Chapter 59



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A few days after it was confirmed that I was unable to participate in the Knights training.

I decided to quit the Pilot School.

This was because I considered that the possibility of me becoming a Knight Pilot even if I stayed was non-existent.

Right my wrongs, fight fairly in close combat and leave behind good results.

Do that and I will probably be able to become one.

However, I do not think that I could leave good results in other areas besides my current fighting style.

「Alright, all finished」

I folded the uniform that had been dry-cleaned and placed it in my bag.

All of them are loaned items, including the teaching materials.

It came to a disappointing conclusion, but the mock battle was fun.

As the school has taken care of me, I would also like to return the items in pristine condition.

After the preparations were complete, I headed for the Pilot School. This would be the final time I would be commuting to this school.

「Thank you very much for your care」

I bowed my head at the exit of the faculty room.

There are various types of faculty members, those with disappointed looks on their faces, those who put on an expression suggesting that me dropping out was natural, those who on top of ignoring me, hit me with their hatred using their backs.

The students went about greeting only the aristocratic children.

This gave off the feeling that they highly respected those aristocratic children

After finishing all my greetings, I turned back at the school gate and looked back at the school.

A few days ago, I still belonged there, it was part of my everyday life.

Suddenly, the hustle and bustle of the school sounded like a distant entity.

Does it sound like that because it is no longer related to me?

「Thank you for your care」

I bowed deeply and I left the school. Though my time there was short, it was packed full of memories.

When I returned home, I stuffed the potions I made into my potion bag.

Time to head to the merchant guild for my payment.

(Nothing will change even after I dropped out of school. It will just return to how it was before.)

I thought of it that way.

Just like before, make potions, get paid for them, and go to the brothel with the money.

(In fact, there are many problems which will disappear when I stop being a Knight Pilot.)

That is right.

The possibility of being involved in a war.

Life in an organization called the Knights Order, known for its strict discipline.

Those problems would disappear..

Up until now, I had forcibly placed a lid over those problems with the reasoning that I wanted to try controlling a knight.

(I must collect information on the stores for the Adult Gourmet Club)

I changed gears and headed to the Merchant Guild.

Going through the door of the Merchant Guild, I headed for the potion purchase counter.

As usual, the female employees who know that I am a doctor slime will not let down their guard.

(I won’t do anything)

I thought as such, but nothing can be done.

The male staff whistles after seeing me in the distance.

「Hey, Tauro-san. I thought it was about time for you to arrive.」

The old man who had a strong character and came to be in charge of me comes over.

I received the payment for my portions with my guild card.

After finishing a series of tasks, the old man started talking to me.

「Could I have some of your time later?」

That is unusual. I wonder what happened.

Did something happen involving the inferior aphrodisiacs?

「Sure, that’s alright with me.」

After hearing my answer, the old man guided me to the back with a relieved expression.

You will be guided to the same reception room as Itsuzoya.

After I drank half of the tea which was served, a person matching Itsuzoya entered.

It’s Santa Claus. A nice wide body, a white beard, it was the very image I had of Santa Claus.

「I apologize for the wait.」 That was the first thing Santa said.

If memory serves, he must be the Vice Guild Leader of the Merchant Guild.

I also return the greeting.

「This was originally a matter that the Guild Leader wanted to discuss with you, but he is still on his way.」

What is this about?

I hope this is not something troublesome.

「I will talk about it in his stead.」
After saying this, Santa started to tell me about the contents, and it was shocking.

「I can be a Knight Pilot through the Merchant Guild?!」 I accidentally raised my voice.

According to what Santa said, he welcomes me to be the pilot of the Knight owned by the Merchant Guild.

「That is great news but how did it turn out this way?」

I do not know the reason.

In the first place, I do not even remember telling the Merchant Guild that I was attending a Pilot School.

Santa started explaining the situation to me with a puzzled expression on his face.

「The way you fought at the regular practical test was stunning. We were watching at the venue and I was impressed.」

It seems like the Guild Leader and the Vice Guild Leader from the Merchant Guild were invited as spectators.

Hearing these words, I took a look at Santa to determine how genuine he was.

Those eyes did not contain the colors indicative that he scorned me for being a coward.

「Despite leaving behind the stunning result of third place, my oh my, I am beyond shocked that you were unable to participate in the Knights Order’s training.」

After hearing these words, I remembered the booing at the award ceremony. And I said, 「If you were watching, then surely you already know right? My fighting style didn’t seem to be very popular.」

Hearing this, Santa frowned conspicuously.

「It can’t be helped if they are amateurs. But for those involved in battle to carry out such acts…I’m worried about the future of the Knights Order.」

I urged Santa to continue, not knowing what he was worried about.

「Actual battles are ruthless. People who look down on an undefeatable foe as a coward and stop their own growth in the process will not attain victory in the end.」

I recalled an image of Ponytail from the quarter-final.

Her form when she threw away her shield and charged at me in order to adapt to her circumstances.

Seeing me nod, he continued speaking.

「Fighting with the same rules and losing thereafter. Then seeking for the reason for the loss, not from within but from external factors.」

The face of my grinning brother came to mind.

「And the conclusion drawn was not due to one being weak, but because one’s opponent was cowardly.」

Santa looked unhappy.

「That way of thinking itself is far more cowardly. And for them to belong to the Knights Order of our country, this makes me worried about whether the defense of our country is alright.」

I now understood Santa’s thoughts.

