Chapter 237 Part 2



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

The stage moves to the imperial capital to the south. The time was after the arrival of the C-class Knight who acts as a messenger from the northern city.
In a room of the court, the Emperor, the Knight Commander, the Marquis, and Count Rosehip gathered to discuss the matter.

「Count Rosehip, your performance at the Battle of Landburn, and defeating of the Heavy Stone Golem in the Giant Pit, was truly impressive」

A large man in his prime bows his head after being praised by the middle-build emperor who was also in his prime.
Count Rosehip will now lead the Rose Knights under his command to the northern city. He was pulled out of the defense base against the Kingdom because the elves were now considered the biggest threat to the Empire.
The topic of conversation soon turned to things about the elven race.

「Still, to think that their goal was to keep the Empire from winning too much. I guess they couldn’t figure out who the Ghost Knight was」

Count Rosehip cocked his thick neck with a sullen expression.
When the Ghost Knight appeared and defeated the Imperial Expeditionary Force, Count Rosehip thought about who would benefit the most.
And the answer he arrived at was the Kingdom. This is why he considered the Ghost Knight to be the Kingdom’s secret weapon.

『The world’s greatest magical resource, the World Tree. The elves wanted to keep it to themselves, and they didn’t want the human race to unite』

Now, however, that was what he thought. It was the frontier count, the lord of Landbarn, who said it, but it was also the common understanding of the round table.

「The elves are a long-lived race, skilled in magic, but they do not have a large population. They must have feared the power of numbers of the human race」

The one who wrinkled his brow and said that was the white haired Marquis. He was the one who led the expeditionary force to the Kingdom.
Looking at him sideways, the Emperor opened his mouth.

「A Knight who is said to have sided with Sir Reaper in the Great Pit, and the Knight of the Kingdom’s merchant guild who excels in long-range magic attacks. There are still many things to worry about, and we still couldn’t figure out the answers」

We should make the best decision we can. Everyone nodded at those words.
The Emperor then changed the subject and asked Count Rosehip.

「Even so, I still find it surprising for Lord Reaper. I thought he would want to go to the frontline in the north」

The Grim Reaper likes to fight. Therefore, he would have preferred the northern border, where tensions with the elves were rising, rather than the border of the Kingdom, where there was no movement.
That was what he thought.

「Although as a result, it saved me the trouble of persuading him. As expected, we can’t let both the Rose Knights and Lord Reaper leave Landbarn」

Count Rosehip opened his mouth, showing his agreement.

「Lord Reaper must have known that one of us would have to stay in Landbarn. Besides, he had the golems in the Great Pit to play with」

The old Knight Commander nodded and interjected with his words.

「Didn’t he spend his days searching for heavy stone golems and metal golems? Only Lord Reaper who would call them as playmates」

“Indeed”, chuckles filled the room.
When the laughter subsided, the old Knight Commander cleared his throat. He brought up a different topic.

「By the way, have you all heard about it? The matter regarding a herd of large magic beasts that tried to attack the Northern City」

The Emperor and the Duke nodded unhappily with serious expressions on their faces. Only Count Rosehip stroked his chin and expressed his doubts.

「But it was a herd of Capricorns wasn’t it? That was unusual」

The Emperor and the Duke raised their eyebrows suspiciously, while the old knight commander expressed his agreement. After glancing at the two of them, the old knight commander replied.

「I know what you think. Capricorns, despite their appearance, are actually magic beasts that are gentle in nature. I don’t think they would charge towards the border lined with Knight for no reason」

The emperor and the marquis opened their mouths and exchanged glances at the unexpected information. The old knight commander continued, pretending not to notice their shocked state.

「The Viscountess seems to think that the elves may have lured them」

The room became silent for a moment before the old knight commander voice echoed.

「It may be a prelude of a full-scale invasion. So this time, I think I will also head to the Northern City」

At his sudden declaration, the Emperor looks back at him in silence. 『What do you think, Your Majesty?』 he continued, and the Emperor replied bitterly.

「What are you going to do about the imperial capital?」

The old knight commander replied with his hands on his hips and his chest out.

「The vice commander and the Imperial Army will stay behind. Only I along with the commander Knight will be heading north」

The Emperor’s expression twisted, and the old knight commander closed one eye in a mischievous way.

「I’d love to see these elven Knights with my own eyes, and besides, I’ve had enough with the paperwork in the capital. Writing detailed documents is too much work for an old man like me」

With a sigh, the Emperor consented, and the Marquis and Count Rosehip chuckled again.


Here, the stage shifts to Tauro’s home in the southern part of the red-light district in the royal capital.
The wind is still cold, but the sunshine is warm. Feeling the signs of spring approaching, I went out to the garden forest.

「I can’t just leave it to Imosuke and Dangorou, as a lord, I have to take a look around once in a while」

I’m talking to myself like I’m a smart guy, but it’s actually because I had some free time. I had finished breakfast, cleaned my room and washed my laundry, so I had nothing to do.
There was no business at the merchant guild today, and brothels won’t open until noon.

「Oh? You’re taking care of the Pomelos today too huh」

As I approached the only pond in the garden, I saw Imosuke on one of the trees that grew by the edge of the pond.

「I see」

Apparently, it is very important to take care of them this time of year.
Although it looks like a fifth instar larva of a swallowtail butterfly, Imosuke is actually a spirit beast. And he’s an expert on plants.
I looked down at the pond and saw a turtle swimming around the middle. It was fun to see the daily lives of my familiars, so I followed him with my eyes.


Now that I looked closely at him, I saw a group of small, four-legged creatures riding on his back. As I crouched down to stare at them, I let out a voice in surprise.

「You already brought them over?」

Last night, we decided to invite a magic beast that would eat the poisonous mushroom, 『White Lady』.
Since he’s a long-lived turtle, I imagined that he would do that much later.

『It’s a training』

When I turned my head to the waves coming from my feet, I saw a dung beetle looking up at me. I don’t understand what he means, so I just replied with a question.


Dangorou nodded and explained.
He will go to the spirit lake and bring back a herd of magic beasts on his back. Zaratan wanted to get a feel for it before carrying it out.
So the general, Dangorou, ordered the Heavy Lancers to ride on the back of the turtle.

「…Now that you said it, it is Heavy Lancers on his back」

When I looked at them more closely, I saw the familiar Heavy Lancers from the garden forest. And since one of them is a little bigger and a little different in color than the others, it is likely that the chief himself is riding on the turtle’s back.

「Ohh, they’re doing the transfer practice too huh」

After reaching the other side of the pond, the Heavy Lancers on Zaratan’s back dismounts, circles around, and climbs back on.
After retreating slowly, the turtle begins to turn around. I can see from here that he is being quite careful.

『Because they fell earlier』

Dangorou’s words made me rethink a little. I thought he was exaggerating or that he didn’t have to go that far.
But as expected, rehearsing is an important thing.

「Are those who fell okay?」

Dangorou moves his antennae. The Heavy Lancer could swim, so I shouldn’t worry.
After that, me, Dangorou, and Imosuke leisurely watched until the Zaratan approached the shore.




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