Chapter 279 Part 2



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

Here, the stage moves from the Northern city of the Empire to the royal capital of the Kingdom.
The time is mid-afternoon. The sun is high in the blue sky, and the early summer sunlight is pouring down on the royal capital.
I was on my way to the school in Middletown, southeast of the central square.

(I think this is the first time I’m going to an out-of-the-store date)

The juniors in her alma mater are having a friendly match and Light Cruiser-sensei invited me to watch.

(Oh, crap. She’s already there)

I should’ve arrived earlier than the appointed time, but I could see the figure of Light Cruiser-sensei already in front of the school gate.
The reason why I recognized her even in the distance was because she was very conspicuous.
Her face, her style, and her aura. As expected of a woman working for one of the big three brothels. Her presence is in a whole different dimension from those around her.

「I’m sorry, did you wait long?」

I ran up and called out to her. The people around me, men and women alike, turned to look at me with surprised expressions on their faces.

『They look so incompatible』

If I had to describe the feeling that I was getting, I would say this. I myself am aware of how I look, so I guess this reaction is natural.

(Their puzzled gaze feels good)

Regardless of what they think, the fact is that the goddess in the long white skirt is smiling back at me. As if to show off, I took her hand in a slightly familiar manner and walked into the school.
The stare that pierces my back and the faint whispers of the people who saw us. My self-confidence is filled to the brim, and my heart is elated.

「It’s the indoor arena over there, Tauro-sama」

I was escorting her even though I didn’t know the place well, but then Light Cruiser-sensei pulled me back with a smile.
When I turned my eyes, I saw that it was a reasonably large building with a stone dome. A sign at the entrance reads, 『Flower District Tournament, Women’s Local Qualifying Round』 , swallowing a lot of audiences.

「Is this something like a traditional match between rival schools?」

I said while recalling our conversation in bed. It’s only the first round, but it’s a battle of fate, so she wanted to cheer for them.
I entered the building while listening to Light Cruiser-sensei’s story about her time as a player.

「So you came, Senpai!」

Then we were immediately surrounded by a group of girls who were between junior high and high school age.
Apparently, they were juniors in her club activities, and they all looked very excited. I guess her existence is more like a legend rather than a figure of admiration.
As an extra, I stepped back a bit and looked around the room.

(So that’s where they’re going to do it huh)

A large space with a dome-shaped ceiling. In the center of the space is a circular stage, six meters in diameter and about one meter high. A soft mat was laid on the floor.
Incidentally, 『Flower District』 is the same as the Divine Tournament held in the Holy City. It is said to be the most popular competition among students.
And it seems that Light Cruiser-sensei was nearly invincible when she was a student.

「Please have a seat over here」

I was led to a seat in the front row by one of the students. After a short pause, Light Cruiser-sensei, who had finally been released from the younger students, came next to me.

「You’re quite the celebrity aren’t you」

At my words, Light Cruiser-sensei shrugged her shoulders embarrassedly. After that, we spent the rest of the day listening to explanations until the match started.
To summarize, it’s not an individual match, but a team match. It’s a winner-takes-all game, with five players from the vanguard to captain.
The girls wearing cloaks were sitting next to us. They must be the players.

「It’s finally starting」

After Light Cruiser-sensei said that, a girl with frizzy hair went up on stage and took off her cape to reveal a yellow bikini.
From the other side of the stage appeared a girl with a stern face and a young lady’s cut wearing a blue bikini. Both girls were young and had slim, immature body lines.


The two approach the center of the stage in a fighting pose at the sound of the referee on stage. They immediately start throwing cat-like punches at each other to rip off the other’s bra.
Yellow, who had intercepted her opponent’s arm, grabbed Blue’s chest firmly with both hands and squeezed powerfully over her bra. As I watched them, I asked a question.

「Stroking, rubbing, and licking. Were these three the only ways to attack?」

Light Cruiser-sensei nodded. You can’t hit, slap, or lock your opponent. Anyway, you can’t use a move that will hurt your opponent.
Unable to shake free, blue bikini is pushed down, her bra is taken away and her chest is sucked. She tried to escape by bridging, but yellow bikini’s hands were wrapped around her back and she was hugged tightly.
Her thighs, which had been closed together, loosened momentarily as she was sucked continuously. Without missing a moment, the right hand of the yellow bikini reached out to blue bikini’s lower abdomen.


