Chapter 149



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

The concierge of Jayanne visited me again.
He came to report the matter of Empire’s delegation

「Well~ I’m glad if it went well」

The Empire’s delegation seems to have returned with satisfaction.
Dorayaki with peanut flavor, a mysterious dessert. With that in my hand, I smiled.
It was something that the concierge brought.
A box of confectionary made from paulownia wood he probably brought as a sign of gratitude.

「But still… You really can’t judge people by their appearance, huh」

The concierge said heartily.
Apparently, the grim reaper was very delighted after having soft SM play with explosive onee-san.

「I offered a treatment for his whip marks and the burn from the candle but….」

He refused.
Apparently he wants to enjoy the pain until it heals by itself.

「This is the punishment I received from her for my sins. Putting it in another words, it was the traces of her on me」

It would be outrageous to heal it with magic.
Explosive onee-san was horrified seeing him talking about it ecstatically.

「Well, people have different taste after all」

There are as many likes and dislikes as there are people.
I came to understand it as I came to this world and went around to various brothels.
Even if they’re not my type, they could be the favorite of another customer. There were many such women.

「As expected from Tauro-sama」

The concierge nodded in admiration.

「No, not at all, I just came up with the idea. It wouldn’t be a success if not for your and everyone’s ability」

I replied shyly.
This wasn’t a compliment but my real feelings.
I only had them do what never been done before and it ended up a success. That’s because there was the power of explosive onee-san.

(…Explosive ojou-sama, eh?)

Even I, who isn’t interested in that sort of thing, wants to try the play once. It was just that attractive.
Though unfortunately, that wish will never come true it seems.

「Haha… about that, she never wants to do it ever again」

The concierge dropped his shoulder and said so.
It seems explosive onee-san didn’t like it.

(The SM culture was still in its infancy. That’s why I made the soft version of the menu)

Even so, it was still no good.
This was also a personal preference. Probably, explosive onee-san was lacking at the components of the S itself.

(What a shame…)

She has an aura of an onee-san that looks down on you from above.
There must be so many men out there who want her to be their queen.

「But his play… I think that it would be regrettable to be held for this one time only」

The concierge continued passionately.

「I think this will guide us in a new direction. I would love to add it to one of our play menus」

The light in the concierge’s eyes got sharper as he leaned forward.
I put the dorayaki in my mouth and took a sip of the tea.
A manager of a first-class brothel. He saw possibilities in this play. I have no reason to refuse.

「Yes, I don’t mind」

But, there is just one thing I am concerned about, and I told him.

「However, if you start this kind of play in Jayanne, won’t there be a backlash from the regular customers?」

The image I had for SM play is that it’s more of a variation.
Something that should be handled by a speciality store, not a high-class brothel. Such an image.
A prestigious high-class brothel filled with love and joy. In such an establishment, dirty abusive acts like slapping their customers with whip was carried out.
Won’t there be some of their long-time fans that hate it?

「Thank you for your concern. But I think there would be no problem」

To my worries, the concierge threw out his chest.

「It is certainly as Tauro-ama had said, there will be such person」

He then continued with a passionate tone.

「However, a pioneer always received resistance from others. From the way I see it, this will surely remains in posterity and enrich people’s heart」

(That is… isn’t that a bit exaggerated?)

For a moment, that’s what I thought but I changed my mind.
Just because I’m not into it, there were other people who were enthusiastic about it in my previous world.
If they heard what he said just now, there’s no doubt that they would nod deeply as if it were natural.

(I’m glad I conveyed it to someone who understood it’s true value)

I stroke my chest in relief.
If it’s like this, the great ancestors who have paved the way must forgive us for borrowing their knowledge.

「Thank you very much. I’m honored to hear that」

I could only say that.
Seeing me bowing my head, the concierge also bowed while saying a word of thank you.
Then he cleared his throat and changed the topic.

「By the way, I would like to give Tauro-sama’s name as the inventor but… is that okay?」

The ancestors of my original world. I feel like I’m taking the credit for their achievement but, well, it should be fine. It would be rather unnatural if I refused here.
My position was only the same as a buddhist monk who introduced buddhist scripture to Japan. All you have to do is stay.

