Chapter 222 Part 2



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

A single, thick oak door. The familiar hustle bustle of men and women shakes the air in the corridor even before we open it.
There seemed to be a lot of people and a lot of intense activity going on inside.

「Well then, I’m opening the door」

Stepping in front of my superior, I grab the knob. I push it open slowly, and the sound gets louder all at once.
It’s as loud as an after-school sports club.

「Come on, what’s wrong! Is that all you got!」

A voice that seems to be the old woman roars followed by the moan of men that sounds frustrated.
I looked over to see a muscular, naked old woman standing in the middle of the room. A group of men clung onto her from the front and back
Incidentally, all the men were wearing only black ski masks, just like us.

「Long Tongue! Don’t get worn out with just this much! The night has only just begun」

I looked in the direction where the old woman had shouted at, and there was a young woman surrounded by about five men.
She looked familiar and let out a cry of surprise in her heart.

(My opponent in last year’s tournament)

That’s definitely the nun with an abnormally long tongue, known as 『Shitanaga』. I was defeated by her tongue technique, which made me dream sweet dreams.

(Ohh she’s working hard)

She is straddling the man lying below her while being penetrated from behind. She is struggling against the five men, using her hands as well as his mouth.
There are several men standing in a line right next to her. They were probably waiting for their turn.

「Tauro-kun, dodge!」

I jumped back at Goblin Jii-chan’s warning. An old man with no clothes on and a mask was blown to the carpet in front of me.

「You came here tonight crawling with such level of skill? I’ll be your opponent for as long as you want, so you’d better work harder」

When I turned my gaze a bit reluctantly towards the voice, what I saw there was a battlefield.
A Female Titan is grabbing the men, pushing them down, and straddling them. Then she squeezes them with a powerful clamping technique and throws them away like now.
When I look around, I can see the wreckage of men lying everywhere. It can also be said they were trampled.

「…Hey there, Tall girlie! I see you’ve gotten more skilled」

Goblin Jii-chan stares at the Female Titan with a sharp gaze. The goofy atmosphere from him earlier has disappeared, leaving only the figure of an old warrior who has been trained in actual combat.

「Hah! It’s been a while isn’t it, Goblin gramps」

The Female Titan noticed us and smiled fiercely.
An instinctive fear runs down my spine. But the guild master doesn’t seem to flinch.

「Well, you said I should pay you a visit, after all. How can I say no to that」

The Female Titan opened her mouth wide and turned her face to the ceiling while smiling broadly.
Then, as if she finally noticed, suddenly she dropped her gaze to me.

「You’re the same as always aren’t you? By the way, that guy next to you, is he your grandson or something?」

She’s scary as heck, and if possible, I’d rather you didn’t take an interest in me. Then the guild master replied quietly in a calm voice.

「No, sorry to pop your bubble, but he’s not my grandson. He’s more like a disciple of mine」

Hearing those words, the very mature Titan squints her eyes like a cat.

「Gramps’ apprentice, huh? Now that’s something to look forward to」

She stares at me while licking her lips. In the meantime, the man takes hold of her ass and begins to move his body violently.
But the very mature woman doesn’t even bat an eye at him.

「Well then, let’s have a taste right away, shall we!」

With the man still clinging to her back, she leaped toward me just like that. But before she could reach me, Goblin Jii-chan stood in front of me.

「Put him for later now, would you? My real son here is a little upset with me for not letting him talk to you, you see」

He holds his sword which he was born with, upright in his eyes and lightly waves it menacingly. Looking at that figure, the very mature woman distorts the edges of her mouth into a smile

「Alright, I’ll show it to you that I’m not the same person I used to be!」

Like an eagle aiming for its prey, the Female Titan thrust out her hand with her fingers raised. Goblin Jii-chan managed to dodge it by a hair’s breadth, but not without danger, and he dove into the cave with low posture.

「Leave this place to me! You deal with the other girl」

I straightened my back and replied to the back of the old brave warrior in front of me.

「Roger that!」

A neat looking woman around her twenties with men forming a line beside her. I headed for the Shitanaga.


At about the same time, in the audience hall of the state guest house.

「Saintess-sama, if you please」

Following the instructions of a royal nobleman, the high school girl Saintess pulls up the skirt of her long nun’s uniform.
Right after that, she spurts out holy water to purify the man kneeling below her.

「….Thank you very much」

The brainwashing must have worn off. The man who regained his sanity in his eyes uttered his gratitude.
The high school girl Saintess continued to pour the rest of it on him as she couldn’t stop it midway. Probably moved by the warmth, the man clasped his hands together in front of his chest and opened his mouth as he received it on his face.

(I wonder if the Director and Shitanaga are in the middle of 『Mureiko』 right now)

The high school girl Saintess, even while watching the scene, her mind was on something else.