At the same time as the blue bikini’s desperate voice, her fingers invade the space between the fabric and her skin. She began to moan loudly.
At that moment, the player from the other school let out a cry of anguish with hints of sweetness and gave up.

「That’s one victory」

At my words, Light Cruiser-sensei offered a high five with a smile. When I touched her wide open chest, she gently head-butted me.
Meanwhile, the next vanguard of the team, wearing a blue bikini, appeared on stage. The bikinis are the same color and shape, so they must be their uniforms.

(This time is a close one)

As a result of undressing each other, both were completely naked. Now that they both are lying down, both of them are sticking their heads between each other’s legs and vigorously moving their tongues.
The sound of licking and slurping could be heard between the cheers.


That voice came from Light Cruiser-sensei. Her junior couldn’t withstand it and pulled her face away.
Her opponent immediately flipped her body and moved her crotch away from her opponent’s range. Blue now has her face buried between yellow’s thighs and is in a one-sided licking position.

(It’s decided huh)

Yellow’s consciousness was already running on edge. Eventually, she stretched out one leg in the air, her chin turned up and her back shook.
After one win and one loss, the two sides continued to take turns picking up wins. But at the end of the day, the other team’s captain won again and again, and her alma mater lost.
She was brought to her knees by the technique of poking the bent fingers and twisting them from side to side.


While consoling the dejected Light Cruiser-sensei, I turned my attention to the bench of the other school. There, I spotted a familiar figure.
The other side notices me and walks over to me. Before I could even open my mouth, Light Cruiser-sensei next to me spoke.

「We lost huh」

「Of course, I’m the one who trains them after all」

The answer came from a young woman with a dignified atmosphere. It was Cool-san. As I looked back and forth between the two of them, Light Cruiser-sensei explained to me.

「She was your rival during your school days?」

I groaned in surprise and conviction. The part that I mentioned earlier, 『Light Cruiser-sensei was almost invincible』. Apparently, it was Cool-san who fought on equal terms against her.
She has a lot of time on her hands and has recently taken on the role of coach at her alma mater.
After bowing to me, Cool-san walked away with her beautiful back straightened.

「This is big, yet a small world huh」

I sighed, and Light Cruiser-sensei shrugged her shoulders and smiled at me.
As we left the venue after the first defeat, we found another sign in the stadium. The words on the sign read, 『Flower District Tournament, Men’s District Qualifying Venue』

(Speaking of which, unlike the Divine Tournament in the Holy City, the one earlier was between women)

This one must be for the mixed gender. I nodded my head and went in with Light Cruiser-sensei. And we left immediately.

(I’m an idiot)

I was stunned at my own shallow thinking.
Earlier, it was a yuri game for 『Girls』. Then what about the boys? Naturally, it was a rose match.
The men fighting on stage were wearing bikini pants that had been pulled down to expose half of their butts. They were in a circle on the mat with their mouths full of each other’s erect crotches.


Honestly, that’s all that came out of my mouth.
Light Cruiser-sensei seemed unconcerned while looking around at the audience and saying happily, 『It seems it’s getting popular now』.
It seems that a few years ago when she was still active, the boys’ side was not so popular.

(Right, this is that kind of world after all)

If there are girl’s category, it’s only natural that there are also boys’ category.
If you think same-sex matches are weird, then you must feel the same way about the girls’ division.

(“I’m a man so I’m no good with men’s matches”. This wouldn’t pass as an excuse either)

If we think about it and switch the gender, it’s the same as if Light Cruiser-sensei watched girls’ matches.

(What a mind-blowing difference in culture!)

I am reminded once again that this is a different world. However, I have no intention to touch on this particular cultural difference.

(What I like is women. I’m fine with just this)

There is no need to force myself to embrace the difference. I can just live my life the way I want to.
I switched my gears and turned to Light Cruiser-sensei who was walking next to me.

「Let’s go shopping after this, and get something to eat after that」

I held hands with the smiling Light Cruiser-sensei, and walked north to the shopping district.
And after cruising around until dark, I accompanied her to work at Jayanne to end the date with a play.




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