Chapter 312 Part 2

(Oh, Busty-chan huh.)

As an active member of the Kingdom knight order, she was entrusted with the command and successfully defeated the men’s team by splitting them up. She’s the one who led the women’s team to victory.

「A lot of customers came to the store to see her, but there was a commotion because she was retired.」

Her very big, jiggly, cannonball-shaped big breasts. There are probably not many men who would not be captivated by the sight of those big breasts.
Even if they came to the store to get pleasured with those huge things, they wouldn’t even be able to put a reservation on her because she no longer works there in the first place. It is no wonder that the customers are so upset.

「I heard they instead had another girl from the pilot school to service them, but the customers aren’t convinced.」

My expression becomes serious at once. This is a store that specializes in uniforms. The only student from the pilot school left at the store is just Black Tights junior.

(That girl won’t do. She’s not in line with the demands.)

She has a slender body and small breasts and butt. For the male customers who expected breasts that are large enough to generate a gravitational pull, Black Tights-chan would have the opposite effect.

「It ended up becoming a talk that they couldn’t present her to the customers, that it was a scam. The store indeed became more famous, but its reputation is falling.」

The image that popped up in my mind was the elderly concierge going back and forth impatiently.

(What are you doing, elderly concierge…)

Another big sigh escapes my mouth, with a different meaning than before.
Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they were closed temporarily the other day. It’s my favorite store, so I hope it stays open.
After shaking my head, I asked him about something that had been bothering me.

「By the way, did you see the Revolutioner in the event?」

Two old men look at each other. The answer that came from both of them was that they had not seen him.
However, they didn’t say he didn’t come. The guild master and vice guild master had participated in the game as one of the players, so they had not been at the audience venue.

「What kind of person is he?」

The old men raise their eyebrows and make troubled expressions. The small guild master spoke while stroking his chin.

「Normal, is the only thing I can say about him. He’s younger than me, but definitely older than Tauro-kun.」

「He’s also skinnier than me.」

The Santa Claus-like vice guild master continued as he patted his magnificent beer belly. More than half the people in this world are skinnier than him so that isn’t really a helpful opinion.
When I asked if he ever shows his face in the merchant guild, he says that he comes here occasionally when he has something to do.

「He sometimes comes to the guild to borrow money to open a store. The guild also provided loans for the production of the toys he invented.」

According to the vice guild master, he is an E-rank merchant.
The guild master and vice-guild master are both D-rank. I and the tough-looking old man are E-rank. And the guild officials and novice merchants are F-rank.

「If Tauro-kun ever feels like starting a business, and needs a loan, we can lend you money depending on what the contents are. Come to me anytime for advice.」

He told me with a smile that looked like something directed toward children on Christmas Day, but I politely declined.
I already have two jobs which are as a pharmacist and a knight pilot of the merchant guild. If I add another job on top of those, I won’t have time to play anymore.

「I’d love to meet him sometime.」

Goblin Jii-chan laughed mischievously at my words.

「The other party might’ve seen you as his rival, so that might be difficult.」

「….I am more on the consumer side, not the provider side, though.」

My standing is only that of a customer. I am not interested in competing with the management.
This is what I’ve been trying to emphasize, but the guild master doesn’t nod his head.

「Whether you really think so or not, doesn’t mean the other person has the same feelings.」

When he finished talking, he and the vice guild master smiled broadly.


The Royal Castle that stands to the north of the central square. From there, going east past the Royal Magic Academy, you will find the pilot school.
The most conspicuous feature is probably the large stone auditorium building that stands in the center of it.
At the moment, two young women were sitting on a bench by the indoor wall, sipping the iced tea in their hands, watching a mock battle of miniature Knights taking place in front of them.

「You look troubled. What are you thinking about?」

It was Cool-san’s voice. She is dressed like an olive-drab tank crewman, which gives her a very different impression from when she is in the brothel.
And of course, for the bottom, she wears a tight skirt. It is the uniform of the prestigious Kingdom’s pilot school.

「Yes, I can’t help but think of the wickedness to the defeated. What if this was a real war and I lost and was captured?」

The one who furrowed her brows and sighed was Light Cruiser-sensei, who was also dressed in a pilot’s uniform.
The girls, who had the disadvantage of only being able to attend classes in the morning before work, were able to enter the advanced class in a short period of time. Tauro, who made the recommendation behind their backs, was right.
However, only Light Cruiser-sensei had been lacking spirit since the other day.

「There’s no what and how. They hold you down by force, and whether you like it or not, they shove their way in from behind.」

Cool-san told her nonchalantly, with a blank expression on her face. She was made to realize this fact with eggplant and cucumber, but she still doesn’t regret her choice.
She believes this is something she needs to know if she wants to become a Knight pilot.


“Conversely speaking, there’s no wickedness to the defeated unless you become the Knight pilot”. She continued, to remind the rival who, since her student days, has lost sight of her surroundings when she begins to concentrate.

「You don’t have to get hung up on piloting Knights. There are also jobs involving Golems everywhere.」

The pilot school was established by the Kingdom to provide them with excellent Knight pilots. Light Cruiser-sensei looked at her wondering what she was saying while they were attending this school.
Cool-san’s mouth relaxed just a little at the reproachful look in her eyes.

「Relax, and remember exactly what you came here for. You wanted to find out your real potential, didn’t you? Not because you wanted to go to war.」

Light Cruiser-sensei’s eyebrows relaxed as Cool-san pointed this out.
Certainly, there’s the desire to be Tauro’s coworker as the Merchant Guild’s Knight. But the biggest reason is the challenge of life.

「If you can leave an achievement in the pilot school, it will prove that you have what it takes to be a good pilot. And the skills you acquire will never betray you.」

Horse and ox-shaped golems for carrying people and goods. A pig-shaped golem for farming. A golem with only the upper half of a person’s body used like a machine tool in a workshop.
It could be said that lifestyle in this world is largely supported by golems. That is why pilots are in such great demand, and they have no trouble making a living no matter how old they get.

「You want to learn piloting skills, but you don’t know if you want to ride a Knight. You needn’t worry about that, since you still get the offer after you told them that, didn’t you?」

Light Cruiser-sensei remembered. She and Cool-san were in Jayanne’s reception room when they met with someone from the Kingdom knight order.
Unlike Cool-san, who immediately told him that she wanted to be a Knight pilot, she certainly told him exactly that.

「…..You’re right. This is just a mock battle. It’s a training exercise to hone my skills. I just have to think of it that way.」

Her face brightened and she thanked her for her concern. Then, right then and there, they decided on a goal of their own.

「Reaching the top four in the regular practical exam in the fall. What do you think?」

Cool-san’s suggestion is met with Light Cruiser-sensei’s pondering face.

『The top four students are eligible for training in the Kingdom knight order, where they will be hired if they are deemed qualified.』
Because of this custom, it is the ultimate goal for the students in pilot school. If they have achieved that level of success, they would be considered not just a first glance, but even at a ninth glance, in the private sector.
However, this also pushes out students who aspire to become members of the knight order and deprives them of opportunities.

「If they can’t beat us, they’ll never even get the chance to qualify for the training.」

The slight hesitation Light Cruiser-sensei had was blown away by Cool-san’s words.
They looked at each other and nodded their heads. And so began the legendary winning streak of the 『Two exceptional talents』 rarely seen in recent years.


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