Chapter 153



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

The season is early summer.
Strong sunlight accompanied with a hot temperature went away as the sun began to set.
What was left behind was a gentle breeze that carried a certain amount of coldness.
The Royal capital was welcoming one of its most comfortable times.


A common restaurant facing the streets of the red-light district.
There, me and Corneal hit our beer’s mug together.

「This is the first gathering of our 『Adult gourmet club』after a long time, isn’t it?」

A macho guy with a not so attractive face nodded happily at my words.

「For the time being, the war with the empire has come to an end. So I think I’ll have some free time now」

Then after this, we can exchange opinions on which brothel we will visit later.
『Adult gourmet club』 is a circle of gentlemen that I and Corneal formed. The contents of the activity are our reviews on brothels.
By the way, there are only two members.

「Oh! Here it comes」

I said as I was halfway through the mug, while looking at the kitchen.
The thing that was brought by the aunty and placed on the table is a mapo tofu-like dish on a shallow platter.
This large serving is to support our after dinner physical activity.

「It makes me want to eat spicy stuff when it’s getting hot like this」

Corneal scoops out the dark red mapo tofu with his mouth and carries it to his mouth.

「As I thought, this is good!」

He looks elated even though his lips became numb by the Sichuan pepper.
He probably didn’t get to eat anything good while he was on the battlefield.

(Thank god the food in this world are delicious)

That was my true feeling.
The ingredients are abundant and there are various dishes.
Moreover, there are many things that are tastier than my previous world, probably because they can be kept fresh with magic.
No matter how much I earn by selling potions, it’s not worth it when I think it’s only for a cup of ramen and wetting my pillow with tears.

「Miss! Bring me another cup please!」

In front of me, an empty mug lifted by a thick arm is being swung left and right.
As expected, we should keep the drinks coming while eating spicy food on hot days.
After that we converse while eating.

「Congratulations on getting your no entering ban lifted!」

「Thanks. Though, it’s like only a part of it that got lifted」

So I said but I was grinning.
That shows just how heartbreaking the ban of entering high-class brothels led by the three big families was for me.

「No no, Cionne completely lifted the ban, didn’t they? And if that Jayanne, albeit only partly, opens the door for you, I’m sure the others will too」

Corneal closed his eyes and nodded to me who bit into his words.

「Next time, let’s go to Cassabell together. And the other high-class brothels too」

「Yeah, sure」

It’s better to ask a third party rather than me asking directly. I decided to leave it to Corneal who judges as such.
The topic from me is mainly about brothels. While Corneal is about the war with the Empire.
There seems to be an obligation of confidentiality so he only talked about things I might know already.

「…..Noble’s mansion?」

When I talked about the time I came along to Noble’s mansion, Corneal’s expression turned envious.
Then he began talking about how terrible the battlefield was, while heaving a sigh that reek of sichuan pepper smell.

「I can’t go to play and there are no private rooms. It was really terrible, I tell you」

Looking at him like that, something flashed through my mind.

(Ah, so that’s why he let out his stress at the noble kid)

The noble kid was one of my classmates in pilot school.
He won the practical exam and was scouted by the knight order.
It was Corneal himself who admitted that he had put his hand on him, so I asked how it happened.

「Well~ I admit I was really sexually frustrated at that time. That’s when I can’t hold it anymore and ended up putting my hand on his ass」

He said embarrassedly while scratching his head.
By the way, you heard it right, the noble kid wasn’t a girl. He has a beautiful face like that of a girl, but he was actually a boy.

「But when I did, it turns out he didn’t dislike it. Even though I planned to release him if he resisted」

Guhehe, this perverted macho laughs and gulped down the inside of his mug.

「After that I kept touching his ass just like that」

「And then?」

As if remembering the scene, Corneal says while narrowing his eyes.

「And then he began to lightly shake his butt left and right. The fact that he was also turned on was as clear as a day」

Then he leaned towards me.

「Now that we’ve gone this far, it would be a shame not to go all the way, is what I thought. So just like that, I brought him to my cockpit and did it there」

It was a bit tough since he was so tight, so he said while laughing out loud.
A boy shaking his hips on this macho’s lap.
Though I had asked it myself, that scene was so vivid in my mind it greatly reduced my appetite.
But Corneal didn’t notice how I felt.

