with a passionate gaze. Their throat unconsciously gulped down.


Eventually, Count Rosehip raises a war cry.
The escort pilot was finally broken by the hot sensation that spread inside his body.
He lost his strength and lost consciousness.
After regaining his senses, Count Rosehip ordered his subordinates to bring an E-ranked cure injury medicine.
If it’s F-rank, it’s already prepared on the stage. His subordinate who thought that he heard wrong, replied with a troubled look.

「It seems I have gone too excited」

Then, he opened the peach of the escort pilot and showed it.
The subordinates were convinced. It was because there was a large red rose, and it was in full bloom.

「This probably won’t be needed anymore」

Count Rosehip removed the gag of the escort pilot while looking at his subordinates going out of the room.
Perhaps regaining some of his senses, the escort pilot was repeatedly mumbling something.
It was “Kill”.

「Now, don’t say that」

Count Rosehip smiled.
Then, one bottle of cure injury medicine he received from the returning subordinates is poured on the rose flower.
The cold sensation caused the escort pilot to shake his spine.
The potion that has the effect of curing injuries in an instant. Satisfied with it, Count Rosehip opened his mouth.

「After this, you can just do whatever you want」

A cheer exploded again from his subordinates.
And the feast continued all night until the sun appeared on the eastern horizon.
In the middle, the escort pilot word changed from “I’ll kill you” to “I’ll be killed”.
The Rose Knights are strong.
Even if the war situation worsens, they’re difficult to knock down and the only one among the other knight orders that could continue to fight tenaciously.
Their mental strength could be comparable to the Religious Knight order.
And the structure that supports them which does not exist in other knight orders, was probably this common preference of theirs.



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