Chapter 178 Part 2



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All of a sudden, the cave vibrated strongly. A large amount of slime overflowed from deep within, washing away the mass of worms.
I, who have hardened my body, managed to somehow let the stimulation pass.

「It is five times today. I was surprised, it was faster than before」

Showing signs of discomfort, Twintail-san shallowly breathed in and out repeatedly. While petting the hair of hers gently, I whisper into her ears.

(Just a little bit more)

While breathing out, I headed further in.
Both of the hands of Twintail-san push strongly against my chest. It was as if she was refusing any further invasion beyond where I was.
However, actions of that extent will not be able to stop my advance.

(Alright, here is the monster house)

At the end of the cave, the space in front of the door of the boss room.
I readied my weapon once again and swung it an absurd number of times. The door of the room will not open unless I defeat all of the slimes here.


When the continuous thrust from my hips connected, the 『Restraining Trap』 activates.
My chest gets caught in between the two peaches, the calf of her legs push against the center of my back.
It becomes a position where I can head further into the cave but on the other hand, I am not able to back out. In this position, I will not be able to unleash effective thrusts.
A sacrificial defensive strategy by the dungeon master.

(But there is a way to counter this though)

While gritting my teeth, a smile appears on my face as I twist my hips left and right.
If I cannot move front and back, I will turn instead. This is the answer I came up with.
My attack, that has changed from thrusts to that of turning.
The resistance of the slimes gets weaker and weaker. Finally, my restraints were lifted.

(From here on out is the continuous attacking of the door of the boss room)

My hip, which has regained its freedom thrusts with the help of my body weight.
There is no longer any monster that is protecting the dungeon master.

(It is going a lot more smoothly than usual today)

The chief of the cave of Twintail-san does not come out of the boss room. That is why the way to defeat it is to use only long-range attacks.
I continue to wait for the door to open as I knock relentlessly.

(It opened!)

Unable to withstand the thrusts, the door threw open.
I pointed my weapon, the wand (short staff), in the direction of the boss room and chanted the incantation for explosion.


The magic, that was fired from the tip of my wand, passes through the door and heads into the boss room.
And inside, a huge explosion occurred.


The cave shakes, up and down, violently.
Just as the dungeon master faints, the cave collapses as well. I am buried alive and was crushed tightly by the walls.
I, who had everything squeezed out from me, will always faint here.
It is a mutual knockout together with the dungeon master but I am not unsatisfied with this result. This situation of being in the same situation together is a good thing.


However, the situation today is different from the usual. It looks like I will be able to survive till the end.

(It may be possible that I will be able to continue adventuring even after the door has opened)

I thought as the vibrations and the pressure had me gritting my teeth.
Even further in the cave of Twintail-san. That strongly attracted me.

(Alright, I withstood it somehow)

When I confirmed, the door was left open right in front of me.

「Let’s go! To the new land!」

After hearing my declaration, Twintail-san screamed with a look of horror on her face.
However, my advance does not stop. I courageously pushed forward with joy.
However, even though it is open, the gap of the door of the boss room is extremely narrow.

(I will tear it down with my thrusts!)

I started thrusting continuously with all my might.
The dungeon shakes as if it has gone mad. Due to this, out of three times, I can only accurately hit the door once.
As I earnestly do my best to control my aim, the sight of Twintail-san, reaching her hand out to the small magic circle carved on the headboard of the bed, enters my vision.

(A new trap?)

My guess was right.
That is a type of trap I have never experienced before up until now, it was a 『Summoning Trap』.
Almost immediately after the magic circle was deployed, a person appeared behind my back.

「Mr. Customer! Stop right there」

The apprentice concierge flew into the playroom without so much as a knock.
In his hand is a key with a complex shape which is most likely the master key.
After he locks both of his arms below my armpits, he forcefully pulls me out of the cave.

「Eh? Eh? What is this」

I am left unable to process this situation and in a state of panic.
The apprentice concierge speaks in an apologetic tone.

「I will provide the explanation so please move to another room for now」

The other person is the concierge of a first-class brothel. Regardless of whether he is an apprentice or not, he has no courage to shout in an angry voice.
Just as I am told, I wrap my lower half with a bath towel and descended down the stairs.

「I am very sorry. That was an emergency measure」

The place I was led to was a waiting room at the back of the counter.
There was a concierge there who is filled with dignity. He bows courteously.

「That magic circle is something that she uses when she senses that she is at her limit」

「Limit you say?」

The concierge nods.

「To put it in a sentence, it will be that she could not handle the attack of the customer」

She could not handle my attack. The ring of those words is sweet.
For I who am a sensitive man, the time when I will be evaluated as such does not come even in my dreams.

「Including today, have you not felt any resistance recently?」

When I was asked that question, I thought.

The cave of Twintail-san that I know by heart and have fully prepared countermeasures for.
I have a feeling that conquering the cave gets easier and easier with the number of times I come.
Seeing me nod, the concierge lets out a voice that is filled with strong emotion.

「Mr. Customer, you have graduated. You should aim for someone one level above next」

After hearing those words, nothing comes out of my mouth.
I loved that cave dearly. How comfortable it was to explore that cave, the home dungeon that taught me the know-how of conquering with its own body.
I do not want to graduate or aim for someone higher, I want to dive into this cave for all my life.
However, the concierge shook his head from left to right.

「I am sorry but you cannot do that. Once you start, I will probably not be able to stop your will」

That is indeed true.

「Her mind and body will not last. Please understand the situation」

The concierge deeply bows his head.
Just like this, I graduated from the beginner dungeon of Jayanne.

(What do I do from now on I wonder)

Heading out, I made my way to the exit at the lobby as I looked around at my surroundings.

(That is impossible I say)

The sidelines with dynamite bodies who are sitting at the side of the wall. These are the group of dungeons that are of the highest difficulty.
I do not know which one it is but there seems to also be a legendary dungeon that even the Grim Reaper of the Empire could not conquer.
Such a place is one I would probably lose my life just by getting near.

(The recommendation from the concierge is that person if I do recall correctly)

At the center of the gallery, the person at the very front line, that woman with a small stature is sitting confidently with her arms crossed.
Her body is gorgeous, her chest and her rump are thin. So much so that my first impression of her is that I think that she might just be too young.

(So she is called Twintails, she looks good)

The one I graduated from, Twintail-san. Twintails has the same hairstyle as her.
When I observed her mannerisms, she seems like a bright and energetic person. She often smiles when talking to the person beside her.

(Ok, I will aim for her next)

I nodded. Feeling the need to save up the money for my next visit, I thought about my next job.



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