Chapter 82




             Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”                

Since the match ended early, the sun is still high in the sky.
Tomorrow is the closing ceremony.
So we will spend the remaining time here with free time.

(They say that the temple itself is a giant brothel, didn’t they?)

And I only have been to the door of sin and the idol live venue.

(As I thought, we should do some exploration here)

I nodded to myself and walked inside the temple.
First, let’s go to the area where even F rank merchants can enter.
I went outside the middle part of the match venue. It’s the outer area.
There are very few people compared to the day before yesterday.
The admissions at daytime appeared to be fairly restricted due to the match before God.

(There are very few people around that it feels comfortable)

I do feel sorry for those who opened a store here but, that’s my honest feeling right now.
If the amount of people is too many that it’s impossible to walk straight ahead, it would make me want to just return to the E rank only area.
I looked around by the side of the passageways and didn’t even bump into anyone.
The appearance of the outer area reminded me of the streets that would be filled with stalls when there’s a festival in the shrine.

(The store here are just like stalls)

It gave off a temporal store atmosphere.
Even the store in front of me, they only put a tablecloth on a long table. Three women are sitting across the desk.
The signboard says, All you can fondle for 3 minutes tickled my heart to try it. The price is also cheap, it only costs you a few coins.
Without further ado, I went to that store.

「Gimme some, please」

I said as I gave them my guild card to pay.

「Ou! Just fondle whichever you like」

I take a look at the women while listening to the Uncle’s energetic voice.
All of them are wearing a no-bra T-shirt. You can only use your hands, and you can’t fondle it raw.
All three of them are about the age of a female college student, and there are no extreme differences in appearance or size. They’re that type of somewhat cute girl you see in town.
I extended my hand to the middle wavy girl with a pair of fangs in her mouth.

「I’ll be in your care~」

I talked to the two protrusions as I fondled it.
The protrusions reacted with a jerk as if to say, Likewise. The hardness transmitted to my palm is comfortable.
While I was fondling it between my fingers, another customer came to the straight, long-haired girl beside me.
I immediately heard a cry.
When I take a look over there, a nervous young man only picks the protrusion.
I wonder why he only uses his middle finger and thumb. And as if he’s trying to break into a safe, he turns the dial while listening to how the safe responded.


I was impressed by the delicate and nervous fingering technique of the young man.

(This way, he might be able to open the safe soon enough)

Straight long-haired girl’s face had already turned red. You can see that her lips closed tightly so as to not leak any voice.
The young man suddenly released both of his hands and pinched the tip of the protrusion with his index finger.
Straight long squeezed greatly while trying to hold her voice. Looks like he unlocked it.
The young man turned towards the store’s uncle, smiling.

「Not bad there, young man. With this, my business can flourish」

While making a mischievous expression, the store uncle sent the young man and the straight long-haired girl into the back of the curtain.
I listened to them while kept fondling, it seems that you’ll get extra service if you can unlock it in time.
Certainly, the happy voice of the young man is leaking from the back.

(I see, so that’s how it is)

In the end, I decided to just enjoy the soft feeling until the times up without having to go all that length to get extra service.

(It was quite fun)

I looked around.
On each stall, there is a signboard with a picture.
There are a variety of designs, such as those that are grasped by the hand, those that are sandwiched between the breasts that have been brought together, and those that have only lip and banana drawings.
There are even several types of lips and banana signs, and one of them says No Hand! in a big font.

(Let’s take a look)

I head for one of the stalls.
On the sign, a picture of tongue popped out from thick lips that would make you drool is drawn.

「Welcome! Which one would you like, honey or maple?」

「I’ll go with honey」

I don’t understand what it means but I didn’t show it on my face and just responded calmly.

「One honey comin’ up!」

The uncle said in a loud voice as he pushed my back towards the inside of the curtain.
As I passed through the curtains, a woman was sitting on a high chair. The shape resembles a tennis referee chair but slightly lower than that.

「Here you go」

When she opened her legs, she laid a syrup in her crotch with a small ladle.
And then she stared at me while smiling.

(Is it perhaps, she wants me to lick it?)

I predicted and tried to bring my face closer. The smell of honey, no doubt about it.
This isn’t one of my hobbies, but since I got the chance to, I licked it so hard.

「Thanks for your patronage!」

I heard the store uncle’s voice from my back.
I left the store with a toothpick removing the hair caught between my teeth.

(Turns out, the lips and tongue drawn on the signboard wasn’t the women’s but the customer’s)

In retrospect, unlike other signs, a banana wasn’t drawn on it. So it was supposed to be a licking store instead of being licked huh.
I see I see, while looking convinced, I look around again. Then I saw something familiar.

(Isn’t that a platform?)

I went there immediately.
Nine women were sitting in three rows and three tiers on the small hinadan.
Nine strings with push buttons at the end are placed on the desk in front of the hinadan.
And there’s a sign saying, 『Let’s guess who! One copper coin』.

(What’s this about I wonder?)

I listened to the explanation together along with a customer that came one step behind me.
It appears that the nine strings are each connected to a vibrator inside the woman.
And if you managed to answer correctly, you can do her in the back room.

