Chapter 206 Part 2



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「So, I was wondering if I could ask her to be my partner again」

Thermano continued in a whisper while being bashful.
Seeing this, the concierge realized that a new problem had arisen.

(The light that emits only once in a lifetime when one’s lost their first time. That’s why she loves it so much)

And Thermano has already lost his shine.
She says that she has already earned enough money to live on for the rest of her life. The only reason she’s still in the store is because it’s convenient for her hunt.

(If I ask her she will surely shake her head at once. But Thermano-sama seems to be obsessed with her and I’m sure he will ask for more the future)

He closed his eyes, knitted his brows and thought.
The concierge apologized to Thermano, who looked at him expectantly.

「The truth is, she was the winner of the previous match before the god of business in the Holy City. Therefore, there are some difficult circumstances regarding a rematch」

Both of Thermano’s eyes, and his crooked mouth, are opened wide.
The god of business presides over trading. The match before God in the Holy City, where the main shrine is located, is a special match even among the many A-class tournaments.
Even his student, who is the top player in this store, had a hard time and ended up in second place.

「….No, to think that you were so thoughtful of me. Despite not knowing anything, I apologize」

A middle-aged man with a crooked mouth hung his head while putting his hands on his knees.

『The store prepared a winner of one of the four grand tournament for my sake』

He could not have asked for more special treatment than this.
Thermano felt deeply content, but at the same time ashamed of his casual offer. He was aware that it was too much to ask.
The concierge, relieved that he had given up, made a proposal.

「However, even though we are the last of the three, we are still one of the three big families. We are confident in the quality and variety of our girls. Would you please let us recommend someone else for you?」

Confirming Thermano’s nod, he continued.

「Then, would you please tell me your favorite way to play?」

For a moment, Thermano had a puzzled expression on his face. But after letting out one deep breath, a word escaped from his crooked mouth.

「I see, it’s impossible to reach the desired target without the right information. That should be obvious, huh?」

As a potion researcher, he must have had some thoughts on the matter. He looked around in the reception room where there were only two of us, then leaned forward and spoke in a whisper.

「…..I see. I understand」

A short while after listening to his explanation.
He likes to be led aggressively by a woman who seems cold. That’s how the concierge understood it.

(Now then, who should I appoint?)

Because he just graduated from his virginity, his combat power is still at the bottom. With this information about Thermano in mind, he flipped through the thick illustrated book in his mind.
On a certain page, his finger stopped.

(How about this girl? She’s not exactly cold, but she’s pretty close to the direction of his preferred play style)

At first glance, she seems scary, but she is aggressive in her play. This should be enough to meet his requirements.
And the best thing about her is that she is very caring. She will be able to guide a middle-aged man who has just peeled off his skin after graduation without hurting him.

(I’m sure he and the headmaster have a lot of things in common)

With absolute confidence, the concierge told him her name.


The time is ten minutes later, and the place moves from the reception room to the playroom on the second floor.
Thermano sits on the sofa in his casual clothes. He looked up at the woman standing in front of him and was more than a little frightened.

(Rather than cold, she’s more like a violent type)

She has a wild short haircut and a boyish vibe. She is wearing a miniskirt that looks like a school uniform, and there is no smile on her face.
Ever since we entered the room together, she has been looking down at him with a glaring gaze. We also didn’t have any particular conversation the entire time.


When she saw me looking down because I can no longer bear it, she sniffed at me like I was an idiot.
When she got down on one knee while fluttering the hem of her miniskirt, she looked up at me menacingly this time.


That’s how I honestly feel.
The eyebrows bent into a letter 八 and the half open mouth. She looked at me from below as if she was trying to pick a fight with me.
Having lived my life shuttling between school and my workshop, I have no tolerance for this kind of thing. My body trembled unconsciously.

「……Well, I guess that’s to be expected with me as your opponent」

Seeing this, the violent woman smiled broadly and said to herself.
Her mouth slackened and the corners of her eyes lowered slightly. It looked as if she was happy or pleased.

「Hey, you. You’re not used to women at all, aren’t you?」

My heart rate jumped as she hit the bullseye. The violent woman smirked and unbuttoned her collar further and opened her one kneeling leg slightly.

「Even though you’re scared, your gaze ‘been going back and forth staring at these places for a while now, ya’ know?」

Her cleavage peeked through the gap in her shirt and the inside of her miniskirt that was slightly exposed. Despite the fear, I couldn’t help but look at them.
It seemed that I had been completely discovered.

