339 – Encounter

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“Uu–…… My clothes…”

“You’ll just spread the stains even more if you fiddle with it like that, Big Sis……”

In the end, the soup of the curry udon-like meal splattered onto Tina’s clothes, and she was now fiddling with it with teary eyes. That mess will be really difficult to clean up normally. Well, this world does have high-tech washing machines, so I suppose there won’t be a problem. And if it still doesn’t come off, she can always cry to Mei for help. Mei will probably find a way.

“Since Tina’s clothes are already like that, shall we go back now?”

“Right. I wanted to look around the entertainment facilities too, but I can just do that next time. There’s no need to hurry anyway. I guess it’s better to head back for today.”

I think we’ve done more than enough sightseeing for the day since we’ve already visited shops selling interesting wares and ate at the large food court. We’ll be staying inside the supply mothership Dauntless for a while, so we’d naturally be able to familiarize ourselves with its interior layout eventually.

“Here are some shots I took today.”


As I discussed about going back with Elma, Kugi’s eyes sparkled as Mimi showed her the pictures the latter took. It looks like she snapped some shots using her tablet terminal while we were eating. Mimi has a habit of snapping pictures of the food she eats for the first time and collecting said pictures. Apparently, she took pictures of Tina slurping up curry udon and Kugi eating inari sushi this time around. She also gave up of taking a picture of Elma because the latter ordered a ton of food.

“Did you not take a picture of My Lord as well?”

“Hiro-sama was eating ordinary fast-food meals so……”

Sorry for choosing a safe menu. I’ll choose something more interesting next time, so please forgive me, Ms. Gourmet.

We left the large food court and entered the commercial block again.

“Somehow, the atmosphere is……”

“It’s become pretty tense.”

Just like Elma said, you could cut the sense of tension within the commercial block with a knife. Lots of fully armed Imperial Marines were roaming all over the place.

I caught sight of military police just like the ones who I encountered in the armor shop sporting light combat armors and laser rifles, or rather, laser carbines. However, they can be considered as the most lightly equipped among the military guys present. There were also a lot of marines wearing more standard combat armor and laser rifles. A good half of them were sporting heavy power armor and weapons.

“Oi, oi, don’t tell me there’s been a mutiny or a coup d’etat……”

“Will ya quit saying stuff like that, Boss. It might actually come true……”

“Yeah. It’s no joke if you’re the one saying that stuff, Big Brother.”

“How cruel. Well, it really doesn’t feel like it’s a coup.”

Even though the military guys were heavily armed, they weren’t giving off any hostility. A battle probably hasn’t broken out. But if that’s the case, just what exactly was going on?

“Master, I believe it would be best if we made our way out of this place as soon as possible.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Let’s get out of here.”

After saying so, I started walking ahead of the others, but some soldiers quickly approached me.

“Excuse me, but are you Captain Hiro?”

“Ah, yes.”

It was over the moment I halted in place. Stocky military guys covered from head to toe in power armor soon surrounded us. Uh, actually, it was possible that there were females inside the power armors too, but you really can’t tell from their current outer appearances.

Or rather, what the heck is going on? What’s up with those bulky-looking mace-like weapons? They were mounted on the waist hard points of the soldier’s power armors, but they seemed like they were put together in a hurry. But even so, they were plenty intimidating. If those things got swung with the strength of power armors, they could easily turn someone into meat paste in one blow.

“What’s your business with me? I don’t remember doing something that warrants being surrounded like this–”

“You simply passed by at a good time.”

I was just about to protest, but Capt. Serena suddenly appeared. Now, I really wanna run away from here. It’s definitely going to be something really troublesome.

“……What brings you here, Captain?”

“Oh, we’re just conducting a crackdown operation. We’re trying to check if dangerous artifacts are being hidden around the area.”

“I see. That sounds rough. Please do your best.”

“You managed to cut down something quite interesting in the Windas Tertius colony, didn’t you?”

I wanted to just cut the conversation off and leave, but Capt. Serena quickly interjected. I had an idea about what she was referring to. It’s probably that killer metallic spider.

Ah, I see? The dangerous artifact was probably that metallic spider huh. Well, that thing certainly was troublesome. Laser and plasma weapons didn’t seem to be particularly effective against it, so it can be regarded as the nemesis of the Imperial Marines who mainly employed such weapons.

“You’re well-informed as always, Captain. Well, I did openly introduce myself to those guys, so I guess it’s natural.”

Because we were in front of her subordinates, I responded to her in a more polite manner. Since I’m already an honorary noble now, I actually didn’t need to mind stuff like this as much, but she’s still my current employer. And she’s a Captain after all.