「I don’t mind but… if possible, could you use the name Dr.Slime instead?」

It was the same with Cionne.
I have them use the name Dr.Slime instead as the inventor of Oyakodon.

「You’ll let us use that name!?」

The concierge’s face shone brightly.
I also thought about it at Cionne but, it seems the name Dr.Slime has more worth than I thought.

「I’m sorry for asking another request, but, if possible, I would also like to have the name of this play」

I gave a little thought on those words.

(Hmm… I wonder what would be nice? Just naming it SM won’t make any sense after all)

There, I recalled the line which grim reaper had said.

(I’m sure the grim reaper would be happy if the words he said is used as the name of a play)

He was the first customer of the play.
Without him, this play would never have been born. He has enough qualification to indirectly name the play.

「Then, how does『Sin and Punishment』sounds?」

The concierge paused and deeply nodded after feeling how it sounds.

「I think it’s a good name. I’m sure the grim reaper would be happy about it too」

The concierge said thank you, and straightened his posture.
I thought the talk was over and tried to lift my waist from the sofa.

「Ah, I’m sorry. There is one more thing I had to tell you at the beginning, but I completely forgot about it」

Slightly panicking, the concierge opened his mouth.
He put a handkerchief on his forehead to swipe his sweat.
When I was wondering what it was about, it turned out to be something completely shocking.
It was the removal of my ban.

「Are you for real!?」

I reflexively stood up from my seat.

「Yes, but the person you can partner with is limited. For now, there are only four of them」

When I asked the name of those four people, it was explosive onee-san, light cruiser sensei, werewolf onee-san, and someone I don’t know.

「Also… every each of them have their own conditions」

The concierge continued while looking apologetically.
To make reservations, was the same for all of them, but various restrictions such as prohibition to ask for extension, business compensation on the same day and the next day, and doable for designated days only, were also imposed.

「No, I don’t mind at all. To be able to partner with them again… it’s like a dream for me」

I’m truly happy.
I quickly made a reservation for werewolf onee-san right here right now.
Explosive onee-san was, before talking about the restriction, she’s already full with reservations.
And light cruiser sensei was to be last, as per the conditions she proposed.
She would first observe the condition of the others first and judge whether I have reflected or not.
And I don’t know who the last person is, so the first one is werewolf onee-san.

「I’ll do my best!」

The concierge laughed, looking at me like that.
I felt motivation surging through my whole body.


The wind of early summer blowing through the vast grassland.
After crossing the grassland, the wind passed over the lake.
The lake surface was shining silvery in the early summer sunshine.

『What an ideal place』

In one corner of the grassland, one of the heavy lancers was squinting its eyes.
At the end of it’s gaze was the children of the heavy lancers who were running about.
Their parents were eating grass nearby.
This heavy lancer has a body that is at least twice as big as the others. And on its face was a kumadori makeup like a Kabuki actor.
This individual is the chief who leads the heavy lancers pack.
When it looked up at the sky, the shining leaves of the young world tree were reflected in its eyes.

『I give my thanks to spirit beasts-sama』

When they were still living in the spirit forest, they faced a terrible hunger.
The reason for this was the inedible grass that spread year by year.
The elves replaced the grasslands with flower gardens and nurtured them.
While useful for elves, none of them were edible for heavy lancers.
Those were days when I fought other herds for some small amount of grass and got my stomach dented and my ribs broken.
Many were injured and lost their lives, and our numbers were gradually decreasing.
Even if a child was born, only a few that managed to grow up and what awaits them was only a path to destruction.

『I should return the favor』

The chief looked up, looking for the figure of the two spirit beasts.
Of the two pillars, one was often seen above. Today too, it was seen crawling slowly on the one of the branches above.
And when it turned its eyes to the ground, another pillar was seen between huge rocks in the distance. There is a great spirit beast that rules this place.
Two pillars of spirit beasts and the forest.
The chief decided to protect them.
The subject does not include the giant larger than mountains.
Being the owner of this land, he should be on higher rank than the spirit beasts.
Or so the spirit beast says, but apart from being unable to communicate with him, he’s too big, the impression it got from him is thin.
Therefore, the chief regarded the giant as the god of the land.

