Chapter 296 Part 2



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(As I thought, you adored your classmates, didn’t you?)

Coach Cool whispers in his ear with a dubious smile in her eyes. With a sweet shiver running down his spine with each word, the fat boy desperately tries to reply while his mouth is covered.

「N-No, I think out of all of them, you’re the best, coach」

Hearing those words, she smiled only with her mouth and gently rubbed her right hand, which had been wrapped around it. The boy almost come right away, but the coach holds it firmly at the base and doesn’t let him come.

「Now let’s go to the waiting room. If you can prove what you just said, I’ll let you go.」

Coach Cool, determined not to let him escape, holds him from behind, pushes him on his back with her chest, and brings him into the women’s flower arrangement club’s instructor’s waiting room. The girls are having a great time in the dojo and don’t seem to notice.

(Eh? Eh?)

He can’t understand what’s going on. But at his age, when he could not even go about his daily life without self-treatment day and night, there was no choice but to accept her offer.
He entered the waiting room without resisting and was released, falling on his butt to the mat on the floor. He looked up at Coach Cool, who locked the door behind with a bewitching smile in his eyes.

「Would you like me to teach you? Or would you like to take the reins and do it however you like? It’s your first time, so choose whichever you like.」

The boy was half convinced that it was just a wet dream that came out as a result of overly fantasizing. But even if it is a dream, it would be a waste not to experience it before waking up.
If he wakes up here because he’s asking unnecessary questions, he’s sure that he’s going to regret it for the rest of his life.

「Please teach me!」

Upon hearing the answer, Coach Cool takes off her clothes right in front of him. Underneath the tight-fitting pants look, she was still in her blue bikini.

(It hurts!)

The fat boy’s face contorts as he presses the treasured sword between his legs at the overflowing aroma of an adult woman.
The sword was so full of power that it flailed inside its sheath to break free of its restraints, bringing its owner intense pain.

「Well then, let’s start by letting you familiarize yourself with it」

Coach Cool, dressed in a bikini, kneels on the mat and removes the boy’s hand from the treasure sword, and grips the hilt with her left hand. Next, she grabs the sheath with her right hand and slowly pushes it down.
As the fat boy writhes in pain, the corners of Coach Cool’s mouth rise. When the blade is finally exposed, she lets out a deep sigh with a tipsy expression.


Probably because her hot breath touched him, the boy let out a girly voice. Coach Cool narrows his eyes and tells him in a joyful tone.

「Until you can endure this, I’m only going to use my breath」

「No way」

Coach cool takes a deep breath and puffs out her chest, then does the same thing again. The fat boy’s waist lifts as he feels the moist air that houses her body heat.
On the other hand, the treasure sword was shaking to release its hidden power as the coach was holding the hilt.

「You want me to stick it in my mouth and touch it with my tongue, right? You better do your best then.」

She deliberately provokes him by making wet sounds with her mouth. The fat boy is so frustrated that his position changed from sitting on his butt to lying on his back, making a bridge.
However, even as she wraps her mouth cavity around the sword, Coach Cool still ensures that she doesn’t touch it. She just keeps exhaling a breath that contains a lot of moisture and heat from the depths of her lungs.

「I can’t hold it anymore! Please!」

He begged her desperately, but the coach of the women’s flower arrangement club, who is known for her strictness, would not listen to such whining.
With an expression like a witch who torments her prey, she dismissed the proposal with a single sentence.

「You can’t. And keep your voice down. If the club members find out, I’ll stop it right away.」

The fat boy hero, his wish unfulfilled, swings his treasured sword around like a madman. However, the Ice Witch easily dodges the blade of his treasure sword, purses her lips, and blows it with her witch’s breath.
After repeating this several times, the Ice Witch, with a look that said, 『what a naughty boy』 pointed her tongue and touched the blade of the sword.

「Ah! Ah-Ah!」

The stifled voice of the boy hero echoes in the instructor’s waiting room. It should have been a long-awaited moment for him, but his feeling is tinged with sadness rather than joy.
The reason was the way the Ice Witch touched him. She kept changing the location and kept thrusting with the tip of her tongue.

「Coach! Coach!」

The volume of his voice gradually increased and the hardness she felt on the tip of her tongue. From these two things, she guessed that the sensitivity of the young hero had risen to near its limit.

(Now for the finishing touches)

The Ice Witch opens her mouth wide and launches a massive attack in order to bring him from 『near the limit』 to the『the top』.
It is a tongue attack so fierce that it seems to melt the sword by licking it. If it had been made of syrup, it would have disappeared without a trace.