However, I corrected the single misunderstanding he had.

「It was the pilot school, not the Knights, who did not accept the training.」

However, Santa shook his head from side to side and was not convinced.

「The Pilot School is a training institution that is a part of the Knights Order. The school is not allowed to make their own decisions with regards to the applicability of the students.」

An unpleasant feeling, like that of when one hears about a truth they never wanted to know, wells up within me.

From how he was acting, he likely knew what my feelings were.
That is right, Santa nods.

「The Knights Order has deemed Tauro-san as worthless」

I hung my head and took a deep breath.

I already knew this but him being so certain on top of having the reasoning to back it up really grates my heart out.

「But we are different」 Santa spoke in a strong tone as if to cheer me up.

「This may be rude but we have looked through your battle record. It was indeed fantastic」

From what perspective was it fantastic?

I raised my head and looked at Santa.

「Comparing the results with the injuries incurred, Tauro-san’s has achieved victories with very few injuries incurred. More than anybody else」

(I see)

「From the perspective of an investor, Tauro-san is an excellent investment. It is to the extent where you are unrivaled」

(That is a decision very fitting of a merchant)

It was now that I truly understood their intentions.

There was a knock and a built man entered.

After briefly talking with Santa, he left almost immediately.

「Thank you for waiting, Tauro-san. It seems like the Guild Leader has returned. He will soon be heading over here.」

Just after Santa said this, an elderly man with small stature entered the room.

He feels like a person of intelligence and character and while he has a short stature, he has an air of boldness fitting to be called a Guild Leader.


Although this is our first meeting, he feels familiar.

(Where have I met him before? No, where have I seen him?)

As we exchange greetings, I search through my memories.

After finishing our greetings, we sat down on the sofa once again.

Just then, a female staff appeared carrying tea for the Guild Leader.

(I remembered!)

After the female staff bent her knee slightly, she placed the tea on the table.
The Guild Leader sneaked a peek at her thighs.

I found my answer after seeing this.

(Old Man Goblin!)

Indeed, an elderly man with a small stature known as the Guild Leader of the Merchant Guild, well known for his conquest with his overwhelming fertility at the Century’s End Brothel, he is indeed the Old Man Goblin.

「Is something of the matter?」

Old Man Goblin started talking to me.

His tone was silent which spoke a lot about his character.

「N-no it is nothing.」

I wipe away the sweat which I unknowingly shed from my forehead.

I was restless after witnessing the gap between his current appearance and his appearance I saw at the Century’s End Brothel.

Old Man Goblin and Santa are talking to each other in low voices.

He was most likely determining where Santa had told me up till.

「Our Merchant Guild owns 1 Knight」 Old Man Goblin said.
Though it is the duty of the Merchant Guild to exterminate the magical beasts on the trade routes, by the request of the kingdom, there will be help from the Knights Order.

I nodded.

This probably means that there is a possibility that I will be dispatched to battle.

「The Knight’s seat is currently empty. Do you have any intentions on filling this seat?」

「If you are fine with me, I will gladly do so.」

That is a given. I have no other replies to this question.

This is probably the single opportunity I have to be a Knight Pilot.
Old Man Goblin let out a bitter smile.

He seems to be thinking that I made my decision too quickly without even hearing the terms.

(It is not like I have a problem with something like my salary)

That is something I felt strongly about.

(The important thing is whether I am able to be a Knight Pilot or not)

Indeed, I have but one dream which is to pilot the humanoid giant robot.

I am not at all picky over details like if it not be for the kingdom’s Knights Order or if the rewards are not great.

It was only because I thought that the Knights Order was owned solely by the kingdom that I devoted myself to joining

However, there remained one thing that I was extremely curious about.
I boldly asked about it.

「I only placed third in the mock battle. Even if I took part in the training of the Knights Order, I am not sure whether I will be accepted」

Old Man Goblin urged me to continue.

「Honestly speaking, I am far more inferior as compared to a beginner Pilot. Even so, will you welcome me as a Knight Pilot?」

I said it all at once.

In reality, my position is just like this.

At school, I was a student who was teeming with aspirations of being a Knight Pilot.

Is he really fine with me?

「You are a really serious person. For you to be concerned about such matters」 Old Man Goblin was laughing.

「Well then, allow me to elaborate」

「As mentioned earlier, it is the duty of this guild’s Knight to exterminate the magical beasts. Although there are times where you will participate in battles between countries, you will definitely not be at the center of it.」

I nodded.

「In short, you are not a Star. When comparing to the Knights Order, you will be two to three levels lower. Even so, will you accept this position?」

I see, even though I did not make the cut as a Pilot of the Knights Order. The Knight of the Merchant Guild is also very inferior from the perspective of the Knights Order.

This way, there may very well be a balance between the two parties.

「Of course. If your feelings have not changed」

Old Man Goblin was smiling as he stretched out his hand.

「That means the negotiation was successful」
I firmly shook the hand of Old Man Goblin which had potentially squeezed the butts of thousands of girls.

I actually like Old Man Goblin.

That overwhelming shine of life.

His heart was like that of a young boy which had not lost its curiosity even as he is regarded as an old man due to the accumulating years.

The attitude to head straight for your own goals.

That was something I sympathized with.

(Wonderful. This is what I want to be in the near future.)

I sent a gaze expressing my respect for the elderly man with a small stature.

With this, I became the Pilot of the Knight owned by the Merchant Guild.




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