Chapter 24




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I had dinner at a restaurant close to the store. I ordered what I guess you could call ravioli, a soup with fancy-looking wontons added. It tasted good, as I’ve come to expect. At first I spat out the odd herbs that I wasn’t used to on soup, but now I’m not satisfied without them. The flavor is completely different, but you could compare them to onions and spices.

(The last massage went pretty well, but I’d still like to study a bit more.)

I thought, as I remembered the sidelines from a little while ago. The hard, unripe peach that was given a massage gradually began to ripen and become softer. If you were to come close enough to smell it, a rich sweet scent would fill your nostrils and travel to your lungs. If you give in to your desire to bite in, you’d be greeted by a juicy fresh taste. It was incredibly delicious.

(To become a better massage therapist, I must learn more about the female body.)

That’s what I believe. I wonder if there’s a good teacher around here? The first person to spring to mind is the mourning-dressed widow of the inn town, but she’s not here. There’s Awoke, but I don’t want to go anywhere near the Elder Lich.

(Is there anyone at all…?)

I can cure injuries, illness, and status abnormality with magic, therefore I don’t need my massages to have any curative effects of their own. As long as I can use it as cover for casting my magic, it’s good enough. However, I also want them to feel good while I’m giving them a massage. If they’re feeling good, it would also help disguise my magic. Basically, they’re body will be healed while in the middle of feeling good from the massage, and they’ll leave thinking “this guy’s massages are really effective!”. They won’t be able to notice that it was magic that did it.

(Someone who’s knowledgeable in this sort of thing, and would teach me…… ah!)

As soon as I thought of it, I couldn’t believe I didn’t think of it earlier.

(There’s Instructor Light Cruiser, isn’t there? Her skill is exceptional. Men can have skill too, but who could know more about the female body than a female?)

Satisfied with my idea, I headed to Jayanne immediately after eating, praying that Instructor Light Cruiser would be there. After arriving, I talked to the concierge and asked if she was there. Unfortunately she was with a customer, but would be finishing any minute now. I made a reservation for the next time slot, and thankfully it was open. The time slot immediately after that one however was booked, so it must be pretty busy right now.

Black tea sounds nice right now, so I order some while waiting in the lobby. This cafe-area is far away from the tiered platform, but close to the sidelines. I’m drawing quite a bit of attention from the sidelines.

「…Hey, that’s…」

「That’s… him, right…?」

Listening to the disconnected fragments of their conversations, it looks like the story of me curing Instructor Light Cruiser’s condition through massage is starting to get around. The explosive onee-sama wasn’t in the sidelines, but receiving stares from women on roughly the same level as her wasn’t exactly comfortable.

「Thank you for waiting.」

Hearing the concierge’s voice, I felt like I was being saved. I immediately left my seat and headed to the counter where Instructor Light Cruiser was already waiting for me.

(She’s incredibly erotic.)

Her post-work body was covered in beads of sweat, or was it water from a shower? It looked quite beautiful. Feeling a bit intimidated by her charm, we headed to a room. The girl clinging to my right arm gave me a romantic feeling I haven’t had up until now. After reaching the room, I decided to talk about something while having a drink. We each just finished work, so it’s fine to rest a bit, right?

She thanked me for curing her condition, and I asked her how she’s been doing since then. She replied saying that she hasn’t felt better. We exchanged the same old conversations, and after that I asked her a question.

「I want you to teach me how to give a massage.」


The girl looked puzzled.

「Are you not a master at massages? You cured my poor health with a single massage, when nobody else could cure it.」

With a slightly serious expression, I explained myself.

「There’s parts of the body called “acupuncture points”. They’re about the size of a fingertip, and if you put enough pressure on them, it can have positive effects on the body. That’s what that sort of “massage” was.」

Remembering some of my grandfather’s words, I made something up.

「Depending on what’s wrong, certain acupuncture points will become stiff. To cure something, a certain acupuncture point needs a certain amount of force applied in order to stimulate it.」

The girl listened to my explanation with an equally serious expression, probably because I’m telling her how her illness was cured. Unfortunately for her, this is all bullshit.

「However, under normal conditions, there’s a certain amount of unconscious power within the human body. Searching for the correct points, and giving just those points the correct amount of pressure requires not only strength, but a tremendous amount of concentration.」

The girl nodded.

「To tell you the truth, I’m already at my limits if I try to massage more than one person in a day.」

“But”, I added.

「Recently I’ve noticed that allowing the person’s body to relax makes it much easier to find certain points and apply just enough stimulus.」

「I feel like I understand.」

She was really buying into it.

「The problem is that simply having them relax isn’t enough. If you stimulate a point, naturally there will be a reaction, and by observing that reaction I’m able to find and stimulate the next point.」

I took a sip to wet my dry throat.

「Basically, if they’re sleeping I can’t give them a massage because there will be no reaction from them.」

”I see”, the girl agreed.

「Ideally, I would want them relaxed but still able to give a good reaction. In other words, I need them to be sensitive.」

“Ahh”. The girl opened her eyes, seeming to have understood why I want her to teach me.

「I want to heat their bath water while giving them a massage, and then continue while still ensuring that their bath water doesn’t lower in temperature. I want to learn these skills, and once I do, I’ll be able to give massages to many more people.」

That was a pretty embarrassing excuse, even for me. Despite the embarrassment, I continued.

「Among the people I know, there’s nobody more suited to teach me these skills than you.」

I stared firmly into her eyes.

「For that reason, I’m requesting your assistance.」

She seemed to be satisfied with my made-up reasoning, and smiled sweetly at me.

「Of course, if you’re okay with me, I’d be happy to.」

That smile tormented my heart with guilt. Truthfully, I had another plan made up as I thought of this one. The plan was for an intensely blunt style of request.

(Hey you, you’re super good at sexy massages. Teach me how you do things. It’s fine, right? I cured that body of yours, didn’t I?)

Yeah, this way was probably for the best.

Right away, Sensei began the lesson. With herself as the teaching material, she was literally putting her whole body into it. It’s basically the same thing as teaching me her weakest points, so it must be embarrassing for her. However, she was sincere about it and thoroughly explained things one by one even while blushing. Of course, I continued to touch her according to her directions. Touching here, touching there, slide, double click, drag and drop. It was like a computing class for old people taught by a young beautiful woman.


My drag and drop was a bit too strong, and Sensei let out a wordless sound as she scolded me with her eyes. I had to gulp looking at her watery eyes. No, Sensei is famous for being strict, so I have to take this seriously. I continue with Sensei’s hands-on lesson. With a roll of the mouse wheel and a gentle push, Sensei suddenly started to shake. She must be in vibration-mode, perhaps she received a message.


While laying down, Sensei spoke in a quiet voice that it was time for a break. But recently, I’ve had a bad habit of wanting to continue studying even during break time. Sensing my inability to calm down, Sensei read my mind.

(Geez, I guess it can’t be helped.)

The troubled Sensei gave a kind smile, and let me insert my USB. I insert my USB and whisper some important things to her ear. After all, if CPU usage goes above 100%, the PC could crash. That’s why great care is needed when putting this much pressure on a PC. Sensei checked the task manager on her PC, and it should be alright as long as I don’t go crazy. After purposely inserting my USB the wrong way for a bit of fun, I inserted it all the way in and extracted a massive ZIP file.




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