Chapter 301 Part 1



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A joint event by lower-class brothels held in a rented corner of the red-light district. The second round begins around evening.

(More and more people are coming.)

Spectator seats were set up in various locations around the venue, using the building’s second-floor balcony. I was able to find empty seats for the first round, but now I can’t.
Another somewhat depressing thing is that the view is so limited that you can only see the battle in front of you.

(Well, I guess that’s the difference between an honored guest and a regular guest.)

Honored guests, including myself, and the concierge, the management, can go anywhere along the wooden bridge connecting the rooftop of the building.
As I was strolling on the rooftop thinking about this, a well-dressed old man called out to me. He was probably the same special guest, just like me.

「Could it be that you’re the Revolutioner-sama?」

It seems that someone mistook me for him due to my overly conspicuous mask. When I politely denied it, the other person’s smile suddenly tightened as he took two steps back and asked me again.

「….Ah, my apologies. Then, are you the Gourmet of Gold?」

He mistook me again, perhaps because my mask was gold. I waved my hand strongly from side to side across his face and revealed myself as Dr. Slime.

(Dr. Slime and the Gourmet of Gold are known as the twin treasure of the royal capital red-light district. Did he get creeped out because of our infamy?)

That’s what I thought, but it was the complete opposite. The fat old man’s eyes lit up like a boy’s as he pulled out a pen from his pocket and asked me for my autograph.

(Why should I write something on an old man’s back?)

I think as I run my pen down the old man’s back, who has taken off his coat and is now in his underwear. I feel jealous of my weak heart that couldn’t refuse him.

「To the right of my spine, please.」

From the fact that he came to me with such a request, I guess he also intends to get autographs from the Revolutioner. Finally, I was made to write the old man’s name, and I sighed deeply behind my mask.
I left the place quickly, hoping that the next person who wanted an autograph would not appear.

(The second round is starting)

After moving across several bridges, I watched the game alone this time. The area has a few buildings taller than two stories, so the view from the rooftop is excellent.
Attracted by the lights and cries, I turned my eyes to see a girl with braided hair and huge breasts dominating the scene.

(Big-breasted general, huh)

Waving her wand and boobs like a commanding officer, she backs the men into a corner.
Following her command are a number of women, led by a Black Tights junior who is a student at the pilot school. Perhaps, as a professional fighter, she was entrusted with commanding the entire group.

(Good luck, and please, do your best to brush off the stigma that has been painted on the Kingdom knight order.)

I thought from the depth of my heart as I gazed at her cannonball-shaped, super-huge breasts bouncing and swaying around.
In the end, the women won the second round thanks to the big-breasted general. So there was no chance for me to give them a massage.

(The guild master and the others also have tried their best.)

The two old men in black ski masks were indeed strong. However, the absence of a commander must have had a negative impact. They were not able to utilize their strength effectively and were divided and defeated individually.

(That was a great match, worth watching. And the crowd is getting into it.)

With the late summer sunset approaching, the seats on the balcony are packed.
At that moment, the voice of the host, the Thief Beard concierge, echoes from the distant rooftop of the restaurant.

『Unfortunately, the men’s side lost. But we will not give up. Dear audience! Please lend us your strength. We are waiting for you at the reception desk on the first floor of the restaurant.』

This is done for a fee by mobilizing women from end-of-the-century brothels. This event was already planned from the start, but the way the result just now connected to the event was very good.
The reception area will be crowded as the audience is starting to move in with cheers.

(There should be a lot of people who will get hooked on it once they play it once.)

I myself find it very interesting. The promotion of the toys by this event is definitely a great success.
I cross the bridge over the rooftop and return to the restaurant’s rooftop. There, I express my one concern to the concierge with Thief Beard, who has just completed a major role in the event.

「Won’t the fourth level of vibration be too rough for the first-timers?」

It’s okay, Thief Beard replied. They decided to seal it for both men and women in general participation.
Considering the fact that several people dropped out in the first round, it was an understandable decision.

「There are also other points where the general participation game will be different from the two held earlier.」

When I urged him to continue with my mask, the concierge confidently continued.

「In the upcoming matches, you can only play against opponents you have beaten. Conversely speaking, you cannot play with them unless you beat them.」

I felt like I had been hit over the head with those words.

(Isn’t that just like 『Hunting』? And with your life on the line.)

Eat the person you finish off on the spot. Naturally, they may also lose their lives in a counterattack. It is the very image of the wildlife itself.
In the case of the end-of-the-century brothel, this is possible regardless of the shooting event. If someone sees a woman walking around the area and feels aroused, they will simply let out strange noises as they attack her.
Although there is a high degree of freedom, it can be said that the flavor of the game is rather thin.


By devising a way to limit the food, the desire to eat is increased. I have nothing but praise for his ideas and skill.
When I close my eyes, I can picture the scene in my mind.

(A woman writhing in agony after being hit by an arrow of light.)

The hunter waits until she is weakened, approaches, and pulls out the thumbstick that has been inserted into her. Next, he pulls out a hunting knife from between his legs and thrusts it deep into the animal’s throat.

(It is truly well done)

The apologetic voice of Thief Beard old man reaches my ears as I nod repeatedly. Looks like it’s time for me to get to work on the prize.
The red-haired braids are to be presented to the Herbivore mechanic, the sole survivor of the first round when he is ready to eat.

「Ah, you’re right. I’ll head there immediately.」

I move to a private room on the first floor of the restaurant and wait for her to be ready. When I hear a voice saying, 『I’m ready』, I go to the next room.
There, as I had ordered, a freckled girl with red hair in braids was lying on her back on the bed, completely naked and wearing an eye mask.

「Alri—ght, I’m going to have to restrain you for a bit, okay?」

I have her raise her arms above her head and tie them loosely with a soft cloth. This is done to prevent her from trying to comfort herself when her libido is heightened.

「Now then, I will begin」

I use my ten fingers on each hand and move them as if I were conducting an orchestra. I trace the lines of light floating on the body of the braided red-hair girl.
My fingers follow the changing intensity of the light as it moves from place to place, raising the color temperature and intensifying the brightness.

(Nice, this is a good sensitivity.)

Even though only my fingers move, it is a massage that involves a great deal of movement of my whole body. Sweat floats under my mask.
The orchestra of the braided red-hair girl is a collection of various musical instruments. Under my direction, they start to play a quiet tune to achieve their goal.

(Let’s keep it low in this part and fast tempo in this part.)

With the finger technique, I have trained on the body of Light Cruiser-sensei, I push and release the pistons at the right time on the tip of the braided red hair’s breasts and between her legs.
Soon, her upper and lower mouthpieces opened wide, and she began to let out a large amount of spit that had collected inside.



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