Chapter 230 Part 2



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(Well, they do have other works aside from their work in the brothel after all)

The reason they work here is to supplement their allowance and living expenses.
In fact, Ponytail’s sole reason for working here was to pay off her debts, while Busty-chan was because she wanted to buy high class items.
Their employment period is short because they quit once they achieved their goals.
“But!”, I think.

(It is their amateur part that makes them good! Just think about it, under that uniform is who they really are in real life)

If it was me, I would have given it the highest rating, but I guess this is just another difference in culture.
The owner of the store and the women who work there themselves seem to have the same view as what’s written in the magazine. And they seem to think that the low price range is unavoidable.

(But then again…)

It still bothers me because it seems like my values are being denied.
That’s why I tip more. Tipping is about feeling, it is up-to-you.
If you are happy with the service, you can tip at the upper limit of the market price.

(Oh? It seems they’re open now)

The concierge grandpa came out and put up a 『Open for Business』 sign on the street.
So I greeted him and went inside.

「We’ve been expecting you, instructor-dono!」

At the reception desk inside, a female student from the pilot school saluted me. She has a make-up free face, a pigtailed haircut, small breasts, and wearing a tight skirt and black tights.

「Yeah, I’ll make sure to give you plenty of rubbing today」

When I wriggled both of my arms in front of her, the girl swallowed her saliva and bowed her head deeply.

「Please be gentle with me!」

She is the good ‘ol athletic type junior. I immediately hugged her from behind and began to vigorously rub her breasts.
I made her walk up the stairs in this state, which was the usual warm-up.
Then, we started off with a light one-hour session. After we finished with that, the black tights-chan asked me for advice.

「…..I see, you weren’t accepted into the knight order huh」

Thanks to my training, Black Tights-chan won the regular practical test. With her thin breasts puffed out in anticipation, she apparently participated in the knight order’s training.
However, it seems that she was rejected there.

「They told me that I did not meet the criteria to enter the knight order」

Black Tights-chan looked down dejectedly.

(Hmm, certainly, she wouldn’t be able to match Ponytail. Not even Busty-chan can)

Despite her victory, it seems the level of this year’s regular practical exam was not very high.

(Was it because the remarkable students have all graduated on the special practical exam?)

Ponytail and Busty-chan, both of them joined knight order after passing the special exam.
This might sound rude, but there might be no excellent student left to be considered human resources.

(I guess there’s no other way but to improve her skills. Let’s start by eliminating her weaknesses)

I nodded and took out a few long, thin strips of cloth from my bag. I had originally planned to use these to train her anyway.

「What is that, instructor-dono?」

Black Tights-chan in her disheveled school uniform, with her underwear dangling from one leg. Although she’s staggering in the aftermath, she managed to sit up.
Then I told her with a dignified tone.

「I will fix your weakness with this」

I approach Black Tights-chan with a serious expression, and push her upright body back down on the bed. Then I tied her wrists loosely with the cloth string and fixed them to the headboard.


She’s confused, but does not resist. I guess that shows how much she trusts me.
Then I blindfolded her and began to tell her about her weaknesses.

「You are extremely vulnerable to night crawling. When you’re attacked by an unknown opponent in the dark, you always quick to finish」

I discovered it as a result of our situation play, but this tendency of hers is quite strong.
She was probably also aware of this as she nodded while blindfolded.

「….Here I go」

After saying that, I approached the door to the hallway with loud footsteps. I then unlocked the door and opened it.
I don’t actually go out into the hallway, I just made it sound like I did.


Unable to tell what is happening, Black Tights-chan let out a confused voice.
Then I approached her without saying anything and spread out her legs more violently than I ever did before.


After activating the Astral Sword, I wrapped my astral body around my alter ego and slightly changed its shape.
Then, without saying a word, I dived straight into her.


Her voice trembled with anxiety. I guess she wasn’t sure if it was me or another guy.
Without answering, I clamped down on both her shoulders and moved vigorously. With eight slow strokes, Black Tights-chan sprang up like a shrimp.

