Chapter 287 Part 2



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What she felt from her own skinny butt was a hot presence that was becoming more and more hard.
It was a sign that the emperor was interested in her. She was happy about it, but a question arises in her mind.

(Just what part of me that he find attractive as a woman?)

Not only is she small, but she has a slow-growth figure. She even has a feeling that she will never grow anymore, but she tries not to think about it.
Her naturally drowsy half-lidded eyes also seem to make a bad impression, and she doesn’t remember herself ever being popular with anyone.

(His Majesty is in a position where he could have as many beautiful princesses as he wants)

The small female pilot, confused, stifled her voice. Listening to her voice, the Emperor squinted in amusement.

(There aren’t that many of this type of girl around me)

She was shorter than his shoulders and had a slender body proportionate to her height. She is light and doesn’t feel much of a burden on his lap.
And above all, she believes that she herself is not attractive enough to attract men.

(I get tired of interacting with all of those self-important, confident noblewomen)

To the emperor, this small pilot was quite a fresh experience.

(She’s sensitive, but she’s not accustomed to it)

For the emperor, the way she wriggles and lets out a hot breath, not knowing how to react, is cute.
The feeling of her small butt moving from side to side embarrassedly is also something he has never seen before.

(It’s too stimulating for me if you move that much. Try to relax a little)

Telling her in his mind, the emperor held her belly with his left arm and slid his right hand deep into her tight skirt.
The pilot gasped and stiffened as he squeezed the single bud that became hard over her underwear.

(Mu? This is…?)

He slid a single finger from the side of her underwear and reached under her bud. There, the emperor bends his eyebrows and at the same time bends his fingertips to rub the entrance area.
He held her reflexively resisting torso in his arms and nodded to himself on her shoulder.

(So she has no experience at all huh? How amusing)

In one motion, he made her stand mid-stride from her seat and slid her underwear down to her knees. At the same time, he took off his own underwear and sat the petite female pilot on it.


The tip was placed at the entrance. It was no wonder that the inexperienced woman let out a cry.
Unable to sit down, the petite female pilot doesn’t have a choice but to stay in a painful squatting position. It would have been easier if she could just open her legs on both sides, but the underwear between her knees got in the way and wouldn’t let her.
As a result, she had to operate the Knight and made it walk forward in the air chair position.

(Now then, I wonder how long she can hold in that position)

The tip of the average-sized emperor sunk into her small-sized mouth. She seems to be afraid to sit and accept all of it.
But the rhythmic motion of the Knight walking and the strenuous position. It is clear that she won’t be able to maintain it for a very long time.

[Hii! Hmph! Kh!]

With each step, the crown prince is swallowed up a little more. Then, at some point, the invasion stopped.

[So we reached the wall huh]

The emperor said to himself while looking at the small butt that he stabbed slightly.
A few steps later, she seems to have reached her limit, and the exhausted butt swallows the crown prince up by half.


She let out a scream and failed to control the Knight’s posture. The two-seater A-class Knight, which lost its balance, fell back onto the road in a spectacular fashion.
The impact naturally struck the cockpit as well, and from half the way, she swallowed all the way to the base.


The petite female pilot, with long hair tied up, became stiff and speechless with her mouth agape. The drowsiness was blown out of her now wide-open eyes.

(This is quite tight. One of the best I’ve ever had)

She is small and well-trained, and this is her first time. The emperor clenched his teeth and endured the tightness of those three elements.
It was only natural from his standpoint. The sovereign of the most powerful country on the continent must not came first against an inexperienced opponent.

(…Alright, I can do this)

After several shallow breaths, he slowly moved his body back and forth as if to relieve the still-motionless female pilot.

(Hou, so the Knight moves along with her huh)

It was probably due to the fact that she lost consciousness while still in sync with it. When the emperor shakes her body, the Knight’s body also moves.
The emperor, amused by the fact that his actions were transmitted to the Knight, began to experiment with various movements, such as prying left and right.
On the other side, a B-class Knight who tried to rush to the A-class Knight who had fallen on its butt was stopped by another B-class Knight.

『He’s in the middle of having fun. We better not interrupt him』

The B-class Knight bumped its body against the other B-class and whispered through vibration.
The elderly pilot sitting in the cockpit, let out a breath of relief.

(I was wondering how he would feel about her, but I’m glad he likes her)

Once they arrived at the castle, the emperor had to dismount the Knight. However, he had to keep the Knight and the pilot by his side so that they could escape at any time.
The best solution to this problem was for him to like the female pilot.

(The place we’re heading to is also a tough place in a way. I need her to protect His Majesty from our allies as well)

The old pilot furrowed his eyebrows as he pulled himself together.
Their destination is Rose Castle, the residence of Count Rosehip. It’s a beautiful, elegant white castle nestled in a perfectly maintained rose garden.
Sandwiched between a hill and a river, it is easy to defend even with a small number of Knights, and since it is the base of the Rose Knights, it is well-equipped with Knight-related facilities.

(If that was all about this place, it would have made it the perfect place to take refuge though)

However, Rose Castle is also a place where bees gather for the roses. The stewards and footmen who look after the castle will offer to keep him company for the night with the best of intentions.
In order to refuse it, it is essential that she be at his side.

(What’s left is us, the male pilots)

Unlike the emperor, they had not brought their own female partners.
This time, because of the limited number of people, the pilot was also required to act as a bodyguard. This meant that they can’t pick women who would inevitably be inferior in terms of physical strength.
Therefore, they had no choice but to pick men to pilot the Knights except for the A-class Knight.

(I must somehow protect myself and avoid the nightmarish situation)

He had heard that Rose Castle has a tremendous influence on someone. It is said that even those who have absolute confidence that they will be fine will be tainted by the rose color within three nights.
And this time, their stay will not be just three days. It will be a week at least.

(I wonder how many of us would come back in the same state we left)

There are a number of people who have abandoned their positions as elite pilots in the Imperial Knights and volunteered to join the Rose Knights. And all of them have stayed at the Rose Castle for some reason or another.

(I won’t lose, I can’t lose. Never)

The old pilot tightened his abdominal muscles and clenched his teeth. In front of him, the A-class Knight was bouncing its torso up and down on its butt.



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