(No wonder you can do it with only one copper coin, it was something like a gamble)

When I felt a bit impressed with it, there was movement on the hinadan. Women began panting loudly and trembling. It seems that the game has begun.

(It’s going to be very difficult to see through their performance and guessed the right one)

The performances of these women are so interesting I unintentionally smirked.
When I looked at the customer’s seat, I saw a boy probably about in the middle of his elementary school life sitting there.
I thought he was just a customer with a small build, but to think he was just a little boy.
The boy presses and releases the button while staring at the woman in the hinadan seriously.

(Eh? Wait, if he got it right, would they really do it with that boy?)

I’m surprised.
I do think the age restriction in this world is lax towards the one who provided services, but it seems to be the same for the customers.

「Too bad! It was number 3!!」

The boy looks up to heaven at the uncle’s declaration.
This might be a big sum for his pocket money.
As I felt a little relieved, I decided to try this one myself.
I took one of the strings and pressed the button with the signal as I listened to the woman’s reaction.
The result is a miss, same with the boy I mentioned earlier.
These women are working together to deceive customers. It should be one-ninth, but it felt more difficult than it was.

(If push comes to shove, I can just use my magic eyes to saw through even the farthest women)

I did think of something like that but I didn’t do it in the end.
As expected that would be no fun.

(Besides, I’m not sure it would be fun to do it with just one copper coin).

I still got paid by delivering potions once every week just as promised.
And since becoming a knight pilot, I’ve also been paid by the merchant guild.
Also, a bonus was given during this time due to the high price of drop products.
Each is a fair amount and just accumulating for now.

(Yosh, let’s go onto the next one!)

This time, I went to a stall that stands out within the stalls with one silver coin.
This stall also uses Hinadan, three rows and nine people. Perhaps that’s the limit in the width of the stall.
Among the young and old beautiful women there, the woman sitting in the middle is the most shining one.

(About a little inferior to Jayanne’s sideline I guess)

Still, it’s at the level where it’s hard to find someone like her in the outer parts of the temple.
I don’t know the rules but I paid anyway.
The uncle who finished the payment with the guild card thrust me a bundle of red strings.
Looking over at the woman on the hinadan, they had a red string tied to their pinky finger. It seems that this bundle of strings are those connected to the strings in their pinky finger.

(I think I did something similar in the past)

I feel my memories rushed back.
Of course, at that time, what was tied to the end of the string was not a woman but strawberry candy.
I pulled the thread that seems to be extending from the girl in the middle.

(A miss huh)

It’s rude to say that out loud so I kept it in my heart.

「Alright, have some fun~!!」

With the uncle’s voice, my back was pushed into the inside part of the stall.
Well, that’s that but I still want to play around so let’s only use our hand.

(To think that what I gained from the door of sin will be useful in such a place)

Thanks to that intense experience, I can handle it with peace of mind.

「Thanks for your patronage. Coming out fast aren’t you, young man」

The uncle said something rude when I got out.
However, he called me young, so I will forgive him.
I don’t mind the eyes of people around that look like saying “That guy came fast”.

(I guess that’s about it for strolling the outer parts)

I thought.
There seem to be many other stores, but it seems that many of them are too simple and cheap.
I decided to not go into the basement but return to the inner part.
I passed under the gate that says “F-rankers cannot enter” The gaze of envy and discomfort of the F-rankers around are pleasant.
The one that got restricted was apparently an F rank merchant. The crowd here hasn’t changed much.
But the traffic here is even less than the outer part that I can walk around smoothly.
And so I decided to hang around as I wanted.

(Free market?)

I take a look at the sign and stop by.
In one corner, women who were at least cleared the standard of beauty were selling themselves willingly.
There is a wide range of young girls to housewives.
Although the price is also indicated, negotiations are being made at various places.
This looks like fun.

(What should I do?)

I pondered.

(It’s not bad but not enough to immediately make me went for it)

When I was thinking about that, a cheer could be heard nearby. I took a look at it and found some people were gathering there.
I was also curious so I went to take a peek myself.

(Oh, there’s an audition here)

On the stage, a girl is showing her appeal.
There are many ways to appeal, from pole dancing to simulating a banana.
In the front row of the audience seats are people dressed like a concierge.
At the moderator’s words, some of them raised signs.
The sign says the name of their store.
The surroundings roared.
According to the old man next to me, it seems to be a well-known brothel.
A girl on the stage weeps with joy and says something like “I can’t believe it.”
In the interview, a comment was issued that a friend of hers applied for her without permission.

(It’s the same no matter which world it is huh)

I smiled as I thought about that while I kept walking.


It’s already time for dinner so I returned to the hotel.
Even though we can spend our time freely, we had our meals together.
However, only the figure of the explosive onee-san wasn’t present here.

「She is resting in her room because she can’t get over the result of the match earlier」

The rough uncle told me.
There are multiple kiss marks from around his collar. He had been trying to win over all the members, so he probably kept going on the live concert.