「Your wish is finally coming true. Savor it and burn it deep into your memory.」

Now, the sensitivity of the fat boy hero is physically at its highest point.
To this is added the value of 『first time』. There’s probably no one else in his life who will surpass his experience with the Ice Witch in the future.

『He will remember his time with her while inside another woman』

This is why she can’t stop hunting and eating virgins.
The Ice Witch, her back shivering with joy, mounts the young hero on his stomach. Using herself as a sheath, she swallows his treasured sword.
However, she still kept her left hand on the hilt to hold back the power of the treasured sword.


After moving her hips a couple of times, the Ice Witch’s face distorted as she let out a strained moan.
It wasn’t because the treasured sword was too big. It was because she had been craving it for so long that she was weak from hunger.

(More than this is…)

After she resolved herself, swallowed her spit, and cleared her throat, she removed her left hand to finish herself off.


The Ice Witch’s eyes and mouth opened wide, exclaimed in a wild voice.
A torrent of pure heroic power is released after being sealed for a long time. The white radiance that would destroy the enemy swallows up everything in its path.
And for Cool-san, the Ice Witch, the pure element is her natural enemy. She takes an infinite amount of damage.

(This is quite the heat! I can’t endure it.)

The Ice Palace deep in the dungeon is instantly melted and gushes out hot water from the entrance of the dungeon.
The Ice Witch has been destroying numerous intruders without the slightest change in her expression. But now, all that comes to her mind is pure admiration.

「Well done」

He then collapsed forward onto the young hero’s overly plump chest.

「You should know that I will only do it with you this once in your lifetime. So make sure you don’t have any regrets.」

These were the words of Cool-san, who revived after a short time.
The sun has already set and the girls have gone home. In the starlight pouring in through the window, was the figure of Cool-san, straddling the male student while wiggling her hips.

「You understand?」

But there was no reply. The fat boy hero underneath her had lost his mind, albeit temporarily, at the cost of exercising his power.
Now all he could think of was to move and spit out his pure energy.

「Hey, do you understand?」

She asked again while biting her own lower lip. But the only reply she got was a moan of happiness.
She frowned and glared at the boy with stern eyes, and then gripped his plump belly with both hands. Then, with a sharp voice, she asked again for the third time.


Right after that, Cool-san’s chin shot upwards towards the ceiling as her body shook and jerked. But this was not the end; she rewinds back asking the same question from the beginning as if she was on a loop.
The two immersed in their play continued until the early summer sunrise.


Time goes back to before sunset, and this is a window from a different wall from the one the fat boy was peeking through. Stuck to the window is a male student who doesn’t feel like going to school unless his bangs are in place.


Right now, he was enjoying the rare good fortune of witnessing a single beautiful girl being sexually tortured by a number of other beautiful girls.
(She’s squirting, she’s squirting)

The boy who cannot endure it any longer opened the front of his uniform and pulled out the contents with difficulty.
He peeked through the window, and just as he was about to grasp it with his left hand, someone grabbed his wrist.


It was like being held by a plainclothes police officer just when you’re shoplifting. Immediately afterward, he could feel body heat behind him, and someone’s face was lined up next to his own.
When he moved his eyes to the side, he could see a lush, shaven profile, though it was too close to focus. He felt a jolting pain as it pressed against his cheek.

「What do you think about joining the men’s flower arrangement club? I’m sure it will be fun, you know」

The mysterious man grips the boy’s wrist with his left hand and holds the sensitive stick with his right. He began to move it gently back and forth while holding the sensitive spot with his calloused fingers.

「Southpaw, huh? That’s nice. If you work hard, you can be a regular in no time.」

The boy use his right hand to shake it off, but the difference in muscle strength made his attempt fruitless.
The mysterious man said, “Oh?” and continued with a smile plastered on his face.

「Cross dominance! Now I really want you to join our club.」

His heightened enthusiasm for solicitation is transmitted to the boy in the form of grip strength and wrist movements, and in no time at all the boy was pushed beyond his limits. But still, the fingers gripped firmly at the base of the hand does not let him let it out.

「You will have a great group of friends waiting for you, and you will be able to learn something if you are active in the club. Come on, let’s join the club!」

The male student’s body shook repeatedly while being held from behind by the coach, who is around 30 years old with a lushly shaven face. But he won’t let him climax.

「I-It hurts」

「Have you made up your mind to join the club?」

His right hand was moving up and down as he gripped the root. And he kept inviting him with a smile until the boy gave in and begged him.



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