Chapter 284: Within Purview

「Unless you want to stand out like a sore thumb, never ever disclose that you can make a spirit possess someone, liberate it, and even command other people’s spirits, got it? 」
Dinosso looked like he’s about to heave a deep sigh.

「Generally, having a spirit contract broken signifies that the contractor is a greenhorn if it’s not related to the kingdom’s matters. However, doing it casually will lead to unwanted attention, no matter how you think about it. 」
Butler was back to his normal self, his usual smile plastered on his face. He’s quick to recover as long as it’s not related to the 『Bough』, huh.

「Mm. It will definitely turn into a struggle among the aristocrats, or maybe even the temple. Besides, if you’re gonna fall into someone else’s hands, then it should be wholeheartedly. If you’re not seeking fame then you have to hide your ability at all costs. 」
Ash looked worried as she offered her opinion.

「You won’t stop me? Like, me arbitrarily liberating contracted spirits in particular? 」
「Well, yeah, I guess. I already saw spirits that spell disaster if captured after being an adventurer for so long. 」
Dinosso waved his hand.

Ah, right, I almost forgot he’s a legendary Gold-rank adventurer. He must’ve seen far worse folks than me.

「If we consider your safety, then I can’t exactly encourage you, but I can’t tell you to stop, Jean. Just make sure you’ll never be busted. 」

「Got it. 」
I obediently nodded.

「Even as I observed, I didn’t manage to decipher the method you use to make the spirits go on a rampage, so I believe it’s unlikely that you will be discovered unless you do it frequently. I will not delve into the details of that method, but may I ask if you are willing to divulge the regulation method that you use to adjust light magic? 」
I got the guarantee that I won’t be busted from Butler himself.

….Can you hear me…I will now communicate directly into your mind — I just telepathically called out to the spirits, and I didn’t even make constant eye contact with them, so it’s actually scary if I was discovered.

「As for the light, I just asked them to do the same thing that Glasses — I mean Deputy Guild Master — did. 」
「Yeah, as expected, you don’t even try to remember people’s names, huh. Butler is asking what you used to command them at the same level as him, right? 」
Ack, Dinosso saw right through me that I’m bad at remembering names!

But based on the flow of the conversation, it’s like they’re expecting some sort of process for adjusting the brightness and size of the light!!

「… 」
I can’t say a word for a while.

「Come to think of it, you were chanting something back then, weren’t you? Is that a chant for commanding them? Is it something unspeakable— no, it must be something slipshod again, huh?」
Ahh, Retze, please stop hitting the bull’s eye every single time, will you.

「I just requested them to ’Please put the same brightness of light as Glasses’. 」
Yep, I commanded them properly.

「….Noth? 」
「Jean-sama, if it’s alright with you, can I introduce a mage to you? It will be hard to feign it if you do not know the norm. 」
Butler smiled. Oooh, so it’s within his purview!!

「Please. 」
Please, please! I also wanna know what kind of magic circle is suitable for letting folks sneak peeks at it.

「Not to burst your bubble, but who are you gonna introduce? 」
「It is Hauron-dono. 」
「Oy, that’s no ordinary guy!! 」
Dinosso shrieked when he heard the name that Butler uttered.

「Hauron? Is he perhaps the mage in Wolf King Valmour’s party? 」
Retze, why does it sound like you’re treating Dinosso and Valmour as two different people, huh? Is it just me?

But if he was a member of Wolf King’s party, then —

「A legend? 」
「Yup, a legend. It’s just that I heard he’s awfully eccentric. So he is still alive, huh… 」
Retze brooded over it. He’s probably sorting out the information he has about this Hauron guy in his mind.

「It is precisely because of this eccentricity that nobody would question Jean-sama even if he were to behave a little oddly. Moreover, he dislikes interacting with other people. 」
Butler beamed as he explained, but would that misanthrope even consider taking me under his wing?

And with that, our day finally ended after all that discussion. The beds here didn’t have canopies, but they did have sturdy pillar-like framework extending upward from the bed frames and you can attach cloth or fabric on it, so I hung a hammock and turned it into a bunk bed.

Dinosso would sleep underneath since he’ll probably be okay even if I accidentally fell on him. Khan sat beside the fireplace like a mountain, totally immovable. It can’t be helped, so I opened up my envelope-style sleeping bag and lent it to him. He probably won’t sleep, but since I added a bottle of wine, he’ll probably help himself to a drink.

Tomorrow’s plan is to tour the fortress city starting with the temple, drop by the Adventurer’s Guild after lunch, then just wing it after that.

Will we have a chance to hunt wild chickens and boars?

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