Chapter 25




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After class, Sensei and I sat on the sofa drinking iced tea. We ordered it when we first came to our room, so it was lukewarm with the ice already melted. Even so, my hot body was still thankful for it. There was still time left, but Sensei’s PC was at its limits so we decided to stop. She surely wasn’t expecting me to extract a massive ZIP file, and gave me a strict scolding after she had recovered.

「How could you? I have another job right after this one.」

With watery eyes, she pinched me. It was pretty strong, and while painful, it felt good. As expected of Sensei. I decided to ask her about the next lesson, and she replied.

「The truth is, one of our girls isn’t feeling well right now.」

As part of our training, she’d like me to examine her.

「That’s fine. If it can be cured, let’s cure it on the spot.」

She gave me the OK.

「And you’ll accompany me, won’t you Sensei?」


「I want you to instruct me while I give the massage. You want me to improve, don’t you?」

From the looks of it, Sensei wasn’t expecting to have to accompany me. I lost myself in my imagination of the three of us in a room together. Before the patient’s eyes, I’m attacking all of her weak points as instructed by Sensei. Despite healing the patient in the process, even Sensei would hesitate over exposing all of the girl’s secrets.

「Of course I’ll pay for both of your services as normal, and I won’t charge any medical fees.」

That’s definitely not something a person pursuing a medical career would do. But in my case, potions are my source of income while healing is just a hobby. Sensei thought about those unusual conditions for a bit, and agreed. Suggesting that I pay for the patient as well was likely effective. If she’s not feeling well, she’s likely to not be making much money doing her job. Her physical condition has a direct connection to her livelihood. She’s in desperate need of money. Since Sensei has more work right after this, I made a reservation for tomorrow afternoon.

I left Jayanne and headed to my new home. I watered my herbs, made potions of E and F rank, and left them there. Since I don’t live in inns anymore, I don’t have to worry about carrying them with me. I didn’t put the F rank potions in my bag, rather I put them with the test tube stand to use as accessories. With several pale red, blue and green potions placed there, it gave off the atmosphere of a real potion workshop. I’ve never actually seen what a real potion workshop looks like, so I’m just guessing.

I woke up in my new house for the first time the next morning. I slept soundly, and waking up was refreshing. Getting moderate exercise everyday really is effective. The time is still early morning, I guess you could say. Opening my curtains and looking over the town, you could see the sun just begin to appear over the horizon. Looking out from my third floor window, there weren’t really any people outside. I opened the window, and the outside air felt good and refreshing. I went to my rooftop garden and looked at my medicinal herbs. I call it a garden, but there’s only nine herbs planted right now. The rest is just bare soil. The herbs aren’t looking good at all, they’re already on their last legs.

(Even though I just bought them yesterday…)

It’s a shame that they started withering right away. I thought of something that might work. I filled my glass watering can, and mixed the water with a rank F Cure Injury potion. I watered the mixture evenly over all nine plants.

(Medicinal herbs gradually lose their magical properties when taken out of their magical soil.)

I remembered the words of the bald man of the medicine shop Andale.

(If the magical energy of the potion is able to transfer back to the herbs, perhaps their health will be restored as well.)

That’s what I thought. At this rate they’d be completely withered by evening, so it would be great if this is able to bring them back to good health. For good measure, I also opened a Cure Illness (F) and a Cure Status Abnormality (F) potion, added both to the mixture, and watered the plants with those as well. I returned the empty potion bottles to the test tube stand. Yup, this is starting to look more like a workshop.

Meanwhile, the sun had risen and more people had appeared on the streets. Food stands selling breakfast had begun to open up. I climbed down the stairs and went outside to buy a club sandwich. I hurried back home and ate it together with a hot cup of coffee. I don’t really feel like cooking, so I’m thankful for the food stands that open in the morning. It’s not that I hate cooking, it’s just that the process itself, the dishes afterwards, and dealing with the organic waste is more trouble than it’s worth. Where there’s water and moisture, mold will start growing if you’re not diligent. I couldn’t go without the chlorinated cleaning products that I had in Japan. I’ve simply got no idea what to do with the organic trash either.

I left my house and headed to the clothing store to do some shopping. I bought some casual clothes, as well as more formal looking clothes. There’s a walk-in closet in my home, so I’m finally buying some clothes to fill it with. In addition, I wrote in my diary that I had been neglecting, and I also explored the neighborhood near my house in order to memorize the local geography.

I had lunch at what has become my favorite restaurant, eating a fried yakisoba-like dish with lots of vinegar poured on. Breathing in the steam from the vinegar was enough to make me cough several times. Eventually, it approached the agreed-upon time and I headed towards Jayanne. Today I’ll be giving Instructor Light Cruiser’s unwell coworker a massage under her supervision, and I’ll secretly use magic to cure her in the process. I have a reservation, so the concierge guided me right away to the counter. I paid the money for both of them and Sensei came to the counter by herself. I headed to a room with her, as she explained her coworker was already waiting there.

