Chapter 277 Part 2



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

From the adventure guild, the stage moved to the red light district. This is Jayanne’s employee waiting room.
There were several women sitting on the sofas surrounding the table, spending their time in their own way.
One of them is a short-haired lady dressed like a combination of a Cheerleader and a Time Patrol. The woman who Tauro refers to as Explosive onee-san, was sighing as she crossed her firm thighs.

「Why are you frowning like that? Did something happen?」

Explosive onee-san answers the question of the big-breasted woman with Twintails in a languid manner.
It was, 『I want to have a post-play conversation with Doctor Slime, but it didn’t go well』. She says that there was no time to do so because the game was too last minute.

「It’s not a compliment to pry into a customer’s private life, you know」

Twintails, who knows the reason for her obsession, reproached her with an exasperated look.

「I know that」

Explosive onee-san’s shoulders slumped and she let out a small sigh. In her head, she understands, but she can’t suppress her interest in academics.
She wants to become a pharmacist and loves reading old legends, so the elixir is a dream come true for her. And Tauro is the one who brought the raw material, Ambrosia, to her.

「Why don’t you ask him out on a date outside the store? You can talk and play without worrying about the time」

A tall woman with a boyish face and long red hair suggested. A silence descended on the room at that remark.

(Hm? Is it prohibited to do it outside the store?)

Long red hair looks around at that reaction.
The treatment of out-of-store dates varies from store to store. Some don’t allow it because it diminishes the value of playing in the store.

「You might not understand because you are new here but, that’s very dangerous, you know?」

Twintails speak up as if to warn her.
Long red hair is a newcomer to the store. But she is not a rookie.
The contract for a woman working in a brothel is like that of a professional athlete. As long as they have the ability, they can work in any brothel on the continent.
If they are a 『Nickname』 holder like Long red hair, it’s even better.

「Is that so」

The tall, red-haired woman replied with a look of confusion.
She was from the eastern region and was on her way back from a pilgrimage to the Holy City, where she had visited the royal capital known as the City of Flowers. She had come to Jayanne to earn money for her stay.
She was immediately hired because her name was well known and she was the kind of person the store was looking for.

『Big Mouth』

This is the tall, long red-haired woman’s nickname. Her position is that of the successor to the 『Big Eaters, Giant Killing』 who has long since retired.
Big-sized gentlemen who are grieving over the loss of a partner who can accept them. For their sake, the store had been searching hard.
By the way, even though she is called a big mouth, the size of the mouth on her face is normal.

「If you’re in a store, you can call the staff in case of an emergency. But you can’t do that outside, right?」

Twintails continues her explanation. What she means by that is that 『There is no insurance in case the customer goes out of control』.
She recalled the massage she had received from Dr. Slime when he had saved her from a poor-quality aphrodisiac. She felt a shiver run down her spine as the memory came back to her and she continued.

「That man is special. If you’re not careful, you’ll die psychologically」

Twintails desperately swam back to this world from the riverside of paradise. Her words, filled with real feelings, have a weight that makes one who heard it swallow their saliva.
Bigmouth’s face tensed up and she raised her hands in a surrendering pose and let out a few words with a sigh.

「As expected of the City of Flowers. I myself will just stay within the store」

A celebrity that could make the women who work in one of the most exclusive stores in the royal capital fear him this much. She was curious, but as expected, her fear got the better of her.

「It seems the break time is almost over. Let’s go, shall we?」

Twintails looked at the clock on the wall and urged everyone to stand up. She looked satisfied because her advice had been taken.
On the other hand, Explosive onee-san shrugged her shoulders, probably because her worries were not solved.
The platform, the sidelines, the counter for guests who reserved them. The girls went out into the hallway and scattered to their respective destinations.

(I have a reservation after this huh)

Sitting down on the platform, Twintails crosses her arms to pull her ample breasts together. She then puts her hand on one cheek and pictures her customer.

