424. Secret Meeting and Returning to Goza Village [1]


March 27th.

I had to attend an important meeting on this day.

The attendees were the leader of the country Tenshi-sama, the chief of the royal faction Rodis-san, the next head of the Arcstria House… and for some reason me. If I were to guess why, I would say either “Goza Village Representative” or “General Populace Participation”.

「I’ll be going now, Ria.」

「Un, be careful.」

As it was an important meeting to decide the policies of the royal faction, Ria, the princess of Vesteria, was not allowed to attend.

(Though, I don’t think I will be of any use in this meeting…)

It’s nothing to brag about, but I really don’t know anything about politics.

I have heard various things so far such as the conflict between the royal faction and the noble faction, the Four Great Powers not being aligned, and that there might be traitors within… Honestly, there is nothing I can do about any of them.

The only “political” thing I’ve ever experienced in my life is… the conflict between the “Rice farming faction” and the “Dairy farming faction” that occurred in Goza Village.

Even that was too small-scaled to be called a conflict…

Within a few days, the fight was settled with the decision “Let us both do our best to liven up the village!”

(At any rate, I just have to make sure not to make any out-of-place remarks…)

As I proceeded through the city of Orest while thinking about such things, I arrived at Ringuard Palace in no time.

「Ah! Allen-kun, over here!」

The president stood at the front gate in her uniform.

She had been waiting for me, it seems.

「Good morning, president.」

「Good morning, Allen-kun. Thank you for coming today. Were your plans affected?」

「No problem at all.」

If we’re speaking of my plans, then it’s just practice-swinging. I have already finished it this morning.

「But, it’s still a bit chilly, isn’t it? …You know, this morning, I really didn’t want to get out of my futon.」

「Yeah, I can easily imagine that scene.」

「…Hey, what does that mean?」

「Ahaha, I’m just joking.」

While chatting as such, we headed to the upper floor of the palace where Tenshi-sama was awaiting us.

We climbed the spiral staircase in the north, crossed the connecting passageway in the east, went down the slope on the south terrace, and then climbed upstairs again through the grand staircase in the west.

(Wow, it’s like a three-dimensional maze.)

Perhaps this complicated structure was purposely made in preparation for emergencies.

It was not easy to reach Tenshi-sama.

After a while, the president suddenly stopped.

「Oh, over here.」


We were standing in the middle of a long hallway――there were only white walls to the left and right.

「Fufu, just watch this.」

Saying so, she knocked on the wall on the right side with a unique tempo.

The next moment, a loud noise resounded. And the white wall on the left side slid open to both sides, revealing an imposing door.

「A hidden room!?」

「Fufu, are you surprised?」

The president smiled with a somewhat proud expression and walked towards the door.

「Tenshi-sama and father are ahead. Let’s go.」


And thus, I was going to participate in an incredibly important meeting to decide the national policy of the Ringuard Empire.

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