Chapter 234 Part 2



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「I’ll pay the customer who made the reservation double the price of the play as a nuisance fee. Would it be possible to get him to give it away to me under such terms?」

The old concierge was surprised at the amount of money that was offered.
It’s called 『double return』 in real estate transactions, but the customer who made the reservation hasn’t paid any deposit. It shouldn’t be that bad of a deal unless he’s obsessed with Black Tights-chan.

「…..I understand. I will try to negotiate with him」

The time of the reservation was the same as mine, so the customer showed up right away. The old concierge quickly walked up and talked to the man who looked like a college student.

(I wonder how it’ll go)

Watching from a little distance, I could see a smile on the college student’s face. It should be alright if he looks like that.
The old concierge turned to look at me, and the college student seemed to realize that I was the client. He held up his thumb and closed one eye.

「He accepted your proposal」

The old concierge came back with a relieved look on his face and said, 『I’m sorry you had to spend so much money』, but there was no need to worry about it.
I had to pay for Ponytail and Black Tights-chan, and double the price. Since I had asked for two sessions, the total fee would be for six people.
But to be honest, it neither hurts nor itchy.
I’m the pilot of the merchant guild Knight and the potion maker who delivers potions once a week. If I don’t make the effort to spend them, the balance will only increase.

「Then, I’ll be going now」

I waved to the old concierge and headed for the stairs by myself. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the swaying buttocks of a voluptuous woman in an office worker-like business suit.
The college student from earlier immediately picks her up and hugs her on the shoulder as they walk up the stairs.

(Now then, I wonder what awaits me)

It is fun to surprise people with various ideas. But to be surprised by them too is just as fun.

『Doctor Slime competes with the Revolutioner of the industry』

There are people in the world who say such things. But it’s not true.
Because I also like the store run by the Revolutioner of the industry.

(His ideas are truly original)

I go to the store every now and then and enjoy the fresh surprises.
In my case, I have the knowledge from my previous life, but I’m sure he doesn’t. I think you could call him a genius.

(Although for me, there are more misses than the one I actually like)

But still, it is a great pleasure to be entertained by others.
I waited at the door, which seemed to be locked, for the drinks I had ordered to arrive. Because I knew I wouldn’t be able to order it once I entered the room.

「Thank you」

Three sweaty glasses of iced tea. I picked up the tray and paid the apprentice girl with a tip.
After that, I knocked with one hand and called out to her.

「I’ve come, it’s Tauro」

The door opened from inside with a click, and Ponytail with her powerful eyes peeked at me through the crack. She confirmed that I was the only one there and let me in.

「U-Umm, instructor-dono, I um, I have to go now」

The first one to speak up was Black Tights-chan. Her expression was grim and impatient, probably because she knew she had a reservation after this.
Ponytail didn’t say a word, even though she was the one who got her involved. She just folded her arms and glared at me.

(….What’s with her?)

I just stared at her as it was the usual thing, and that’s when I noticed something propped up on the wall behind her.
It was a circle about a meter in diameter, made of ivy or something woven together. It looked like a hula hoop.
But first, I had to calm Black Tights-chan down.

「Don’t worry, your reservation has been given to me」

Hearing my words, Black Tights-chan exhales from the depths of her lungs.
She puts her hands on her small chest and closes her eyes. I guess she was worried about a lot of things, I’m sorry for her.

(Now then)

Next, I turn my gaze to the source of all this commotion.

(So you finally noticed, huh)

Ponytail seemed to understand now that she had been causing trouble for her junior. She stopped glaring at me and showed a sour look on her face.
She seems to feel even more bitter as I was the one who followed up on her.

(She’s still so blind to her surroundings as always, this girl)

I was happy to see that she hadn’t changed.
“Well, whatever” Ponytail shook her head, muttering a very irresponsible word.

「I heard that you’re taking advantage of the fact that she was blindfolded to do whatever you want to this girl, aren’t you?」

A pony-tailed girl in a knight’s pilot’s uniform opens her mouth, glaring sharply at me.
An olive drab tanker, almost identical to the one at school. And, of course, a tight skirt that goes somewhat above the knee.
The only difference is the shining pilot badge on her chest.

「Senpai, instructor-dono was just trying to train――」

Black Tights-chan says to Ponytail with a flustered look. Seeing that, I roughly understood.
I guessed that she knew that Black Tights-chan had played with me before, so she asked her about the details. And that was enough to make Ponytail angry.

(It was certainly true that I forced her into various play situations because she was an athletic type junior)

I was toying the naive, innocent junior. Perhaps that’s what it looked like to Ponytail.
She may be trying to protect Black Tights-chan in her own way.