「Thanks to him it wasn’t all no fun while I was at the camp」

Those words mean he didn’t do it only once or twice.
He would call him every time the stress piled up and they would hit the cockpit.
As expected Corneal finally noticed after looking at me losing my spirit. He cleared his throat and changed the topic.

「By the way, Tauro-san. Have you decided it?」

My reaction to that question was thin since I couldn’t figure out what he was talking about.
Seeing that, Corneal made a complicated face.

「Did you forget about it? It’s my Knight’s name」

I finally remembered after he told me that.
I was asked by the Knights Headquarters when I went to see the new A-class knight.
That A-class knight is the Royal blue, the exclusive Knight of the second prince who has passed away.
As expected it would be bad for Corneal, who wasn’t from the royal lineage were to ride that Knight without its name changed. Right, I was the one who proposed that to him.

(A name that symbolized Corneal, huh?)

After thinking for a few seconds, a certain word floated in my mind.

「How about… Dual-sword king, The Viking?」

A Knight that dual-wields Kodachi. He even skewers the Noble kid when he gets off.
While receiving my gaze, Corneal murmured that name to see how it sounds.
Then his face broke into a smile.

「That sounds perfectly fit with the way I fight! Let’s call it that then」

And thus, the A-class Knight Corneal ride changed its name from the Royal blue to Viking.
We finished eating and took a break.

「Now then, shall we?」

Corneal nods.

「Oyakodon, a new menu devised by the infamous Doctor Slime. It made excited just by hearing its name」

I would also love to hear the opinion of my best friend. Thus today’s 『Adult Gourmet Club』activity will be held at Cionne.

「It has quite a good reputation on the streets you know?」

I found out that that was true when we arrived at the store.
Probably because the war is over and everyone is in a festive mood, Cionne is always full of customers.
The concierge is delighted, but he is clouded with the appearance of stores that imitates their menu. Apparently there’s nothing like a patent in this world so it can’t be helped.

「Our shop is the one where the menu originated from, told by the Doctor Slime himself. So we think to put that front as our selling point instead」

He said, and offered me something that seems to be a signature board.
I have no reason to refuse so I run my pen smoothly on it.
Fortunately, I received 『The ability of common official language of the human race』 from the stone statue. The rank is D, and I have no inconvenience in speaking, reading, and writing thanks to it.
However, what I write depends on my mind.
I look at it after I finish writing, but it feels a little lonely because there are too many margins.

(I guess it’s time to spread my secret organization name to the world)

Originally, it was made because of my longing for a villain role in a tokusatsu. It wouldn’t be fun to make it an actual secret organization.
I thought, and added a job title.
『Doom squad leader, Doctor Slime』
The finished signature board with that name looks like something belonged to a local station announcer in a ramen shop.*
「*TL Note : Try searching ラーメン屋色紙 if you find it hard to picture it.」

「Thank you very much」

The concierge makes a satisfied expression. He didn’t spend any more time and hung it on the wall in front of the counter.
Two of the sideline girls I nominated earlier run at him hand in hand.

「We’re ready」

The concierge turns back and courteously gives us his thanks.

「Two sets of silver badges, ready to go」

The two old men and the two girls entwined their arms and headed upstairs where their mother was waiting.


Two hours later, everything was over and we stepped out of the store into the street.
Corneal was overjoyed and enthusiastically shared his impressions while walking.

「That was really epoch-making!」

「You’re exaggerating it」

「Not at all! I said it before but, you totally lack awareness, Tauro-san!」

Wavy short-haired mother with thick makeup. It seems that he likes her a lot. As a proof of that, he showed 『Skewering Whirlwind』to her only.
That’s probably why he was in such a good mood and said exaggerated things.

「Oyakodon may even resolve parent-child discord!」

Is he drunk? He spouted another strange thing.

「Parent and child deal with the same customer. This will create an event where they share a common experience and let them know each other’s pains」

Well, he’s not wrong about that. So I nod.

「One of the main causes of discord is lack of mutual understanding. That’s what I think. And oyakodon can solve that」

There, Corneal puts his hands together in front of his chin and makes himself smaller and imitates a girl’s voice.

「You can’t understand my feelings at all, mom!」

This time he turned around, stretched his back and took a bossy attitude.

「Talking like that while you don’t understand the hardships of your parents yourself!」

Apparently, he’s playing the role of a mother.
I watched this poorly made small play for a while.
The last lines of the mother-daughter pair were, “Mom is amazing” and “You are better than when I was still young like you”, and so they both acknowledged each other and made up in the end.

