Chapter 216 Part 1



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

A city that exists between the kingdom and the empire. It is a city-state where many temples have been built, hence the name 『Holy City』.
It is always crowded with worshippers throughout the year, but it is even more crowded this time of year. This was because a certain event was being held at the temple of the god of business.

『Compete against each other with your trained body, polished skills, and courage in your chest』

A match between a man and a woman dedicated to God, it was no wonder that people were attracted to it.
It was now considered to be the top of the Grand Slam tournament and the most popular festival in the Holy City.

「It’s about time, huh」

「Even I who just watching is getting nervous」

The circular hall in the center of the temple. Six stages which were also circular were set up there.
Around one of the stages, the spectators were exchanging words, expressing their excitement. The reason was the players for the next game.

『The Queen who condemns sin and brings punishment』

She is the most popular girl in the tournament, despite the controversy that surrounds her play.
The second round of the tournament was just finished. Again, she won overwhelmingly, as she did in the first round.
Her opponent is a regular who has no one doubting his ability.

『The farmer of Gods who wields the Scythe of Death and reaps life.』

It was the Grim Reaper. He, too, instantly defeated his opponent in the second round.
The female player lost consciousness as she was being lifted into the air by his Death Scythe. The sight gave a shiver to those who saw it.

『We will now begin the third round. Kingdom Lady B!』

The priest who was present made an announcement with a microphone. Hearing this, a loud cheer erupted from the people in the surrounding area.

「Here she comes!」

A young woman with a slender body appeared from the side of the stage.
She was clad only in black leather over-the-knee boots and a crimson butterfly mask. You could say she was almost completely naked.

「It’s the Queen!」

In her right hand is a black leather bullwhip, bound in a loop.
Wrapped around her left thigh was a black leather holder. Inserted into the holder are two red and black candles.


A leather-braided bullwhip is swung in the air to intimidate the audience. The tip of the whip goes beyond the speed of sound and makes a sharp cracking sound.


This was accompanied by a joyful squeal from the audience. Clapping with the whip was already a part of her entrance.


The audience was once again in a state of high excitement.
The Plain Queen pulled the candle out of the holder on her thigh with her left hand. She spun it around and put it back in the holder.
There was no particular meaning to this. It was just a simple performance.

『Empire Man A!』

The next person to appear from the opposite side was a tall, hunchbacked man.
He was thin, but well-built, and his hunched back reminded someone who saw him of a cat.
His hollow cheeks, dark circles under his eyes, and dark eyes made him look sinister.

「As I thought, it’s amazing isn’t it, the Death Scythe」

A gentleman frowned and put his hand to his chin while letting out a groan.

「So that’s the Death Scythe, huh? That would be impossible for me」

The lady next to him held her mouth with her hands and glued her eyes to the ground.
As if trying to compete with the almost naked Plain Queen? The Grim Reaper also made his appearance without a bathrobe.
And he was fully prepared for battle. The tip of his scythe was pointing upward so high that it was piercing his midriff.

「The Grim Reaper is serious this time」

「A skinny girl like her… he’s going to destroy her」

She surely must’ve heard her, but the air of composure doesn’t disappear from the Plain Queen.
As long as she has her crimson butterfly mask on, she is not the usual Plain-chan, but a Plain Queen.


The priest declared and the match finally began.
First, the Plain Queen flashes her whip in the air, sending a shockwave through the air. She looks at the Grim Reaper, but he doesn’t seem to be afraid of her.
He is standing with his arms crossed with a relaxed expression on his face. He looks at her as if saying, “Come and get me”.

「Acting strong now, huh? Just you wait, I’ll make you cry!」

The Plain Queen swings her arms wide in a side swing.
The tip of the whip, which strikes alternately from both sides, hits his shoulder, side, and thighs fiercely. However, Grim Reaper’s expression doesn’t change one bit.
Seeing this, the Queen in the butterfly mask licks her lips.

「Excellent… If you don’t have at least that much spirit, I won’t be able to enjoy this myself」

As soon as she finished speaking, the Plain Queen drew a number eight horizontally in front of her.
The tip of the whip from the beautiful form goes around the front, side, and back of the Grim Reaper like a living creature.
Even so, the Grim Reaper still keeps his arms crossed. He just lets a thin smile appear on his face.

「Don’t underestimate me! You sleep-deprived, hunchbacked bastard!」

It must have hit a nerve with her. The storm of pain hit him even faster and harder.
Seeing this sight in front of their eyes, a cry of admiration leaked out from the spectators.

「As expected of the Grim Reaper… It’s not working at all」

At the young man’s muttering, the old man next to him nodded with an expression as if he already predicted this.

「Just as I thought. A toy whip like that wouldn’t do」

The Plain Queen tightened her arms and continued to swing compactly. Cold sweat was beginning to spill out from behind her butterfly mask.

(It’s a lie, right? How can he still endure this!?)

Fear welled up in her as she felt as if she were dealing with a statue made of bronze.

(But, this is all I have)

Compared to the other contestants, her defense was significantly lower. If she get caught, it will be the end for her.
That’s why she had to avoid close combat and keep attacking from afar.

「What an eyesore, that Death Scythe!」

A vicious blade, capable of cutting off one’s consciousness with a single swing. The Plain Queen sends her whip towards it.

「The Queen took a step forward!」

A voice rises from the audience.
The Plain Queen, who had never taken a single step until now. She finally took a big step forward.
The whip extended from her outstretched right hand.
The body of the whip swung down from above, hitting the base of the Death Scythe. The body of the whip struck the base of the scythe, and the blade rolled up and around it.

(This is!?)

At this point, even the Grim Reaper’s expression changed.
Even though the tightness of a single wrap was weak, the force accumulated as the number of wraps increased. By the time the wrapping had reached the bottom of the loop, the pressure was too much for the human body to handle.


And finally, a voice leaked out of him.
The tip of the whip, coiled up to the end, struck the tip of the Death Scythe.

(What an accurate control!)

The whip is uncoiled and pulled back to his opponent’s hand. He just watched in amazement.
A technique that requires high precision. She had unhesitatingly unleashed it in a match, and had succeeded.

(Is it her competitive spirit? No, not just that. This is something she honed in real combat)

Mere repetition will not be enough to master it.
Because she would receive a fatal counterattack if she missed. She must have built up her experience under such circumstances that do not allow for leniency.

(How many defeats have she suffered to reach this point?)

The image where the Plain Queen is pushed down by a man who jumps into her bosom is vivid. The man takes up the whip and begins to wield it violently.

(There will be no mercy in that)

The pain from the whip must have made him extremely aggressive. Even if she ask for forgiveness during the process, he will never stop.
And an amateur whip is no different from violence. The pain without a trace of gentleness must have been extraordinary.

(But she didn’t give up, and continued to stand up as Queen)

The result of that is where they are right now. He even thinks that her indomitable spirit is admirable.

(Now then, what should I do about this?)

You can’t hold back a reaper with a whip wielded by a mere mortal. With a single step, he could easily bring her into melee range.
If he did, she would not be able to use the whip, and his Death Scythe would cut off her consciousness.

(…But that would be a shame)

A certain victory. Although it was there within his grasp, he didn’t want to get it.

『I want to enjoy this moment, even if that meant I have to lose』

Such a feeling was growing in his heart.

(…It seems I’ve changed, huh)

He sighs heavily, disgusted with himself in his mind.
He has lived his entire life hoping only to defeat his opponent. Just a few months ago, this kind of feeling would have never occurred to him.
But it is different now. He has found something in his life that is more valuable than victory.

(Did I grow weak? …Maybe I am)

With a self-mocking smile, he looked at his opponent in front of him.





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