Chapter 190 Part 1



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

The wasteland to the south of Awoke.
At the top of the huge mortar-shaped hole that opened up there, magic attacks by Knights were still on going.

『As expected of the Grim Reaper, you’re doing well this far. But, what about this?』

The Grim Reaper solely aims for the surface while using the clay golems as a shield.
Classic Knights painted in green and white jumping around by leaping and hovering to control their posture and change locations to get the Grim Reaper in their sights.

『A hit!』

Unable to dodge the blow, it hit the Grim Reaper in the abdomen.
Although it wasn’t enough to destroy it, the damage was apparently severe. He fell to one knee on the spot because of it.
While using the death scythe as a cane with his left hand, he took out a short staff, a wand, from his waist and pointed it toward the green-white knight.


The green-white knight easily avoided the fire arrow that was released from the wand.

『Are you sure you’re going to be fine shooting magics like that?』

His tone is mixed with mocking laughter.
Seeing the Grim Reaper who had stopped moving, the captain’s Knight, who was further up, spoke up.

『It’s about time we end this. Restrain him and make sure he’s not moving an inch from that spot』

The captain sitting in the cockpit.
Although he looked down on the Knights of the human race, he also frowned at Grim Reaper’s sturdiness.

(As expected of an A-class Knight)

At this rate, it will take too long to defeat him.
He’s worried about his subordinate who is sprawled down below with his face shattered. A number of clay golems are already gathering trying to eat him.

(Let’s do this)

The captain decided to unleash a powerful blow, even if it takes a long time to prepare.
Leaping back to the surface, he got down on one knee and aimed at the Reaper from the edge of the giant hole.

(It’s in the way)

The Knight shook his head as if to pull the bangs from its eyes. This was caused by a habitual movement of the pilot, which it synchronized with.
The air around it began to tremble as a much greater amount of magic power began to fill the air.


He grunted as he suppressed the vibrating rifle with his strength. It was hard even for him, the captain, to pour this much magic into it.

(Just a few seconds before activation)

He gritted his teeth as he struggled to keep the Grim Reaper in line with his iron sights.
His armor began to rattle as he tightened his sides.


The perspective goes from that place to the top of the rocky mountain behind it.
There, lying on her stomach while holding her rifle, is the figure of the Kingdom merchant guild’s Knight, Old Lady.

(It’s my chance!)

A Knight with a single crystal horn sprouting from his forehead. I shouted in my mind as I put it in line of my iron sights.
I had been aiming at it for a while, but I couldn’t get a clear shot because it was leaping around at high speed.
If I failed to shoot, my position would be revealed and they might launch a counterattack at me. I couldn’t take such a risk.

(Please don’t move now)

There was no telling when it would move again.
With the amount of magic I could shoot immediately, I fired at once.

(Got him!)

After confirming the hit, I quickly lay the rifle on the ground.
Still, my eyes did not wander away from the situation on the giant hole.
The green-white Knight, struck in the chest from behind, fell forward as is into the hole.


The captain’s Knight falls down head first.
His subordinates, who were looking at him, couldn’t understand what had happened.

『Another enemy? So there are more than one of them』

One of the Knights rushed back to the surface. He put only his head on the surface to check the situation.


His colleague, who was looking up at him from the lower level, shouted in surprise.
The Knight’s head was blown off and its debris came falling down.
The Knight, who had lost his head, slid down the slope and stopped at the ground one level below. His appearance was that of a puppet with broken strings.

(Long-range magic attack!)

A shiver ran through them.
They knew more than enough about the horror of this technique because it was also their specialty.

(We have to retreat once. But we can’t carelessly go to the surface)

He looked back at his remaining colleagues, trying to coordinate with them.
However, what he saw was the figure of the Grim Reaper approaching at a tremendous speed.


He let out a scream and jumped up on the spot.
However, it was too late as the side-curving Death Scythe cut his waist in two. The green-white Knight body, split in two, slides down the slope.

(It’s no good!)

Seeing this, the rest of the Knights jumped to the surface.


Immediately after, a white light came flying at him.
A scream unconsciously escaped from the pilot’s mouth.
He quickly hovered to move in the air, and the magic arrow passed over the position he had just been at.

(It’s an Elf!)

Intuitively, the pilot shouts in his mind.
The top of a nearby rocky mountain, from which a series of magic missiles were being fired.
The only one who could have done this was an elf pilot.

(Damn it!)

He tried to dodge by rolling away.
He barely dodged it. The ground around him, however, was shattered by the consecutive shots, scattering debris all around.

(He’s not an ordinary elf. Is he a high elf?)

He can’t see it clearly, but it’s probably a single Knight that’s shooting at him.
This much power in such rapid succession. It’s impossible for an ordinary elf like them to achieve.
If it was an elf, it was likely to be of the high elf class.

(Why? What a high elf Knight doing here? And why is it aiming at us?)

His mind is riddled with questions. In a panic, the green-white Knight began to hover as fast as he could to the northwest.
Behind him, at the edge of the giant hole.
When he finally reached the surface, the Grim Reaper was stunned by the scene outside.
A green-white Knight fleeing in a meandering motion. White colored magic missiles were attacking them in rapid succession from the top of the rocky mountain.
The Knight’s back continued to dodge them desperately. When the Knight was somewhat far away, the shooting from the rocky mountain stopped.

(It seems I will be the next target, huh?)

With the Death Scythe in both hands, he bends his knees and lowers his back.
There is no way to fight back, but he couldn’t just give up.


However, the attack never came. On the contrary, there was a sign that it was going down to the north side of the rocky mountain.

(Was it on our side?)

He can’t think of any possibility as to who it was.

(A mercenary?)

The chances of that are close to none, but he still consider it as a possibility.
If it was a Knight who wanted to be in service, or a mercenary Knight who wanted to score points, he would already show himself at this point.
There’s no way they won’t.

(I don’t know who they are, but we’re saved for now)

He felt the presence of Knights behind him and turned around.
The ones who stood there were two frontier Knights. Both of them were damaged quite badly.

『We managed to defeat one of them somehow』

『It was the one without head though』

Apparently, after the battlefield was moved to the surface, they tried to reach the surface on their own.
When he asked them about it, they said that they were advancing while eliminating stone golems when they encountered a green-white Knight.
A magic attack fired at close range grazed them, but the two of them managed to defeat the enemy.

『Lord Grim Reaper, what should we do now?』

Asked for instructions, the Grim Reaper looked into the giant hole.
The four green-white Knights who had fallen to the bottom had already begun to be latched onto and devoured by the golems.
Then he looked at their own situation.

(More than this is impossible, huh?)

Both himself and the frontier Knights are damaged. The amount of magic power remaining was also not enough.
He didn’t have the energy left to go and collect the evidence.

『Let’s head back』

A large number of golems. Classic Knights painted in green and white. And a mysterious Knight who may or may not be an ally.

The group of Knights, with the Grim Reaper in the lead, headed for Landbarn while dragging their feet.



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