「Lightning though, it seems that he’s in a serious condition」

The rough uncle continued.

「Serious, condition?」

When asked, it seems that there is considerable psychological and physical damage as well.
Apparently, he was taken to the inn without any treatment at the temple.

(The last five thrusts he showed. As I thought, that was him pushing himself)

I remember the last resistance of Lightning and the trick that cornered the explosive onee-san.
It must have been a trump card like the grim reaper’s Earthquake, or maybe a sealed technique.

(Lightning sword that takes away chastity. I kinda wanted to see it)

I was very interested in how he cooks with such a powerful weapon.

(Should I go and visit him?)

For some reason, I have a favorable impression of him.
The part of him that covers his disadvantage of having a lightweight body with his technique. Or, it might be due to the atmosphere of the struggling people drifting around him.
If the circumstances allow, I would like to heal him.
I asked which inn he was staying at, but the rough uncle seemed not to know that much.
Then the guild master raises a name.
As expected, the guild master of the merchant guild has an exceptional information gathering power.

「……that’s quite a cheap inn huh」

The rough uncle frowned after hearing the name of the inn.
It seems to be an inn with a wooden building that even F-ranked merchants avoid. It doesn’t seem to be a place where the contestants stay.

「That’s because he’s an individual participant that has no backer….. He must have some kind of circumstances」

The guild master does not speak any further.
I don’t intend to go deep into people’s circumstances. That’s the end of the topic.
We have some free time again after having dinner.
I kindly refused the guild master’s invitation apologetically and went outside.
My destination is the inn where Lightning is staying.

(Uwaa…. This is quite something)

A small wooden inn sandwiched between stone buildings. If you didn’t know about this inn, you wouldn’t think it was open anymore.
As I entered the terrifying area, a woman with bad eyesight appeared.

「Go home」

Even if I said I came to visit someone and showed my guild card, she just shook her head.
At first, I thought because her sense to maintain the security is high, but that wasn’t the case. I had an idea and decided to try it.

「Here, I’ll give you this」

I hold the coin that was left in my pocket.
It seems I was right because her expression changed. But she still hasn’t said that I could go inside.

(It’s not enough huh…)

I added a few more. She showed a creepy smile before telling me the location of Lightning’s room.

「Don’t think of stealing, now. I’ll call the guards if you did」

The grandmother withdraws, leaving a few rude words.
I walked down the creaking corridor and arrived in front of the said room.
I knocked but there was no answer.
Then I gently pull the door open. It wasn’t locked.

(how careless..)

If it’s me, I don’t know what would happen.
Feeling some doubts, I took a peek through the gap.
There is no other person except the person lying in bed.
I tried to knock again, but there was no reaction.

(I brought it as a joke but, to think that I would actually need to use it)

Take out the golden mask from the bag and put it on. It has quite a good face and was my favorite item.
Healing someone while hiding my identity, I put this mask in my bag just because I was interested in how it sounds.
I gently pulled the door and entered the room.
As I thought, the man in the bed was indeed Lightning.
I don’t know whether he’s sleeping or just closing his eyes. However, he had a painful expression and an amount of sweat could be seen flowing out of him.

(If this was left like this, he won’t be able to participate in tomorrow’s ceremony)

Lightning’s face distorted in agony whenever he tried to move. Probably, there is severe pain running.
And I remembered this symptom.

(Acute lumbago)

I remembered the time when I was working at a factory and suddenly, I can’t move so they brought me to my apartment

(It was harsh)

Firstly, I can’t get out of bed.
I finally was able to get up and went to wash my hands, but was struck on the way and crawled on all fours.
And even if I crawled on all fours, the pain is not alleviated. I had no choice but to endure it.
I feel more and more sympathetic towards Lightning.
At the same time, I understand the reason why he didn’t lock the door.

(He was carried here and they left the door as it is)

The status of his condition is severe. If it doesn’t enter the stable stage, it will be difficult to even approach the door.
I decided to give the treatment immediately.

(Cure injury, D)

I touched the shoulder of Lightning as and activated the magic.

(It still won’t be cured huh)

I shuddered, imagining the pain and suffering he went through now.
As far as I can tell from my experience, the magic effect of D rank is considerable. Until now, the only thing that required C rank magic was Light guidance sensei’s illness. The man in front of me is now exposed to lumbago that is as severe as that illness.
I looked around and convinced there was no one around.

(It’s because C rank magic and above emits light)

I then activated C rank cure injury magic.
The body of Lightning is glowing red for a moment.

(Good, I managed to cure it this time)

I breathed a sigh of relief.
There was a special sense of penetration when he was completely cured.
I leave the room, put my mask back and go back in the same way as I came.
When I went to the entrance, the grandmother threw a suspicious glance at me. Maybe she thought I’m returning too early for someone who came to visit a sick person.
I greeted her while making a clueless face and went outside.

(I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s ceremony)

I said in my heart as I look back at the shabby inn that could collapse at any moment.
Then, to enjoy the last night of the holy city, I headed again to the giant brothel, the temple of the god of business.




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