Chapter 265 Part 2



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”


The Minister is surprised and freezes. But just before that, the former dojo master jumps on the minister and pushes him down from his chair to the floor.
The guards noticed the commotion and jumped in, but the female elf stepped forward and kicked him in the knee, then threw him to the floor.
The weight of the simple armor added to the impact, knocking the guard unconscious.
The female elf closed the door, chanted some magic, and turned her back to the door to blocked it so they couldn’t escape.

「It can’t be helped. I’m going to have you guys have an… accident. What, if you’re lucky, you won’t die. Though you might not be able to see or hear anymore.」

The young elf grinned and lifted his right hand into the air.

「It’s not some weak spell like earlier. Prepare to meet your end and regret your choice!」

The former dojo owner stood up from the floor and protected the minister on his back as he whistled sharply with his finger.

「We have completely sealed off this room. The guards outside won’t be able to hear you.」

However, the former dojo owner grinned.

「You shouldn’t underestimate the bond between husband and his wife」

The smile still hasn’t disappeared from the young elf’s face, he took the former dojo owner’s words as an excuse. He began chanting a spell, and lightning wrapped around his fingertips.
He inhaled lightly to start the activation.
However, slightly earlier than that, the former dojo master opened his eyes wide and shouted from the bottom of his stomach.

「Now, come! My honey! Protect me!」

In that instant, the door that should have been sealed and locked with magic burst open in a literal sense. The female elf, who had her back to it, was blown away by the blast.
The next moment, something huge entered the room.
But he couldn’t tell what it was. The collision with the door caused a large amount of dust to fly down from behind the ceiling, blocking the view.
Probably because it’s an old wooden house.

「What the hell?」

While covering his face with one arm, the young elf shoots electric magic at the figure that appears to be the intruder.
It was not to threaten, but a lightning strike with enough power to kill. But the huge figure was unperturbed by it.


The dust in the room began to clear.
There appeared a huge lump of flesh, clad in a loose maternity dress. It was the grandmother of Lightning’s wife, the Great Madam.
After scratching her belly, she tilted her head to look at her abdomen. The fabric in that area had been scorched by the lightning strike.


The Great Madam’s cheeks tremble in anger as her favorite clothes are damaged. The screams shook the cupboards and cracked the windows.
As the minister cowered, holding his ears from the voice, the Great Madam rushed forward, swinging her log-like arms.


A stiff arm swung like a big wheel caught the back of the female elf who had just raised herself.
The thin body that was sent flying in a crooked shape broke through the window pane and drew a parabola into the garden.

「Guards! Seize the female elf! And don’t forget to gag her.」

The minister rolled out of the window and shouted. Although surprised for a moment, the guards immediately followed his orders.

「What the hell is that monster!?」

The young elf threw himself to the floor and barely avoided the blow of the Great Madam.
He tried to cast a magic to attack her, but before he could, her thick legs caught him in the abdomen and crushed him under her weight.


She stopped just before his internal organs ruptured, and the young elf fainted in agony without being allowed to vomit.

「Well done. As expected of my wife.」

The former dojo owner looks up at the lump of meat proudly and pats her on the back.
The Great Madam looks back at her darling with her small, dull eyes.

「Hm? You want a reward?」

She nodded at the former dojo owner’s words. Looking around the room, her darling pointed to the young elf at his feet.

「You can do what you want with him」

She smiled brightly.
Like a cat and dog jumping on the bait, the Great Madam went to the male elf. She immediately tears off his clothes and takes his stick in her mouth.
The male elf realized what was happening and screamed, but he could not escape from the Great Madam.

「Noo! Stop!!」

It is useless even if he begged her to stop. The only one who can speak to her now is her darling.
And the Great Madam is an expert, despite her appearance. With just her mouth, she can make an elf stick grow longer and longer.


The Great Madam’s eyes went wide at the length and her lips puckered up in frustration at the thickness. However, she soon smiles like a little girl in front of a candy, straddles him and swallows it.
The movement of her hips was so tight as if she would even lick off the ice cream that stuck behind the lid.

「Umhou! Umhou!」

The Great Madam put both of her hands on her cheeks as if she’s eating something delicious. After that, she called her darling to ask for something.
Upon hearing what she asked, the former dojo owner opened his mouth in surprise.

「…..You want an elf child?」

Then, he thought for a moment. While the Great Madam continued to eat happily while waiting for his answer.

(I guess she felt lonely after our grandchilds leaving for the royal capital)

At the same time, he lamented his own inadequacy. Perhaps it was because of his age, but even though he was able to fire, he was unable to produce any fruit.
This means he can’t have children anymore.


He replied to his wife with a kind and gentle smile.
He then went to the bookshelf and took out a book. As he looked at a page, he put his hand on the Great Madam’s stomach and began to cast magic.

「Sterilization, removed. And then, absolute pregnancy.」

Next, he turned his head to the young elf.

「Sow as many seeds as you like. You will be a half-elf’s father.」

With a scream, the young man begins to make a desperate resistance.
There was a reason why he was so flustered. He instinctively fear the 『Northern Demon』 shaking her butt on his stomach.


This is what he felt. At the same time, the image of insects being captured and eaten alive by spiders and praying mantis floated in his mind.

『Having sex without ejaculating』

He had been very careful against human women, but he didn’t think that would work now.
If things continue as they were, the worst thing he could imagine would happen.

「Get off me, get off me, get off me!」

The young elf flailed in an attempt to escape, but it was completely useless. The former dojo master crouched down and spoke softly to him.

「We’ll be responsible for raising the child. Don’t worry about it.」

But the elf writhes in despair and strikes the giant above her repeatedly with his fist.
But the Great Madam does not stop.

「Noo! Nooooooo!!」

The young elf began to cry. Looking at him, the former dojo owner warned him with a smile.

「The moment you give up, you’ll become a Papa.」

The young elf desperately gritted his teeth and tried to endure.
However, he could not surpass the power of the Great Madam.

「Please help me! High Elf-samaaa!」

The young man who had lost control of his body had now become the father of a half-elf.




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