『It’s fine as long as we didn’t anger the god』

The chief silently nodded.
It then headed towards the shore.


It arrived and bowed down to drink water. Then it saw a small shadow quickly cross the water.
These are the fish that came along with the moving island.
It remained on the lake even after the island returned.

『A moving island』

We couldn’t do anything at that time.
It could be said that there was no helping it. That thing was way on a different level.
But it doesn’t mean that I don’t feel frustrated.
Therefore, I was doing what I could do now.


A young individual showed up from behind.

『There are few of them』

It was the result from patrolling.
Humanoid creatures that live in a forest appeared in this land at the same time as the moving island.
It seems that they’re still there, and could be seen from time to time.
Fortunately they don’t seem to be increasing, so they should be disappearing soon.
In this vibrant forest, feces and carcasses are rapidly decomposed and make the grass grow.

『I’ll take a look around again before it gets dark』

The young individual went away after reporting.
They don’t report to the spirit beast. This was something they had to do by themselves. It thought so.
There, it felt the ground shaking and turned around.
Then, what it saw was the god of the land larger than a mountain, approaching the forest.

『I might be able to get some fruit skins』

The chief recalled that elegant taste, made a gokuri sound with its throat.
The god of the land, who didn’t get involved with them.
But recently, he sometimes gives them delicious food.
Those in his herd who vividly remembered how it tasted, were stomping their feet lightly.
The chief, with a bitter smile, led the herd and approached the god of the land.


On a sunny afternoon of early summer.
Reflecting the sunlight, the medical tree and the green grasslands were dazzling.
I went to the forest garden to harvest some pomelo after Jayanne’s concierge returned.

「I’m going to go out tonight, okay?」

I told Imosuke and Dangorou.
To my surprise, today, werewolf onee-san is vacant by chance.
What a wonderful thing on my release day.

「Or rather, I’m glad it was today. If I were told that my release will be in a few days, I doubt I can sleep soundly at night」

While giving the skin to the heavy lancers, I tossed the fruit into my mouth.
It has refreshing sourness and sweetness, as always.

「Eh? Take some more, you say?」

Imosuke said.
He probably meant it’s okay for me to pluck it off since we grew a lot of pomelos now.
Certainly, it’s heavy with fruits now.

「Was it because of that giant turtle?」

A turtle that was a high-ranked spirit beast, while only for a short time, influenced the forest garden in some way on his stay.
It seems that various things have improved and a lot of fruits grew.

「You guys said that you’re good with the wind and soil, but not so good at water didn’t you?」

Apparently, Immosuke and Dangorou can’t swim.
That’s why the water parts of forest garden were slower than others. But it has improved at once ever since a friendly turtle appeared there.
There, I asked a question.

「What would you do if that turtle said that it wants to live here?」

The two were staring at each other from the branch and the ground, exchanging what seems to be a discussion.
Immosuke faced my way. They must have settled their discussion.

「You don’t mind if I acknowledge it, huh…」

For me as well, my stance all this time was, it’s fine if my kins are fine with it, and even now I can’t change that stance.

「Well, let’s think about it when that time comes」

A wave understanding transmitted to me from above and below.
After that, I picked about seven of the fruits and held it with both arms. It’s a fruit that would stay fresh for a long time, but there were too many of it.

「Give it to our subordinate, you say?」

It was Immosuke.
It seems he was talking about Unicorn.
Immosuke, the deputy chief of the Doom squad, and Dangorou who was its general.
My kin who became aware of the recent activity of our group, wanted to take care of those ranked below them.
Unicorn was an active member, but her position is a monster. The way Immosuke see it, she’s a subordinate of his.

「Is it really fine to bring this outside?」

It is, apparently.
He said something like, she should be happy since it’s a rare fruit.

「Got it then. I’ll share it with her if I see her at the store」

Thus I returned to the living room and put three pieces of it in a linen-colored bag.



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