Chapter 229 Part 2



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

『Whether to dispatch the Knights immediately to repel the demon beast, or to rush to them after the demon beasts rampaged to certain extent, or to abandon them all together with only a vague reply』

It is the high ranking nobles who make the decisions. Seeking a guarantee in case of emergency, the small and mid-rank nobles all joined the faction of the high-rank nobles and began to obey their orders as their leader.
As a result, the power of the high-ranking nobles increased even more.

「There is also the example of the eastern Count. To prevent civil war, I will not allow the nobles to possess new Knights」

The Prime Minister declares in a strong tone.
The second prince who attempted a coup. The eastern Count who was suspected to belong to that faction refused to answer the summon.
On the contrary, he welcomed a sorcerer who called himself a sage and planned to become independent.

(I will never let something like that happen again)

Fortunately, he was quickly subdued by the knight order. However, if it had been prolonged, it would have shown the Empire an opening to invade.
For that reason, he wanted to take advantage of this time of emergency to concentrate the armed forces under the king.

「….Better yet, we could just sell it off . We could sell it to the eastern country for example」

The adventurer guild aside, the merchant guild must have a lot of money. The blacksmith guild, which has been building knights, is probably quite well funded too.
For the eastern country, they were also a victim of that man who called himself a sage. As a token of gratitude for the dispatch of the Saintess, they can sell it to them at a discount.

「It will be a good addition to the treasury, that’s not a bad idea」

The Prime Minister praised himself for his idea. But the knight commander had a pensive look on his face.

『Selling the Knights he had taken by force』

He was worried about the reaction of the high ranking nobles to this idea.

「I have the power now to suppress someone at their level. Once they give up their Knights, there’s nothing they can do about it」

The Prime Minister said confidently with a wicked smile on his face. Now that they have given up their Knights, even the high-ranking nobles have to rely on the knight order to exterminate demon beasts.
And there’s also the existence of the king. The king’s trust in the Prime Minister is extremely high, as he continues to produce results in times of national crisis.

『Returning them to the high-ranking nobles would only make it a dangerous toy. Then it would be better for the country to have them work in the private sector or use them as diplomatic candy』

If I explain it in this way, His Majesty will surely understand. The Prime Minister concludes.

「I will speak to the leaders of the various guilds and to the people from the eastern country. Knight commanders, I would like you to try to secure a pilot for the Knights」

「Understood. I will do my best to secure as many pilots as I could」

The giant man with a kaiser beard nodded and left the room with a brilliant turn.


It was late afternoon that day. In the corner of the indoor training area of the knight order headquarters, there is a group of pilots working hard at their training.
It was Lightning and a pair of old men who were former adventurers.

「Seii, Seiyaa!!」

「Seii, Seiyaa!!」

All three of them were naked on the bottom half of their bodies. They tied American crackers to the base of their swords and moved their hips back and forth with a shout.
Unlike when they first started, they were now completely in tune.

「Good! Keep it up」

Lightning squints his eyes at the growth of these old men. Every time they moved his hips back and forth, the American cracker would be struck and make a sound.
The intervals were so precise that they sounded like the ticking of a pillar clock.

「Alright, let’s call it a day」

At Lightning’s words, the old men stopped their movements carefully.
The last part was unexpectedly difficult. If they’re not careful, they can get sandwiched between the American crackers.

「I’m sweating a lot even though it’s winter」

「It might be a good idea to take off our shirt too when it gets a little warmer」

The men begin to wipe the base of their swords with thick towels while saying such things. Then a girl with a ponytail approaches with a mysterious look on her face.
Busty-chan was not with her. She had been attending a briefing in the hangar, after being promoted from a C-class Knight pilot to a B-class Knight pilot.

「Lightning-san, there is something that I would like to consult with you」

The young man had finished wiping the sweat from his crotch and was letting the towel absorb the sweat from his face and forehead when he was called out and turned around to face Ponytail.

「Can you please teach me too?」

The gaze that was directed at him was serious. Lightning retracted the gentle smile that had been on his face and hung the towel around his neck.

「I have an opponent I want to win against. And in order to do that, I need to get stronger」

She bows her head deeply, swaying the strands of hair at the back of her head. Lightning looks at her dazzlingly.
She had a target, and she wants to improve herself to achieve that target. He was moved by her radiance.
Immediately after, however, he replied with an apologetic expression.

「I would really like to help you. But unfortunately, my school is for men, and I don’t have any know-how to teach women」

She must have made her resolve and called out to him. The ponytail’s face twisted greatly, although not quite to the point of despair.
Heartbroken, Lightning thought for a moment and opened his mouth.

「Actually, near my hometown, there is a dojo for women. My wife went there for a period of time, so I’ll try asking her about it tonight」

Ponytail’s expression changed drastically, as if she had been rescued.

「Thank you very much!」

She bowed her head again and her ponytail swayed energetically. Lightning’s eyes narrowed his eyes upon seeing it.


The next day. Lightning and the others gather in a corner of the indoor training area.
There are five of them. Today, there’s also a girl with a braided pigtail and super big tits, Busty-chan.

「I’ll show you how to use this now」

Lightning, still with his clothes on, is holding a circle about a meter in diameter. It seemed to be made of wisteria or grape ivy.
He puts himself into the circle and then releases his hand with a burst of energy. He then rotated the wheel with only the movement of his hips.
If Tauro had seen it, he would have thought it was a hula hoop.

「It seems to be the basic training for all schools. If you continue to do this, your strength will definitely increase」

He tells them with a calm face, but the wheels are already quite fast. What is noteworthy is how stable it is.
Even though he was moving his hips, the wheel remained level. They realize how strong Lightning really is from seeing it.


Ponytail stares intently at him with her mouth half open. At her side, the married man with his arms crossed is nodding in agreement.

「Now that I think about it, my daughter used to do it all the time too. So that was part of her training, huh」

His daughter is a sideline who works as a magical girl in Cione, one of the three families in the royal capital. It seems that she was not only talented, but also worked hard from an early age.

「Well then, please go ahead」

Ponytail took the wheel from Lightning, who had stopped it, and started to spin it.
Ponytail looked relieved that she was able to spin the wheel properly from the start.

「When you get used to it, you can make the wheels heavier and larger in diameter, or turn more than one wheel at a time」

Ponytail receives an explanation and replies with just her eyes. She continues to spin the wheel with a serious expression.
The two old men, on the other hand, were smiling and laughing as they watched her.

「Spinning that wheel in a tight skirt huh. It’s quite nice」

「The way she moves her hips, it’s honestly quite something」

The men looked at each other in disappointment as Ponytail ignored their remarks. Then, they shifted their target to Busty-chan who was standing next to them.

「You’re not gonna do it?」

Busty-chan just shrugged her shoulders. She didn’t seem too keen on the idea.

「Too bad, I thought I could see those tits swaying up and down」

The unmarried man brought his hands in front of him and said with a shaking gesture. The married man nodded his head in agreement.

「Damn right. That one over there may have good legs, but it’s not as great as the tits over here」

A wheel made of ivy fell to the floor with a clang.

「Oh shut up! If you have time to talk, why don’t you use it to practice instead huh!」

The ponytail glared at them, but the old men were unperturbed.

「I mean, weren’t you also came to watch us train and blabbered on about how bad we are?」

「A man’s heart is a very delicate thing, you know?」

Ponytail frowned deeply as the married and unmarried old man kept refuting her.
She then scoffs and starts spinning the wheel again.
While Lightning was watching the scene with a wry smile on his face.




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