Chapter 163 Part 3



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

There were several Knights heading East on the road extending from the Royal capital.
They walk slowly so as not to damage the cobblestones of the highway.
There are seven units.
Corneal’s A-class Knight, dual wields Viking, is the one leading them.
In addition, there are two units of B-class Knights, ridden by the noble kid and Lightning.
Lastly, there are four units of C-class Knight rode by Ponytail, Braided-chan, and the pair former pilots of the adventurer guild.

『Ain’t this too overkill?』

The old man from the adventurer guild says to the man next to him using the external sound system.

『I know right? According to the story, our opponent, the Count, only has two C-class Knights, you know?』

There, Ponytail cut into their conversation.

『Did you actually listen to the story? It seems they have a great magician on their side』

From the cockpit, the old man scoffed as if to make fun of her.

『But he’s not riding a Knight right? No matter how good he is, there’s no way he can fight a Knight head on』

Ponytail shut up after being told that. Because she also thinks so.

『But isn’t the magic power itself is the same for both Knights and magicians?』

The one who pointed that out was Braided-chan.

『If the amount of magic poured into the technique is the same, then the power should be the same too』

The mithril shell that covers the cockpit allows the Knight to efficiently exerts its magic powers.
It has a rate of 80%.
Only 20% of the magical power let out by the pilot leaks to the surrounding air. It’s nearly three times as efficient as a magician.
However, conversely, it also means that it’s possible to bring out the same power if there are three magicians.
Meanwhile an outstanding magician is comparable to dozens of people.
If such an existence appears, even the difference in efficiency could be overturned.

『But still, we’re talking about an A-class Knight here, you know?』

Saying so, the Knight stares at the back of that blue metallic Knight.

『I guess you’re right』

Ponytail and Braided-chan nods.
That shows just how an A-class Knight is on another level.
Meanwhile, Corneal is advancing with his Viking next to the B-class Knight of Black locust country side by side.

『Our objective this time is to measure how powerful this sage guy is. If it turns out that he’s easy to handle, we will proceed to attack them as is』

It’s just like scouting the enemy’s force.
Lightning asked back to the unfamiliar word.

『Who is this sage exactly? I heard from the story that he can control high-level magic but…』

『We still don’t know the details. What we do know, is that he caused some ruckus in the eastern country and destroyed several villages. Just because they disliked them』

Lightning frowns at those words.

『How come someone who did such savage acts can be called a sage?』

『He’s the one who called himself like that. He will get in a bad mood if someone doesn’t refer him as such』

Inside the cockpit, Lightning’s expression distorts in anger.

『To me, sages should be someone who called as such by the people who has seen how they acts』

And he continues.

『To think someone is proclaiming himself as such, isn’t it the same as calling himself a fool?』

Corneal’s answer is bitter.
He added after saying that’s right.

『But think about it. That very idiot has a great power that people refer to him as the sage. Such reasoning is also makes sense』

Lightning was convinced and nodded greatly.

(If there are people like Tauro-dono, who have both great power and personality, there are also others that are foolish and reckless)

The person he admires floated on his mind.

(That self-proclaimed sage. I will definitely defeat him!)

He resolved himself as he’s filled with fighting spirit.


Seven units of Knights heading east on the highway.
There was a figure of the merchant guild’s Knight making a detour around them and going ahead.

(Let’s go on ahead and stand-by in the VIP seat)

I thought inside the cockpit.
In the mountains on the west from the eastern Count’s residence. I should be able to clearly see Corneal and the others’ battle from there.

(I’ve been going there several times to subjugate demon beasts after all)

My sense regarding the land of the entire Kingdom due to running around here and there is useful this time around.
Why am I here and heading east?
It began this morning when I saw Knights marching through the Royal capital.
I was looking for vegetables in the market at that time. After I decided to tell Imosuke and Dangorou about the customs of Obon.
Which is making spirit horse* from eggplant and cucumber.
「*TL Note: You can google “精霊馬” to see how it looks like.」

(The way it sounds similar to Spirit beast*)
「*TL Note: Apparently 精霊馬(Shouryouuma) and 精霊獣(Seireijuu) sounds similar. At least the kanji IS similar, since both use 精霊(Seirei).」

It was only because that idea popped up in my mind.

(I can’t find them…)

I wandered around the market in the east of the square, but I couldn’t find any because it wasn’t the season yet.
When I gave up and went on my way home, I saw a row of Knights heading south on the main square.

(Oi oi…We have the all-stars here)

Just by looking at the Knight’s appearance, I knew it was Corneal, Lightning, and Ponytail and co.

(I can’t miss this now, can I?)

I immediately ran to the third floor of the merchant guild.
I barged into the guild master’s office and eagerly pleaded to Goblin jii-chan who was buried in the office chair to let me sortie.

「….Certainly, they’re all Tauro-kun’s acquaintances aren’t they?」

The Guild master who heard my story pauses for a moment.

「Fine, it can’t be helped. It will be more impossible to ask not to worry about them」

Happily– is not what he felt, but he agreed to it.

「I won’t show myself. I will just watching them from afar」

I said to ease the Guild master’s worries.
After the snipe and run on the Imperial expeditionary force in the post town, the guild master thanked me.
At the same time, I was urged to be careful not to stand out too much.

「It’s the same as Brothel. Don’t overdo it」

That’s so convincing it hurts.
Even so, the reason he gave me permission was, probably because as he said earlier, all of them are acquaintances of mine.
Immediately after that, I jumped into the Old lady and left the Royal capital.
And now, I’m hovering through an unpopular road off the main road.

(I’m sure Corneal is curious of how strong Lightning is)

Lightning defeated four units of B-class in the northern town.
That score seems to have shaken the heart of the A-class Knight riders.
There’s no doubt that the reason Lightning, who’s a mercenary, joins this expedition is because Corneal chose to put him in.

(I’m really looking forward to it)

To give my personal opinion and throw an ethical issue aside.
A battle that doesn’t affect me is just entertainment.
The sensibility that makes sporting events fun. If you dig deeper, you will find that competition leads to fighting.

(At least that’s what I think)

I can watch it from a safe place inside the cockpit of Old lady by using the optical correction magic circle.
Also, the contestants are all my acquaintances. In other words, it was a match for the team I was rooting for.

(In addition, I can interfere when the need rises)

Or rather, that’s the best part of this.
It’s an act that won’t be allowed in sport tournaments, but it’s no problem if it’s a battle.
If my favored team appears to be losing, I can help them by sniping from afar. It’s really cowardly.

(The battle will probably start tomorrow morning)

The Old lady is a fast runner that can hover even on the surface of a lake.
I will give it to Lightning for his short distance instant movement, but if it’s about covering a long distance, then I will definitely win.
According to my calculations, they will reach the Count’s territory this evening.
Then, they will camp once and start the battle along with tomorrow’s sunrise.

(Hmm…Where should I go to have lunch on the way?)

I can go to a famous store that I haven’t visited yet if there’s time to spare.
If I remember correctly, there should be a restaurant famous for its freshwater crab dishes.
I happily advanced the Old lady forward.



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