“I was able to make my own guesses regarding the matter, but I actually didn’t get anything significant out of those guys I encountered. They kept harping on about the matter being classified. So I didn’t withhold information from you in bad faith, Captain. I had no choice but to keep my mouth shut.”

“I know. Well, that’s fine. How was it? I already looked up the relevant data, but I’d like to hear from you directly.”

“Oh, you wanna know about my experience cutting that thing down? It was hard, but probably not as hard as super-heavy metals. It felt more like cutting through a battleship’s standard armor plate. It was incredibly resistant to laser and plasma attacks, so I think physical weapons might be more effective against it compared to thermo-optical weapons. I told those guys I encountered as much.”

“I see. ……Then, do you think this thing will be useful against it?”

After saying so, Capt. Serena pointed toward the crude-looking blunt weapon mounted on a power armor’s waist.

“I think most things would get scrapped if you hit them with those chunky rods using power armors. ……How did you guys come up with something like that anyway?”

“We analyzed the remains of that thing and hastily prepared these as an immediate countermeasure. Just like you said, it was less resistant to physical attacks compared to laser and plasma. However, I didn’t think I’d actually need to equip my subordinates with something as primitive as a metal pole in this interstellar era……”

After saying so, Capt. Serena rubbed her brows as if she was having a headache. The soldiers around her chuckled dryly. Yeah, I get that. It did seem awkward for soldiers used to fighting with laser and plasma weapons to suddenly get provided with blunt weapons made out of battleship armor material instead.

“You didn’t consider providing them with blades similar to this?”

I slapped the hilt of the sword hanging on my waist, but Capt. Serena shook her head in response.

“They might seem relatively simple, but swords like ours are still products infused with the latest cutting-edge technology and precious materials. Procuring a dozen might be doable, but hundreds or thousands are another story altogether. Besides, swords can’t be used effectively without corresponding sword skills and training. You should be aware of this already, correct?”

“That’s true.”

The swords wielded by nobles and I are edged weapons, so you can’t just cut stuff with them without any proper training. They are certainly tremendously sharp, but if you don’t wield them properly, they might chip or even break if you mess up. I haven’t personally experienced breaking my sword though.

“With laser and plasma weapons, soldiers seldom engage in close quarters combat after all…… And now, they suddenly got provided with melee weapons.”

“Right. And with power armors, we don’t even need any weapons to deal with flesh-and-blood opponents.”

The force generated by a full-power blow from a power armor’s limb is more than enough to kill a person. It’s like getting slammed head-on by a speeding car.

“That’s about all that I can say about the matter. We’ll get going then, Captain.”

“Are you not going to help out?”

“I’m sorry, but I’d like to excuse ourselves from this.”

Captain Serena brightly smiled in a teasing manner. There’s no way I’d wanna encounter another murderous metallic spider. Just what the heck is she on about? Besides, I’m not even wearing my ninja power armor right now. I do think I’d be able to win against that sort of opponent even without power armor, but I have no intention of taking such a risk. I mean, what would I do if my flawless skin gets scratched or something?

“Tsk…… Well, that’s fine. But you’re going to have to properly deal with pirates from tomorrow onward, alright?”

“Aye, ma’am!”

I gave her a crisp salute. I’ll just pretend that the tongue-click didn’t happen. Or rather, just what did she expect? The contract was for dealing with space pirates with my ships. Dealing with unknown artifacts or hostile aliens wasn’t part of the job scope.

“Well then, we’ll excuse ourselves now–”

The moment I tried to leave, red and green flashes suddenly lit up the commercial block. At the same time, explosive sounds generated by high-power lasers impacting objects and heat particular to plasma weapons surged forth.


“That was quite vulgar, Captain Hiro.”

“Excuse me.”

Someone’s terrified shriek and smashing sounds echoed out. Before long, a familiar killer metallic spider appeared from behind a store a little further away from our position.

And there were three of them.


“Mind your language, Captain Serena.”

“Excuse me.”

As I bantered with Capt. Serena, I quickly drew the swords from my waist. This was outside the contract, but it wasn’t good to leave Capt. Serena to her own devices in this situation. It would leave a bad taste on my mouth.

“Mei, please support us. Take care of the others, Elma.”



It would be nice if I didn’t need to fight. But I suppose that’s an impossible wish at this point. The moment I tried to get away from Capt. Serena, this situation happens. As usual, my destiny is playing a dangerous prank on me again.

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    There is probably a whole platoon of fully armed soldiers in mecha suits, specifically equipped for this task. Why are you so quick to jump in? At least wait to see if they need help, no?

    1. 88898

      Because he knew it will target him, so rather than having them rush him in the back, stand ground and prepare to intercept are better, I guess.

      Love how both Hiro and Serena cursed and chided each other. Hiro for unable to run away before incident happen, and Serena for number of enemies are more than she predicted.

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