「It’s okay, just leave this to me」

Ponytail stopped Black Tights-chan with one hand who tried to argue with her.
But I’m sure I’m not a bad customer to Black Tights-chan.

『My ranking in the pilot school is rising. Even I can feel myself getting stronger』

This is a statement from the person herself.
Although she was not recruited by the knight order, she did win the regular practical exam.

(Not only that, I also gave her a lot of tip)

Almost the upper limit of the market price. That’s not an amount you’d expect to get in a low-class brothel.
But Ponytail doesn’t even consider such things.

『I’ll make him apologize for deceiving his own junior』

This is her only reason. As usual, it was pleasantly obvious.
She then continues while emitting a fierce animal-like atmosphere.

「What do you mean wickedness to the defeated? You never even experience it yourself」

As I thought, it seems it was wickedness to defeated play I did to her that angered Ponytail.
Wickedness to defeated, the right that the winner can exercise against the loser.
Indiscriminate abuse caused by war. Apparently, they implemented it in order to erase this.

『Only pilots and soldiers who participated in the war can perform the adultery and be adulterated』

That was the content, and there was another one.

『Pilots can do it to both pilots and soldiers, but soldiers can only do it to soldiers』

I tied her up with a piece of string and blindfolded her as if she was captured by the enemy, and inserted myself between her legs.
Her reaction was better than I expected, and I enjoyed it very much.

(I’ve had the experience of doing the wickedness to the defeated, but I don’t need to tell her about that here)

She probably doesn’t know that I participated in the defense of the northern countries and took a mature viscountess prisoner.
She’s finally accepted into the knight order and excited to get stronger than me. There was no need to spoil her fun.
So I changed the subject.

「I don’t want to hear it from you, who’s never been in a real battle against a Knight」

To fight and win a battle of Knights and capture the pilots. You have to do this much in order to hold a wickedness to the defeated between pilot.
And you won’t find that many of them even if she searches around the knight order.


For Ponytail who respects the military arts, 『real battle』 was a pretty effective phrase. And this was in front of her junior.
With a grim expression, her fist was shaking.

「….If it’s real battle experience you’re asking, then I do have one」

After a few moments of pause, Ponytail answered.

「I participated in the defense of Awoke and the defeat of the Count of the East. I’m not like you, who only fights with demon beasts!」

Black Tights-chan’s eyes lit up and she clenched both fists in front of her chest, saying, 『That’s awesome, senpai!』.
But I know.
I know that the imperial expeditionary force turned back before reaching Awoke. And the one that fought against the knights in the eastern Count’s territory was the noble kid riding his B-class Knight.
The C-class, ridden by Ponytail, only stepped into the castle after both the self-proclaimed sage and the enemy Knights were defeated.

(Did she just want to look good in front of her junior?)

Ponytail, who also seems to be as bad at lying as ever, swims her eyes.
If this continues, Black Tights-chan might find out. It would affect her position as the senior.
To avoid that, I decided to speak.

「That was rude of me then, but even though you are a pilot of the knight order, you don’t have any experience with wickedness to the defeated, don’t you?」

After a moment of hesitation, Ponytail glared at me and declared.

「Of course I have!」

Due to the mechanism of the wickedness to the defeated, it is possible to do it to a man on the losing side if the woman on the winning side desires.
In fact, this seems to be a common story on the battlefield.
But in Ponytail’s case, it’s definitely just a slip of her tongue. It’s totally understandable to get more impatient as the topic becomes bigger and bigger.

「Really now? Aren’t you just putting airs?」

I said while looking at Black Tights-chan with an expression as if I smelled something fishy. The innocent junior who believed in her senior got angry and retorted.

「What are you saying! Even if it’s you, instructor-dono, I can never let it pass if you say something like that!」

She then turns to Ponytail with sparkling eyes.

「Senpai is a veteran pilot who rides the main Knight of the knight order! Please take back your remark and apologize!」

I immediately knelt on the carpet, bowed to Ponytail and apologized. Looking up at her face, I can see Ponytail’s tight face grimaced.

(Good good)

While desperately hiding my smile, I asked the pilot who’s very experienced in knight battles to teach me.

「Then, would you be so kind as to teach me the real wickedness to the defeated?」

Ponytail’s mouth was opening and closing without making any sound and Black Tights-chan’s face was brimming with excitement.

「Senpai, I want to learn about it too! It’s play time right now, so why don’t we use this chance to study wickedness to the defeated?」

I look down and desperately hold back my evil laughter. It’s a pity that I can’t see the face Ponytail is making.
After a brief silence, Ponytail’s voice reaches my ears. The subtle trembling in it was music to my eardrums.

「Fine, I’ll show you the real wickedness to the defeated. Prepare yourself!」

Tonight seems going to be a very fun night.



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