「Thank you very much for choosing us.」

The coworker gave me her greeting. I could tell just by looking that she wasn’t feeling well. Her expression was painful, and she had dark circles under her eyes. It was hard to look at, so I had her lay face down and tell me her symptoms.

「A terrible headache and dizziness that won’t go away. I’m not able to sleep much at night.」

She had twintails and a serious-looking face. She was slender, but her breasts were shapely. She might be one size bigger than Sensei.

「Are those the same symptoms as yours, Sensei?」

I asked. If they were the same symptoms, it might be an epidemic.

「No, they’re different. I had pain throughout my whole body, and felt fatigue.」

Sensei responded. If that’s the case, it’s likely not an epidemic. I’ll heal her quickly, and then use her as a massage training partner. Under Sensei’s instructions, I moved my fingers like stylus pens and activated my magic.

(Cure Injury (F) )

Judging by how the magic felt when activated, she wasn’t injured anywhere.

(Cure Illness (F) )

I continued using my magic. Surprisingly, I couldn’t feel anything out of the ordinary, so she probably wasn’t ill.

(Cure Status Abnormality (F) )

I felt a clear response, but it wasn’t enough for a complete recovery.

(Cure Status Abnormality (E) )

This cured it. There’s no doubt about it. Rather than an illness, it was a status abnormality. I asked Twintails a question.

「How is it, are you feeling more relaxed?」

「…Yes, I feel incredibly relaxed.」

The girl responded with a pillow placed under her chin. Sensei smiled too at the girl who was clearly feeling at ease.

「Sensei, this is where the curing begins. I need to relax her body and make sure her reactions are easily observable.」

I stared at Sensei with serious eyes. Everything I said was a lie, this girl is already cured. But, Sensei nodded with an equally serious expression. “Twintails’ recovery is entirely up to my guidance” is what she was thinking. Sensei then began instructing me.


I was in awe. Under Sensei’s guidance, I lightly tapped under Twintails’ armpit. With just that, I got a strong reaction. Sensei was merely giving instructions, it was me who was touching her body with my hands. Nevertheless, I have never experienced this kind of reaction before.

I continued to touch her all over the place, tapping, double tapping, and swiping. Her reactions became bigger and bigger. And then, I gave a sudden flick. There was a momentary vibration. That flick wasn’t just a normal flick. Sensei correctly guessed Twintails’ sensitive spots and had me flick up, down, right, left, pointing me in the direction of what appeared to have the strongest effect. A double tap with both hands, a long tap, a pinch inwards with both hands. From there, a right flick with my right hand, and a left flick with my left hand. The vibrations got stronger with each movement.


I was shocked at the next instructions, but Sensei’s orders are absolute. I can’t disobey her. First, a large outward pinch with my left hand. I held my left hand in position. Next was a small pinch inward with my right hand. While pinched in, I flicked my right hand up, down, left, right. The vibrations just kept getting stronger, matching how hard it was to keep the pinch held. Several times I heard a beast-like yell. By the way, Twintails is a human, not a werewolf. Sensei ordered me to continue, so I didn’t stop flicking. I held the outward pinch as it was. The beast yelled, moaned, and howled. Each howl was longer than the last. The howls were loud enough to hurt my eardrums, and then suddenly, they changed to a strange sound that wasn’t human or beast, and suddenly faded out. Everything around me was soaked, even my face. It was painful to open my eyes. I peaked at Twintails’ face, and both of her eyes were flicked upward without any sign of returning.

「Sensei! Do you think she’s alright?」

I asked, frightened. The girl started pulsating in a large, unnatural manner.

「She’s alright.」

Her expression was a serious one, making sure to watch Twintails’ every move. Sensei’s monitoring capabilities were extremely powerful. If she were to use them in full, she would probably be able to keep Twintails stable while just barely in the world of the living. As I feared for Twintails’ life, I remembered something very important.

(Shit! I’m the one who decides when this is over!)

Sensei doesn’t know when the healing is complete. That’s why until I give the word, all I can do is try to make sure her health stays in good condition.

「Sensei! It’s over! The treatment was successful!」

I announced in a panic. Sensei at last had a relieved expression.

With the treatment finished, we all drank lemon soda. Sensei and I sat on the sofa, while Twintails sat up on the bed. I was pretty thirsty. Twintails especially needed the hydration. I forced her to drink iced tea and water in addition to the soda. After having lost that much fluid, she needs to replenish it as soon as possible.

「Seriously, that massage was something else.」

Twintails checked her own physical condition, and to her surprise, both her headache and dizziness were gone. Afterwards, she let me know how she felt about the massage.

「I really felt like I was at the gates of heaven.」

Sensei listened to her talk with a gentle smile.

「I thought for a moment that I might not actually return.」

Yes, so did I. We really cut it close.

「By the way, I felt like there might have been some sort of status abnormality, do you have any idea what it could be?」

“Hmm” she moaned upon hearing my question. It was a different type of moan than before. Less beastlike and more dignified and sweet.

「I guess… I… Don’t?」

I guess we’ll call it an unknown status abnormality.

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