Chapter 208 Part 1



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Awoke is a small city located in the southwestern part of the kingdom. It is two days’ ride by regular carriage straight west from the royal capital.
Although it is one of the larger cities in the region, the number of brothels in this city is surprisingly small. The reason for this is probably because the popularity of the city is concentrated in one brothel.

「You’re surprised too aren’t you?」

The name of this store was Elsailles. In the waiting room behind the platform, a woman was talking to her right arm.
Sticking out its tongue was a black snake. It was coiled between her elbow and wrist, leaning its sickle toward her.

「I didn’t know there was a battle between knights in the giant hole in the south」

A woman with the perfected beauty of a mannequin lets out a small breath as she says this.
She is Elder. She is the one who has been reigning at the top of the Elsailles’ platform for many years.
That wasn’t her real name, by the way.
Her real face is hidden under a thick layer of makeup. Reminding him of an Elder Lich, Tauro named her like this in his mind.

「To think that something like that is happening, even I was surprised you know?」

She seemed to be having a conversation with the snake, but the only sound in the room was Elder’s voice.
This black snake, about fifty centimeters long, was her spirit beast. Therefore, the snake was conveying its thoughts in the form of telekinesis.

「A massive golems outbreak caused by a magic eruption. I thought that was all there was to it」

Earlier, Elder had felt an earthquake-like vibration in the direction south of Awoke.
She became suspicious and dispatched her own spirit beast to investigate the situation.

「So you’re sure it was the elven Knights who fought the imperial Knights?」

The crow snake bows its head once and opens its mouth to reveal its fangs.
Getting an answer, the corners of her mouth hang up in laughter.

(The Knights of the elves left their village? And then they show up in front of the humans? That’s really something)

Elder almost breaks her makeup and hurriedly suppresses her expression.
However, she raises her eyebrows at the next piece of information.

「What? The Elven Knight escaped after getting sniped from atop of a rocky mountain?」

When she asks about the details, it says that one or two of the Knights had been killed by attack magic.
It was an unbelievable story for Elder who knew the strength of the elven Knights.

「Is that so? You know nothing anymore than this, huh」

The crow snake shook its head from side to side apologetically. It was hiding in a hole, so he couldn’t see the rocky mountain well.
While imagining the situation, she let her thoughts wander.

(It’s probably another elf. I wonder if there’s been a disagreement between them)

If that’s the case, then it’s even better.
She has survived all this time just by the thought of not wanting to die. But now, a turning point may be coming.

(It sure gets more interesting, isn’t it?)

Her mouth hangs even higher.
This time, as if she couldn’t hold it anymore, a diagonal crack appeared on both sides of her face. The powder from her makeup falls to the floor.
She then shrugs her shoulders and takes out an expensive looking compact from her bag.

「Hm? What’s wrong?」

As she carefully applied the puff, the crow snake poked the back of Elder’s hand. Noticing this, she nodded lightly.

「A guest is coming? Okay, thank you」

The fifty centimeters long black-colored snake, dives under the sofa.
Immediately after, there was a knock on the door of the waiting room.

「You may come in」

This room was for her exclusive use, no other women came here to take a break.
The only people who come here are the store staff or her servants.

「There is something I need to report」

The man who appeared was a man in his prime with an angular chin and slightly downcast eyes wearing plain clothes.
He was the second-in-command of the Awoke Guards, but the light in his eyes indicated that he was under the influence of Elder.

「The guards will be raiding this store in a few days」


“What a nonsense”, the deputy captain of the guard said in disgust while shaking his head from side to side. He doesn’t think he’s brainwashed the least bit.
Looking at him, a thin crack ran vertically between Elder’s eyebrows.

(Just how, did they find out?)

Her brainwashing techniques are strong.
With a combination of magic and skillful techniques, it is at a level that can only be countered by high-level cure abnormality status magic.

(Did someone use a D-ranked magic or potion? Who in the world would use such a valuable item?)

Top of the line product on the market that’s rarely available in Awoke. It shouldn’t be something that someone would use so easily.
For this reason, she avoided brainwashing wealthy and influential people. The class of people to whom brainwashing was applied were those with just enough money to play in a brothel.

(It can’t be helped. I can think of the cause later. I have to leave the city first)

When you sense danger, hesitation and hopeful thinking can be fatal. Knowing this well enough, she made a decision immediately.
However, she did not forget to compliment her servant.

「You’re so reliable, aren’t you?」

She put her arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek as a thank you. Then she strokes his crotch lightly over his clothes.
She pushes the slack-faced servant out of the room with a smile. Then she turns around as her smile disappears and she clicks her tongue sharply.

(Even though it was just starting to get interesting)

She has set her mind on disappearing.
A network of servants she has built up so far. She thought it was regrettable, but she can’t trade it with her own safety.
On the contrary, she decided to think of it as a good opportunity.

(I’ve been in this town for quite a while now. Maybe this was a perfect chance to move out)

She has a long life span. If she lived in the same place for too long, she would arouse the suspicion of the human around her.
She had to move somewhere else eventually.

(I wonder where should I go next?)

The kingdom is out of the option.
In the East, there’s the 『Saintess』 who can be considered her natural enemy.
She is a saint who can freely use a super high level cure status abnormality magic. In the presence of such a being, her brainwashing techniques will be exposed soon.

(The Empire, then?)

She had once been discovered, and had escaped to this place.
But it’s been a long time since then. It must have all cooled down a long time ago.

(If I’m going there anyway, maybe I should live near the spirit forest)

What came to her mind was a small city to the north of the imperial capital. It was close to the spirit forest.
She thought that if there was any movement on the elves side, it would be a good idea to check the situation from nearby.

(Landbarn is not a bad choice, but I feel like it’s too close from here)

The reason why the elves came to the giant hole. She has no clue why they did it, so she wants to find out more.
That’s what she thought, but as expected, this distance is dangerous. The rumors in Awoke will also reach there soon.
By the way, she avoided the imperial capital because the elves have a brothel there. They definitely exist in the capitals of major countries.


She stood from her seat and returned to pick up a basket in the back.
The crow snake crawled out from under the couch, expecting a reward.

「You must be hungry, right? Let me grab you something to eat」

She took out a snake and dropped it on the floor. It was about twenty centimeters long.
Seeing the black snake, it started to move to escape. But the crow snake leaps sharply and instantly bites it in the neck.
The snake stopped breathing and the crow snake began to slowly swallow it, head first.

「It must be delicious huh」

Elder narrows her eyes and stares at it with a smile. Her spirit beast is a snake eater.
After that, she left early and went back to her luxury home and started preparing to move-out.



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