The stage returns, in the same building, but in a different room.

(To be honest it was a relief)

A petite old man flies around the Female Titan. As I watch that figure. I let out a breath of relief.
Goblin Jii-chan was looking upward at the very mature woman, but I couldn’t overcome the force coming out of her.
But if it was against Shitanaga, I’m all up for it.

(Even so, I still have to wait for my turn, huh)

Five people at a time is the limit. The number of people surrounding her was not decreasing, although she was dealing with them at a steady pace.
I lined up at the end of the not-so-long line.

(Last time I lost just from her tongue, so today I hope I get to do her frontside or back)

Since there is only one row, it will depend on my luck whether I end up with her mouth, hand, or something else.
There is nothing I can do about it.

(Oh? it seems I’ll end up in the back)

The masked gentleman with a slightly protruding belly makes a muffled sound as he digs the fingers of both of his hands into her well-shaped white butt.
Probably something that was originally in the room, he wiped it off with a towel after he finished. As expected of a gentleman.

(Alright, let’s start with magic eyes)

After giving a light bow and switch places, I put my hands on her slender but ample buttocks and searched for Shitanaga’s weak point.

(Somewhere around here huh)

In line with the point of light, I pressed my finger slightly above her buttocks. That alone elicited a slight response.
I nodded to myself and increased the pressure.
(Then, next up, preparing Astral Sword)

Length and angle, all good. I took a deep breath, and then thrust my hips out at once.

「Excuse me, pardon my intrusion!」

While greeting her cheerfully, I crushed her weak point with my first blow. Shitanaga, who had been calmly working until now, moaned as the muscles in her body tensed.
She must have been startled by the sudden tightening. From inside her butt, I could feel the gentleman directly below me squirm.
After all, he was my neighbor, and the walls were thin.

「I’m sorry, but please be quiet」

The neighbor who writhes sweetly in a thick voice. As if giving him a warning, I thrust my hip to knock on the wall.
The impact caused Shitanaga’s wall to contract again and the neighbor couldn’t stand it any longer and he shuddered while raising his voice.

「Oi, don’t rest now」

That now was the voice of the inhabitant of the mouth floor. Her breathing became ragged in the aftermath of my wall slamming and Shitanaga let him slip from her mouth.
The man grabbed the landlord’s head and forcefully pushed it deep into her throat.

「Ah, a newcomer. Pleased to meet you」

On the floor below. The person who moved in after the previous owner moved out because of my wall slamming.
I called out to him.


I tried being nice to him, but this time he threw a wall slam at me. So I did the same in return.

「I’m not gonna lose」

We were slamming on each other for a while. Shitanaga suddenly let out a bizarre scream and passed out with her eyes turned white.
The five of us who were surrounding her looked at each other and let out a sigh of disappointment.

「I guess this is it then」

「Let’s wait until she regains her consciousness」

As I said this, I reached for the drinks and snacks on the table.
It seemed that the women had prepared for the 『Mureiko』 to last until morning.

「Oh? Isn’t it Doctor Slime. What a coincidence meeting you here. As expected you have quick ears」

The man who approached me was a middle-aged gentleman with thick chest hair. He was my neighbor, who I had just wall slamming with.
We were on good terms at the brothel. According to the women at the brothel, he is a very good fighter.

「I’m surprised you can tell even though I’m wearing this mask」

The middle-aged gentleman smiled and nodded at my words. There were several others I knew, and the gentlemen began their social gathering above the convulsing Shitanaga.

「Those words… 『Let me do the old lady』was it? That line really touched my heart, so I came」

The middle-aged gentleman with the chest hair said, and the gentleman with the beastly belly hair nodded his head.

「Right after I read the article, I heard that they were declaring a 『Mureiko』, so I canceled all my plans and rushed over」

The same as me then, someone said, and we chatted while laughing as we watched the Legend of the Eastern country. Over there, the fierce battle with Goblin Jii-chan was still going on.

「That’s the guild master of the merchant guild, right?」

The gentlemen looked at the sight with admiration.

「He’s just as amazing as always. I wish I could be like that when I get older」

The chest-haired middle-aged man nodded, but his expression became grim and he opened his mouth.

「But, it seems he’s getting pushed around a bit」

Actually, I was curious about it too. Goblin Jii-chan who used his agility to fight against the huge old woman.
He dodged her arms and legs and stabbed her like a bee while repeatedly pulling away. However, it doesn’t seem to be working that well.

「You can’t even scratch me with that kind of attack!」

As if to confirm my suspicions, the Female Titan shouts with laughter.
Goblin Jii-chan’s face was twisted in agony. This was something that we could see even from a distance.




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