Chapter 202 Part 2



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「The trees in the orchard will be destroyed if it’s approaching us at this time of year. That is why we have requested the merchant guild to come to our aid」

He told me that they don’t do anything directly evil. All they do is migrate around the cold and windy plains to the north of the city with a group of their kind.

(I also heard the same thing from the herbivore mechanic)

As I was being briefed, I remembered the explanations I had received beforehand.
Although the Winter Shoguns do not leave the plains to the south, their entire herd possesses ice properties. As a result, the temperature in the city would drop significantly just by passing through the area.
The effect is so strong that the water begins to freeze even in the middle of the day.

「We’re up in the north, so it can’t be helped, but as expected, the timing is bad」

The mayor makes a troubled face. He said that if they come before winter preparations have been completed, the damage to agricultural products will be enormous.

「So I should just subjugate those Winter Shoguns in advance, is it?」

「Yes, if we can defeat the Winter Shogun, the herd will turn back to the north. Eventually they will return and come back, but when they do, we will be ready」

After the meeting, I went to the Old Lady who was kneeling on one knee in the square.
The guards and the residents were surrounding her. Knights seem to be popular everywhere, after all.

『I’m going, please make a way』

The guards guided the people away as I told them through the external sound system. I slowly walked Old Lady towards the gate.
I don’t forget to wave back at the people waving from both sides of the street, on my way.

『Merchant Guild Knight, Old Lady. Moving out!』

I walked out of the city and shouted over the external sound system to advertise the merchant guild. And then I continued to the north.
After a long time of letting the Old lady walk on her big toes, the windbreak that blocked the north wind was broken.
What lay ahead was a cold, flat land. And the snow was falling in torrents.

(That thing, huh)

I deployed the optical correction magic circle on the Old lady’s eyes. When I zoom in on the crowd in the distance, I can see that it was a large group of skeletons.

(….Those skeletons, are they made of ice?)

They were oddly pale for bones. I think that’s what they look like when snow hardens into ice.
Born in the snowfields of the arctic region, they move south along with the seasons, and will eventually come back again.

(He said undead, but maybe they’re more like some kind of ice spirit)

I nodded to myself. I realized once again that I was in a fantasy world.

(But still, what a number. There must be at least thousand or something)

I move my eyes to look for the Winter Shogun. Eventually, a large shadow emerges from the depths of the hazy snow and wind.
Certainly, it was a skeleton riding a skeletal horse, clad in pale blue armor. But it was huge, three times the size of the other skeletons.
If the rest of its kind was the same size as a person, the Winter Shogun would be five meters tall. And it was riding a horse.

(With how big it is, no wonder they need a help from a Knight)

Convinced, I moved the Old Lady to the back. I lay her down between the sparse trees on the outskirts of the windbreak and readied my rifle.


A magic missile hits him in the chest. But it’s hard, it shatters and sends shards flying, but it still retains its shape.
I moved up one rank and prepared my E rank magic. At that moment, there was a change in my vision.

(It regenerates, huh? This part is certainly undead-like)

The Winter Shogun absorbed the snowflakes and regained its shape. He turned his head toward me and began to run towards me furiously.
His kind, a herd of skeletons made of snow and ice followed him, albeit slowly.
In a short time, Winter Shogun jumped out of the pack. The figure of a man and a horse, rapidly growing in size in my field of vision, he seemed quite powerful.

(But he came in a straight line, making him an easy target)

The E rank magic missile that was released collided with the center of the ice horse.
It didn’t stop at crushing the Winter Shogun, but went through to the rear. The ray of light that ran through the center of the herd destroyed everything on its path.

(How’s that?)

I will be bad if it revives. I watched carefully while thinking about this.
Even after the cloud of snow disappeared, Winter Shogun did not reappear, and the herd turned slowly and began to head back north.

(It worked out somehow)

If I wanted to, I could probably take out the whole herd. But if I do that, I’m afraid I’ll have to pay a price for that later.

