Chapter 335 part 1

A few days have passed since the regular practical exam that was held at the pilot school. This is the merchant guild located on the east side of the central square of the royal capital.
It is crowded every day from morning, but as expected, it is a little empty before noon. As usual, I went there to deliver potions.

「I’ve confirmed the quality of the potions. Excellent quality as always.」

At the counter on the first floor, smiling broadly, was the tough-looking chief clerk, who had completely used to handling me as my supervisor.
Since the other counters seemed to be handling most of the customers, we decided to have a little small talk.

「There’s a search instruction circulating around the red-light district?」

I raised my eyebrows and whispered back at the tough-looking old man who leaned in close and told me in a low voice.
Apparently, there’s a customer who overdid it at a certain brothel and crushed one of the female workers there.

「Fortunately, the woman was not seriously injured. But it is clear that it is a serious breach of etiquette.」

The chief of staff erases his business smile and continues with a serious expression on his face.
My expression turned grim as well, but it was not because of resentment toward the culprit. It’s because something does come to mind as well.

「Please don’t worry since this case is different from Tauro-san’s situation.」

He must have noticed my expression. The tough-looking chief shakes his hand from side to side in front of his face.

『He left the woman in the room and left the store.』

This seems to be the main problem.

(So it’s like a hit-and-run, huh?)

Certainly, it’s a little different than my case. I did not abandon my duty to help, and I also made compensation for the damage.

『Jayanne banning Dr. Slime incident.』

It happened shortly before I met with Knights and began attending the pilot school. It is a sweet but bitter memory.
That time I beat Light Cruiser-sensei head-on and took the back for a complete victory.

「Um, T-Tauro-sama, what are you….」

The innocent and serious Light Cruiser-sensei would not allow backdoor entry.
However, I learned more about her body than she did in a serious match by using my magic eye.

「Wait, not there! No! Don’t!」

She realized what I was going to do and resisted desperately with her words. But I pushed down Light Cruiser-sensei on her stomach with her divine-looking butt held high in the air.

「It’s going to be alright. Just leave it to me.」

I patted her peach-like butt with a gentle smile. Using all of my skills, I unlocked the gate’s many locks.


An exquisite trick that’s not too much and not too lacking. Like a chef frying tempura, Tauro the knife man listens and watches carefully for the right moment.
Using my intuition, I can tell when the time is right and press the tip of my knife to the center of the giant peach.

「Ah…. Ah….」

Light Cruiser-sensei’s eyes widen at the sensation of the exquisite pressure that slowly penetrates her body.
The two contradictory situations of her mind that reject and her body that reacts to the stimulation caused her to scream, a mixture of 『I don’t like this』 and 『It feels so good』. And it continued until she lost consciousness.

(I don’t have much money at that time.)

The concierge then gave me a scolding and a hefty bill.
The bill was to compensate for the three-week absence of Light Cruiser-sensei, but I could not afford it at the time, so I worked hard to make potions.

「By the way, who in which brothel the incident happen?」

I bring my consciousness back to the present and ask with curiosity.
But the tough-looking chief just shakes his head from side to side in disappointment. He said they kept that part of the story hidden to protect the woman’s honor.
But instead, they told everybody about a slightly overweight middle-aged man, who is believed to be the culprit.

「The World Champion, huh?」

He’s also known as the man with a thousand scars on his back. I’ve heard of him.

(If I remember correctly, it was when I was with Goblin Jii-chan at the guest house after the fight with the very mature woman.)

An orgy party called Bureiko.
A tall old woman and a young woman with a long tongue who had come with the Saintess from the Eastern country and were staying with her. Responding to the call of the abbot and the priest, the fierce men who are known for their crotchets gathered.

(Shitanaga aside, the very mature woman was strong.)

As one would expect from the runner-up of the Divine Tournament in the Holy City. If not for the guild master’s 『Feather Attack』 we all would have been eaten.
One of the warriors who fought with us at that time, a middle-aged gentleman with thick belly hair, told us that the man who won the tournament by defeating that very mature woman is someone who was famous for the scars on his skin, the World Champion

(Why would a man of that stature do such a thing?)

In response to my question, the chief of staff folds his arms, closes his eyes, shakes his head from side to side, and sighs.
The World Champion’s primary job is a tuner. If women were musical instruments, he would be the essential person.
It is unthinkable that such a man, who is regarded as the best in his field, does not take good care of the instruments.

(I can’t even guess. And we can no longer ask the man himself because apparently, he has left the country.)

A regular golem carriage service going from the royal capital to Landbarn. A middle-aged man with numerous scars on his back was apparently seen in a large bathhouse in an inn town between Awoke and Landbarn.

(It will take three nights and four days for a regular golem carriage to get from here to Landbarn.)

The golem carriage departed west from the royal capital and stopped at the inn town, Awoke, the post town, and Landbarn, in that order.
Since he was seen there a few days ago, he must have already arrived at the final stop.
When I was transported to this world, it was still the Kingdom’s territory, but now it is the Empire territory ruled by the Margrave. It is no longer in the hands of the Kingdom.

「They will inform the Empire merchant guild, but I doubt they will cooperate.」

The tough-looking chief continued with a resigned look on his face.


As it is said to be the oldest business type in this world, the jurisdiction of brothels is the merchant guild. The merchants of the Empire, like those of the kingdom, are followers of the 『God of Business』.
However, their ties are loose, and they do not interact with each other much outside of trade.

(Before they’re followers of the God of Business, they’re citizens of their respective countries, after all.)

Except for the religious Eastern country, most of the world is polytheistic. It is quite normal for people to change who to worship according to their interests.
Even among those who worship the God of Business, it is fairness in business transactions that is the only thing they respect.

「They won’t do anything unless the World Champion did cause another incident over there. Because there’s nothing in it for them otherwise.」

I nodded and replied.


It was that afternoon when it was about time for lunch break.
In the employee waiting room at Jayanne, Light Cruiser-sensei had a puzzled look on her face.
The cause was a letter she had just finished reading. It had been delivered to the store by someone from the knight order.

(I wonder what I should do. It doesn’t say anything about what to do if I want to decline.)

The content is an outline for participation in the knight order training that’s going to be held in winter.
The top four students in the regular practical exam are invited to participate. If they pass the training, they will be recruited and become a member of the knight order.

『Manipulating a nearly 18-meter-tall humanoid giant, we protect people and the country from magic beasts and enemy Knights.』

Their social status is comparable to that of a noble, although only if they’re in active service. And not only prestige, but the salary is not bad either.
Since it is a position that many people long for, they probably don’t expect a situation where a qualified student didn’t show up at the training.

「The main purpose of the pilot school is to train members of the knight order. And every student knows this. So it’s natural that they have that line of thinking.」

The voice with a hushed tone was uttered by another of the two in the waiting room. It was Cool-san.
The winner is Light Cruiser-sensei, but she is also in third place. The letter placed on her bare thigh between her knee and skirt is the same one.
With her natural perceptiveness, she read Light Cruiser-sensei’s thoughts and expressed her opinion.

「That’s true, but…」

Jayanne’s number one was about to say something but hesitated.
Everything is free, from tuition, to textbooks, and uniforms. All because they want top-quality pilots.
And after receiving all of that, to just saying goodbye after polishing her skills in the institution made her feel a little bit guilty.

(But my battlefield is in the playroom of a brothel. Not trading life in the real world.)

She went to the school because she was recruited by an official of the knight order who told her that she had talent, and her heart was moved.
She wanted to test her potential, as she enjoys improving herself.

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