(That’s just too fast no matter how you look at it)

I pulled out once in exasperation. This is because if I continue as is, she will not be able to move.
Then I approached the door and opened it again. Hearing the sound, Black Tights-chan’s body shudders.

「Instructor-dono! Instructor-dono!」

Of course, there was no reply. I walked up to her and used my astral sword to transform the shape a bit.
I will once again visit Black Tights-chan’s house.


This time, she made it to the finish line in only four round trips.
Rather than getting her weaknesses fixed, she seemed to be getting weaker and weaker.
I pulled out and went inside again. It seems Black Tights’-chan became unable to speak as her mouth began to close and open repeatedly like a goldfish.

(With only this much, she’s done for if she ever receive wickedness to the defeated)

It reminds me of the Viscountess in the Black Locust country
She was sandwiched between two old men who were well-trained in farming and kept on rocking her until she passed out.

(It seems I’ve reached my limit too. I guess I’ll just have to go to the next store to get satisfied)

Seeing this is a good time to leave, I ended the play here. I was proud of myself for being able to control myself.
When I took off her blindfold, I saw that she was out of focus.

(Thank god I decided to end it here)

I thought with a sigh of relief as I saw her completely unfocused state.

(The mature woman with a husky voice, I wonder where she is now?)

I remembered the mature viscountess and got a little excited. Let’s play with someone that looks like her.
I thought as I untied Black Tights-chan.
On my way out, I was stopped by the concierge grandpa in the lobby.

「A good information?」

I sat down on a cheap sofa in the lobby, wondering what this was about. The concierge, sitting in front of me, leans forward and starts talking in whispers.
It’s not that he’s about to tell me a secret or something. It’s just that this concierge has a low voice.

「Really!? Yes, please, by all means!」

I stood up reflexively and shouted without thinking. The people in the surrounding that stare at me made me embarrassed.
While blushing, I sit back down.

(But it can’t be helped that I reacted like that. Who would’ve thought that Ponytail will work part time again)

It’s impossible for me not to get excited to such good news.
But the question is, why did she start to work here again? She should’ve already paid off her debts, and even though it’s a brothel, it’s a low-class one, the pay is nothing compared to a knight’s salary.

(Well, whatever. If I really want to know, I can just ask her later anyway)

Her upper mouth may be tight, but if I gurgle her inner parts, she will tell me eventually. Just as usual.
When I asked him when she will work, he said that she will be available via reservation only. He had once tried putting her on the platform as 『A member of the knight order』, but she had no customers at all.

「When I put them in the store, I need to pay them a fixed salary after all」

His long, white eyebrows drooped wide in ハ shape.
A play with someone wearing 『active knight order’s member』 uniform should be extremely valuable, so I wondered why she hadn’t been popular and asked him.

「About that, it seems it was because she gave off an even more aggressive atmosphere than before」

The old concierge looked troubled. What this grandpa meant by 『aggressive atmosphere』 was probably the usual 『I’m going to beat the shit out of you』 air she gave off.

(Oi oi, isn’t she just making herself tastier?)

I wonder how many times spicier she is, if I were to compare her with the spiciness of curry. In my previous world, I once saw people eating incredibly spicy food and thought they had lost their taste buds.
But let me correct myself and apologize. Because when it comes to Ponytail, the spicier she is the better.

(One more thing to look forward to in life!)

The shift list was shown to me by the old concierge. He said that if I specified a date and time when Ponytail was ‘available’, he would call me.

(The reason it’s limited to only two sessions a night must be because she’s working at the knight order until then)

That’s perfectly fine. I’ve got an appointment with explosive onee-san as well as a hundred day pilgrimage to light cruiser-sensei after all.

(And there’s the training of Black Tights-chan too)

It seems it’s going to get busier from now on. But at the same time, every day has been very fulfilling.
I immediately booked the last two sessions and left the store in high spirits.



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