(They’re something like a natural phenomenon after all)

It’s best to let them leave this time and come back at another time.
After seeing them off until they were out of sight, I returned to the northern city.


I returned to the city and parked the Old Lady in the square.
When I got off the Old lady, the mayor greeted me with a big smile plastered on his face.

「Well well, a single B-class Knight, yet with such splendid skill. I’ve heard rumors, but I’m impressed」

Since the Winter Shogun were subjugated in a short time, its kind didn’t rush into the city. And naturally, there was no damage to the orchard.
The surrounding temperature seemed to have risen.

「While it’s only a small one, we’ve prepared a banquet for you tonight」

The mayor said as we entered the city hall.
Of course I’m not going to refuse. I’ve come a long way to this place, so I intend to taste the local delicacies.

(This city has a lot of beauties after all)

I remembered the women I had seen in the square. They have white skin, with translucent blond hair and clear eyes and noses.
But first, I had to eat. The food was mainly smoked meat and strong sake.
I enjoyed the meal while having conversation with the people here, being careful not to get too drunk.

「It is a traditional dance of this region」

At the beckoning of the mayor sitting next to me, a group of beautiful women in traditional costumes that looked like layers of aprons appeared.
They danced in a horizontal line, raising their feet high in the air, probably as a sideshow. It was really wonderful.

「We also have an after-party prepared」

「Well, well. I’m thankful for your thoughtfulness.」

We laugh vulgarly at each other. After finishing our meal, we hurriedly headed for the best brothel in the northern city.

「Now then please, feel free to choose whoever you like, Tauro-sama」

I looked at the platform with a smile on my face, and that’s when I lost my words.

(……An earless seal?)

Sure, she has blonde hair and a well-defined nose and eyes. She had all the elements of a beautiful woman, but she was clearly overweight.
As I was frozen in place, the mayor continued to speak.

「My recommendation would be the rightmost one. It’s the number one, good to ride and good to be ridden!」

The seal brushed her long, beautiful platinum blonde hair with one hand. She closed one eye and sent me a throwaway kiss while smiling.

(Where have all the ladies that I saw in town gone to? Or the girls who danced for us at the banquet?)

The platform has turned into the shore of the northern sea, where the great sea animals are basking in the sun.
I looked back at the mayor and asked him a question I was afraid to ask.

「Yeah…Um, what about those dancers?」

First, he showed me a puzzled look, then a reluctant look, as the mayor shook his head from side to side.

「I’m terribly sorry, but they are too young. We at least have to wait another five years」


I’d say they were in their late teens. Certainly young, but not too young.
Unable to comprehend what he said, I asked more questions.
After a series of questions and answers with the bewildered mayor, a significant fact came to light.

(All of the women here are all looked more mature, huh)

For example, the dancers are about five years younger than they look.

(Then, these women here too…)

I looked at the women sitting on the platform. I thought they were fat, middle-aged ladies, but upon closer inspection, I noticed that they had beautiful skin.
I asked the mayor secretly, and he said they were between twenty and twenty-five years old.

「It’s just in season, when it’s fatty and delicious」

He turns one palm up, confidently.

「Having a strong drink with these girls on a cold night. You will never be warmer, and it’s the best」

I was speechless.

「If we wait a little longer for those dancing girls, they will be ready to eat like them, so please come back then」

Those girls that looked like both angels or fairies. In just a few years, they would transform into these sea beasts.
I couldn’t find any words to respond to this fact.

(Cultural difference)

Yes, it is something that greatly influences everything from the taste of food to music to the standards of beauty and ugliness.
Well, the food they ate was certainly greaser.

「Now now, please! They’re waiting for their hero too, so they’ll serve you fiercely」

The mayor who offered me with absolutely no ill will, and with the best of intentions. There was no way I could refuse his offer.

(They look heavy)

I steeled myself and looked at the platform.
I chose the smallest woman I could find to gain some experience in cross-cultural communication.
Incidentally, the next morning, I developed the after-effects of her fierce service. I used the cure injury magic to treat my muscle pain and back pain.



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