Chapter 254 Part 2



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

After that, the three of us were taken outside by the guild master. He said he was going to do a test play using the wand set.

「We were actually waiting for you to return, Tauro-kun」

It’s somehow scary when he said that.

(Even so, 『End of the century brothel』, huh. It’s been a while)

The end-of-century brothel is a giant indoor space with a set that resembles the royal capital. The scenery itself isn’t exactly like the end of the century, but the way play was.
The selling point is to attack the women on the street and violate them as you please.

「City battle against the women of the brothel, is it?」

The night session was reserved for the merchant guild, which I think was a bold move. I was told that they had already brought in two dozen wand sets.
After arriving by golem carriage, we were guided into the store by an old man who had come out to greet us.
He opened the heavy, thick door, and found ourselves in front of the women lined up near the entrance of the royal capital set.

「Did you all get your wands and sticks? And you already learned how to use them, right?」

The women nodded at the words of the Santa Claus-like deputy guild leader. There were twenty of them. In comparison, there were only four of us.

(There’s a large difference in the number of people)

I waited for Santa Claus to explain the rules.
The explanation that followed made sense to me.

(I see)

Our only condition for victory is to survive until the end of the game. It doesn’t have to be all of us, just one of us will do.
The women, on the other hand, would have to wipe all of us out.
With this, we’ll have a chance to win.

「All right! Now, head to your starting positions. We’ll begin when the bell rings」

Santa Claus finishes his explanation and the women disappear behind the set.
At the far end of the vast indoor space, that’s where the girls starting point is. And our starting point is here, where we stand now.
Facing the shade of a building with only an outer wall, each of us inserts the stick that will be our judge.

「This is… feels kinda tight, don’t you think?」

I frowned and groaned as I used the cream that was handed to me. From next to the veneer partition, the tough-looking man replied in a pained voice.

「Do women have to endure this feeling every time?」

I thought about the chief’s words for a moment, but I couldn’t agree with him. I shook my head and said what I thought.

「For women, they stick it in the front, not the back. Plus, it’s a place that’s made that way in the first place」

I’m not the Light cruiser-sensei, but this is probably a heresy. I managed to complete my preparations while breaking out in a sweat and sighed.
When I returned to the gathering place, I saw the guild master and vice guild master doing their preparatory exercises. They didn’t seem to have any trouble moving.
I wondered if it was a difference in experience. It was frightening to imagine what they had been through so far.

「Alright, begin!」

At the vice guild master’s words, the old man from the store on the ladder rang the bell. Then we started running to secure a vantage point.


I’m hiding in an empty store in a shopping district set. I can’t see them, but the guild master and the others are also hiding in the surroundings.
This was Santa Claus’ instructions. It seems that the ones who lead us will be the vice guild master, not the guild master.

(Oh? Here they come)

Who appeared was a woman with short-cut who looks like a young wife. She approached the place I’m hiding at while looking around and slightly lowering her back.


At the same time as a white light flashed across my vision, a pleasant high-pitched scream reached my ears.
Immediately after, the young wife-like woman held her stomach and collapsed on the street.

「Found them!」

「There they are!」

The women on my tail waved their short staff wands as they shouted. I lick my lips lightly as I watch the light arrow converge.

(Your flank is wide open)

And then a series of shots were fired. One by one, they were struck by surprise from the side, and they fall on their knees one after another while leaking muffled voices.

(Hit and away)

Don’t get greedy, just stay low and run away. It was my signature fighting style, which had made me unpopular at pilot school.
As the attackers converged on my position, light arrows from other directions struck the girls.

(It works)

I thought as I crouched behind the sign and waved my wand.

『The four of us should hide close to each other and cover each other’s back』

This strategy is going well so far. At this rate, we should be able to eliminate the difference in numbers.
Just when I thought that, a certain person’s actions led to their collapse just now.
The culprit was the guild master. He had gone too far.

(Shoot and move. I thought we agreed on that!)

As I gritted my teeth, I saw a small old man running away alone, flushed out by the massive firepower concentrated in one place.
He was so excited that he kept shooting, and his location was completely exposed.
It’s just like the Goblin jii-chan to get out of control.

「….Let’s use him as bait by having the guild master attract the enemy」

The three of us met up in the shadows. The vice guild master told us the change of plan with a sigh.
I nodded along with the chief, and we began to move quietly.


The perspective switched to Goblin jii-chan.

「To be pursued by so many women, what a sinful man I am」

The petite old man continues to run away as he hops around while muttering to himself.
But the situation is getting worse. His pursuers are increasing in number.

「Maybe it’s because I’ve been banned a few times. I ended up targeted by them」

It was because he was 『going too far』. This may be the reason for the hate from the women working here.

「This is perfect. If I can keep them coming at me like this, the others will thin them out」

The goblin runs in a zigzag pattern while keeping his happy expression on his face. The white light arrows relentlessly chase his small back, but none of them hit.

(That’s what I said, but I’m starting to get tired)

I thought as I kept running.
According to my memory, there is a sharp turn ahead. If I can use this to shake them off, I’ll be able to take a break, even if it’s only for a moment.