「It’s nothing bad. After all, the one in front of you is this me」

The violent woman stood up and turned away after saying “Can’t be helped”. She then drops her ass on my lap.


A sudden weight of a woman was added to my lap. I was surprised, but the violent woman didn’t seem to care.

「It’s best to get used to it first. Rub it in all ya’ want」

She only turned her head to look at me and put her hands on her hips as she stretched her chest.
When I was surprised and unable to do anything, she distorted her face as if threatening me.

「Haa? What, you’re not satisfied with me?」

Having absolutely no such problem, I nervously reached my hands out from under her armpits. I put my palms on the plump twin mounds from the top of her shirt.
I began to rub them as she urged me to with her chin. At first I was hesitant, but gradually I began to massage them, opening and closing my hands as I pleased.


Stifled breath that she occasionally leaked out. As I was excited by this, I kept toying with it.

(Never in my life have I rubbed these things so freely)

There were warnings like, 『You’re putting too much force』 and 『Don’t hold back, it’s okay to put more strength into it』. But they don’t sound too restrictive to constrain my actions.
I obeyed her words and moved my hands without thinking.

「That place is still too early!」

When I reached my right hand up to her thigh, I was slapped and shouted at.
I hurriedly withdrew my hand and returned it to her chest.


I don’t know how much time has passed since then. The violent woman leaned against me and put her weight on me.
Her chin was up, and her head, which had been in front of me, was now beside me. I glanced down at my thighs and saw that her legs, which had been closed earlier, were now slightly open.

(How about now?)

My right hand nervously reaches out to her thigh. There seems to be no sign that she’s angry.
I boldly slid it deeper into her skirt.


With a seductive voice, the violent woman’s back tensed up. What I felt on the belly of my finger that traced over her underwear was definitely a tropical atmosphere.

(A little more…)

Deep in the rainforest. Just as I was about to step my middle finger out to explore it, I was grabbed by my right wrist.

「Ya’ seem to have quite gotten used to it. With this, I guess we can go to the next level now」

Her flushed cheeks and feverish eyes. She is violent, but has the glamour of a female warrior.
The violent woman stood up, staggered, turned to me, crouched down, and pulled down my pants.
She then exposes my wizard’s staff to the air.

「It seems it’s not just your mouth that’s crooked」

The violent woman looks at the staff sullenly. She then begins stroking it with her fingers as she starts questioning me.

「Looking at how it’s bent, you’re right-handed, aren’t you? Moreover, it seems you have been using it by yourself pretty often」

As expected of a professional, the guesses she made based on her observations were accurate. The violent woman called out to me as I looked down with a burning desire.

「Have confidence, this shape is quite a weapon. And the size is pretty good too」

This might be too tough for someone else besides me. The sound of her voice when she said that was gentle and uncharacteristic of the violent woman.
She then climbs onto the bed, lies down on her back with her clothes on, and opens her mouth, inviting me to join her.

「Try doing whatever you want to me from the moment you undress to finish. Just one experience makes all the difference」

Having been told so far, I noticed my misunderstanding.
The violent woman speaks and acts like someone violent, but she does not do whatever she pleases. Knowing that I’m not used to it, she’s taking the lead to let me gain experience.

「I’ll leave it up to ya’ whether you want to take your clothes off or not. What’s important is that ya’ do whatever ya’ want, however ya’ like it」

The tone of her voice was still the same, but the impression I got was different now that my view towards her changed.
Now I felt that she was like a teacher, or even a senior.

(Thank you very much, senior)

I climbed on the bed while thanking her in my heart. Then I reached out for the button on my senior’s shirt with my trembling hands.


An hour later, Senior and I are lying down on the same pillow.

「You passed. It wasn’t bad at all」

Senior says as the tips of our noses touch each other.

「It’s the result of the strict guidance of the scary Senior」

When I replied as such, Senior’s eyes widened a little.

「Scary…huh? Well, it can’t be helped」

I rubbed the base of my nose with my index finger to hide my embarrassed smile. There is no particular reaction to the word 『Senior』.
Probably, it’s something that is already said by people other than me.

「Will it be alright to do it again with you next time?」

The senior nodded while hiding a big smile on her face. It seems she was quite happy to be regarded as someone of higher position.
To me, that was natural though.

「‘Course it is, you’re still a little unreliable. I’ll keep you company until you can make me scream with your curved staff」

In this way, I became a regular customer of Jayanne.



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