「…Something like that」

How’s that? Or so what his expression tells me.

(What about the father though?)

Wouldn’t the father lose his place if the bond between mother and daughter strengthened like that?
I felt such concern, but decided to keep it to myself from Corneal who’s breathing roughly.

「Now then, let’s go to the next one! Today is the end of the war and a celebration for Tauro-san for getting your ban lifted」

It must have accumulated a lot. Even though we just dealt with four mothers and daughters earlier, he’s still full of energy.
I followed behind the big man with a bitter smile.


Then a few hours later.
The early sunrise of early summer begins to illuminate the red-light district of the Royal capital.
And I was wandering about while basking under that light.

(Oh man, it’s morning already)

No matter how much time passed, Corneal never showed any sign to wrap things up until it became morning.

「Alrighty! Now for one last shot. Let’s visit one last store, shall we?」

There’s no way any store would open at this time of a day wouldn’t it? I weakly replied as he showed me his dazzling smile lit under the sunlight.

「It’s okay. There is a store for people who want to do it all night long」

Isn’t he tired?
Even in my previous life, I had some colleagues who had children-making activities after the end of their night shift.
There seems to be a store that meets that demand here.
As expected from this world, they’re very thorough when it comes to this kind of thing.

「This better be the LAST one, okay?」

I put emphasis on those words as I dragged my feet like an undead heading for the next store.


At the same time, in the Black Locust country, located north-northwest of the Kingdom, two knights were advancing through the forest.
It was a B-class and C-class Knights. Both of them left the Black Locust country at sunrise.

(Raiding the lair of a bandit group)

A man that was still too young to be called uncle was sitting in the cockpit of the B-class Knight.
He has a short groomed mustache above his lips. It was Lightning.
Following behind him was the recently hired pilot.
A tall and skinny old man, he entrusted his former unit, the barrel doll, to this person.

(So they have noticed us, huh?)

From deep inside the woods, the bandit group’s C-class Knights stood up.
This is a forest near the Kingdom border.
Recently, bandits from the Kingdom have begun attacking the caravans.
To make matters worse, they were accompanied by multiple Knights, albeit only C-class ones.

『I left the ones at the back to you』

After saying so, Lightning rushes into the enemy’s camp at once.

『Lightning sword!』

The enemy unit is three, and he doesn’t hold back using his technique.
In a series of high-speed thrusts, the bandit’s Knights’ waist above were crushed into pieces.

(Too weak)

There wasn’t much resistance than he expected, Lightning overrun them with too much momentum.
As cloud of dust grandly rolled up behind him, he looked back at his companion.

(Umu… As expected of him)

The barrel doll operated by the old pilot overwhelmed the bandit Knights.
The way he skillfully used his sword and shield, and the way he fought without showing any opening and didn’t miss any chance to attack can’t be described with anything but veteran.
Probably realizing the battle didn’t turn to their favor, the other units fled while showing their backs.

(That’s no good)

After bending his Knight’s knee for a moment, lowering its posture, Lightning instantly kicked the ground.
The Knight accelerated like an arrow appeared behind the enemy’s Knight in an instant.
It fell after he broke its leg with one slash then got its dominant hand cut from its shoulder.
Then he pressed the tip of his sword against the chest of the bandit Knight that tried to raise half of its body from the ground.

『Come out』

He said using the external sound system.
While staying in that posture, he takes a look at the barrel doll.
The fight was decided there as well when he slashed the bandit’s sword along with their wrist.

(But still… to think that there’s this much difference)

A fair amount of time has passed since he changed his ride, but he’s still often surprised over the difference in specs.
The performance of the B-class knight was far better than the C-class than he had imagined.

(However I’m still not as good as Tauro-dono. Not even that viscountess)

He shuddered when he recalled how Old lady fought.
The Old lady who keeps shooting rainstorms of long-range attack magic from far away.
And the adult viscountess who dodged all of those attacks as if she was dancing as she closed the distance.

(Someday, I wish I could at least get closer to that area)

This B-class knight was the one on which the Beautiful Viscountess was riding in that battle. Tauro captured it and handed it over to Lightning.

(I want to show him that I’m capable as a way to repay his kindness)

He vowed to devote himself further.



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