(Let’s go with that)

I was familiar with the place, so I knew the layout. With a smile on the corner of my mouth, I jumped onto the sidewalk.

(Oh no! They got me!)

Immediately afterwards, Goblin jii-chan shouted in his mind in shock.
He had intended to run through the alleyway and lose his pursuer there, but he found himself in a dead end. Apparently, the place had been redecorated while he was banned from entering.

(This is bad!)

He hid behind a barrel on the side of the road and fought back, but the number of women just kept increasing. They begin to circle around him, but without allies, he has no way to fight back.

(….I guess this is it huh. I’ll leave the rest to you guys)

Finally, the guild master exposed himself to the crossfire and collapsed on the street.


About at the same time. At the end of the giant indoor space.
A man hides under a pile of cushions against a real wall, not a set one. It was me.

(If I remember correctly, this is where 『Savory』 always read her book)

I think with nostalgia.
Savory is a young woman who works here. She was not properly developed and had a body that did not give her much pleasure.
Naturally, she didn’t enjoy her work, so she spent most of her time here.

(Seeing her state, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her)

When I noticed that, I tuned her up since I’ve got a chance.

『She will immediately cum when the customers finished inside her』

Thanks to this tuning up, the store is now so popular that people line up to get in.


That’s when a spark ran through my head.

(…..Guild master)

I felt like he was calling out to me, and I looked around. But there was no one there, just a fake sky.

(I guess it’s just my imagination)

After a single nod, I sank back into the sea of cushions.


Meanwhile, a small old man that looks like a goblin is lying on the street after being shot.
He is the guild master of the merchant guild, and he is enjoying the sensation of the 『target stick』 invented by the revolutioner.

(Mmmm, this is quite the vibration. This will make the reaction to being shot more natural)

It was as if he hadn’t forgotten about his work even in such a situation.
The violent vibration right after being shot subsided, and it became a gentle vibration. He began to evaluate this as well.

(Not too strong, not too weak, it’s just perfect)

It doesn’t affect me much, but he’s sure it’s stimulating enough for the average customer. Just as he was thinking this, a violent vibration suddenly assaulted the old man’s butt.

(What the–!? You’re not supposed to shoot zombies!)

The guild master looked up from his slumped position with astonishment and realized that one of the women standing around him had pointed their wand at his fallen body and fired continuously.

(Even after being shot, it will still vibrate if you shot it!)

I don’t think even the revolutioner noticed this.
While gritting my teeth against the massive waves of continuous vibration, I made a mental note that this needs an improvement.

(It should be against the rules to shoot a downed man!)

He shouted in his mind, but this was probably due to the lack of explanation on their part. He desperately tried to stand up to make them stop.
The other women screamed at that sight.

「I knew it! He won’t fall with just one shot!」

「As expected of Goblin jii! His life force is something else!」

The past misdeeds of the guild stirred the fear of the women.
White light emanated from the wand one after another, and was sucked into the old man’s small body.


The guild master who bends his back while holding his butt collapsed on his knees.
Although he was being praised, he had no time to respond to the praise. The strong vibrations that signaled that he was hit were too much even for a man with so much life experience.
As he stood and fell repeatedly, an unknown sensation surged from his buttocks.

(This is really really bad!)

He couldn’t call for help and he couldn’t resist.
The women kept attacking him until the wand ran out of ammunition.

『Clang, clang, clang!』

The sound of the bell signaling the end of the game. I heard it while curling up in the street.
I ran after fired my shot, only to run into a female student in her mid-teens. We both shouted in surprise as we fired at each other and ended up hitting each other.
As soon as the sound ends, the shaking of the gun stops.

(This is tough!)

I stood up and wiped the sweat from my forehead with my sleeve. I headed for the plaza near the entrance, where I saw the smiling Santa Claus and the tough-looking chief who was frowning just like me.
It seemed that the last person to survive was the vice guild master.

「What do you think, Tauro-kun?」

Santa Claus asked me a question, I let out a small sigh while still slumped down. A wry smile appeared on the white-bearded man’s face as he seemed to understand by looking at my appearance.
Behind the neat looking vice guild master, I could see Goblin jii-chan approaching us with wobbly steps.

「That was a close one. I almost opened the forbidden door」

Our face went pale after hearing his story. There would be casualties if we didn’t hurry up and deal with the 『unlimited hit』.
But there was no doubt that this game was fun. The women seemed to like it too.

「Now I’m sure this is going to be a big hit」

Everyone nodded deeply. We all felt that this toy had great potential.
It could be used in any situation play. I’m sure there will be various ways to enjoy this game.

「One of these days, it might be a good idea to hold a tournament sponsored by the merchant guild」

That’s an interesting idea. I would like to participate in that kind of event.

「Alright. Let’s go over the rules thoroughly, and then we’ll have another round」

The goblin-like guild master said with a smile, and Santa Claus agrees while adding another word to him.

「Next time, I hope you will follow my instructions」

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry” said the petite old man while bowing his head.
The tough-looking chief and I looked at each other smiling as we prepared ourselves for the next match.



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