(Since he’s heavy, I won’t be able to escape if he covers me. I will be in serious trouble if I don’t take the initiative)

The last time she was in that position, she kept getting her breasts stimulated.
Twintails’ customers, who are known for their sensitivity, are limited to those who have high sensitivity. The play is based on mutual stimulation and intense reactions.

(That was tough)

As the side that provides hospitality, Twintails can’t attack one-sidedly. But the customers were different.
They held her down as she screamed and struggled and happily continued to lick and tease her.

(He has learned my weaknesses. If he does the same to me, my body surely won’t be able to take it)

As she looked down and thought about a countermeasure with a serious expression, the red-haired newcomer sitting next to her poked her bare arms.

(Hey, your customer is here. He’s looking this way, you know?)

When she told her in a whisper, she looked up and saw the same dull thirty-year-old man she discussed earlier standing there.


Her eyes and mouth opened wide as she let out a voiceless scream.
However, as expected of a worker in a first-class store. She quickly pulled herself together and smiled even though she was tense inside.
The other person smiles happily and raises one hand to greet her.
She probably caught the words that leaked out from Twintails mouth. The boyish long red-haired woman matched her gaze with Twintails

(So that man is…)

She squinted her eyes quizzically at the impression that was very different from what she had imagined.

『A large man with a thick body made of muscle and fat, with thick hair all over his body. The rod between his legs is vicious and emits the odor of a male odor that will make you faint. And once the play starts, there is no stopping him』

(What is it about this man that made her say we should be prepared for psychological death when playing with him?)

She’s curious but hesitant to actually try to take him on. The long red-haired woman casually moves to the edge of the platform and watches them from a distance.
Dr. Slime glanced at her as she left her seat, but quickly returned his gaze to Twintails.

(It’s Twintails. It’s been a while)

Here, the perspective shifts to Tauro.
There are only two people who are willing to play with me, Light Cruiser-sensei and Explosive onee-san. It seems that bad rumors won’t disappear easily, and the ban is far from fully being lifted.
That’s why I always headed for the counter. Although I sometimes passed by the sideline, I never made my way near the platform.
Today, I had arrived earlier than the time of my reservation, so I was looking around the store for the first time in a while.

(Her expression is as stiff as always when she sees me)

The tight smile on her face was probably the best she could do. I couldn’t help but chuckle at that thought.


I noticed the wary look on her face and the gaze she directed at my hand. For some reason, she was hiding her ample chest with her arm and glared at my right palm, which I raised to greet her.


As I had no idea what that was about, I tried opening and closing my fingers.
Then Twintail hugged herself tightly with her arms and made an excruciating expression.

(Could it be…)

I move my hand as if I’m massaging her to test my hypothesis. Twintails who sit at some distance away reacted by twisting her body as her expression contorted.

『I’ll pretend to tickle the soles of her feet and she laughs even though I’m not actually touching her』

I’m pretty sure this is the same phenomenon.

(I knew that Twintails was sensitive, but to think she was this sensitive)

It’s just disgusting. I’ve given up on the idea of playing with her, but I’m afraid she won’t even want to enter my sight with this.

(But, this is kind of fun)

In order to further verify the results, I now rubbed the air with both hands.

「….Hey, wai– stop it!」

Twintails curl up in protest while sitting down.
I started to enjoy this and roughly rubbed her, pinching the air with my fingertips and opening my mouth, and moving my tongue.

「No, no, you can’t… stooopp!」

I pulled my pinched fingertips toward me and then released them. Twintails shuddered while letting out a stifled scream and stopped moving.
Low commotion and sparse, fearful applause came from the surroundings. Before I knew it, the customers of the store seemed to have gathered around me.

(What was that? Did he just attack her from a distance?)

Big Mouth, who was watching from the platform side, couldn’t believe what she saw in front of her.
He had made her colleague climax with only a gesture, even though there were five or six steps between them.

(If he was able to pull this off without touching her, no wonder it was called 『Psychological Death』)

The tall, long red-haired newcomer shook her head as if he was convinced.
She was deeply impressed to see one of the pinnacles of the royal capital’s red-light district.



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