356 – Technical Discussions Between Scientists and Engineers



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After confirming the sphere’s reaction to the mental wave amplification materials, we decided to settle down, organize, and exchange the information we managed to glean so far. In any case, deciding on our action policy from here on out will lead to more efficient progress regarding the investigation and research.

“For the time being, we’ve basically confirmed that the spheres exchange information telepathically and that they are extremely interested in mental wave amplification materials.”

“Right. That stuff really got their attention. But what exactly were they gonna do with em? Eat em or somethin’?”

“Can that stuff really be eaten though……?”

The mechanic sisters tilted their heads as they mulled things over. I was curious about that too. I couldn’t spot anything equivalent to eyes or any kind of external sensory organ on their bodies, and it didn’t seem like they had mouths either. Well, they were originally metallic spheres after all, so those organs might just be tucked away inside them or something.

“Forgive me for changing the topic, but what exactly is gonna be the policy for dealing with those things now? More importantly, what’s gonna be the research direction? If the purpose of the research is simply to use their carapace for military purposes, it would be fine if you guys just researched their body composition and whatnot. But now that Kugi confirmed that they actually are capable of communication, will there be changes?”

“We have been trying to establish communication with them even before we invited Kugi-san here. We originally worked under the assumption that they are some kind of combat weapon made by an unknown alien civilization after all. If they’re indeed weapons, then there must be some sort of protocol in order to gain access to them.”

Mr. Wells who got grilled by Lt. Robbitson earlier shrugged his shoulders exaggeratedly after responding. By the way, Lt. Robbitson had already returned to his original duties.

“But to think they actually had psionic abilities. I’m not very knowledgeable regarding that field. How about you, Dr. Shouko?”

“It is a bit related to my specialization, so I do have some knowledge about the subject. However, I still specialize in genetic and nanomachine engineering. I have some knowledge pertaining to materials engineering, but I have no idea regarding mechanical engineering. It’s impossible for me to analyze or build mechanical equipment, okay?”

“I also mostly specialize in materials engineering as well. You ladies are mechanical engineers, right? Are you able to design and build equipment from scratch?”

“It depends on the type of equipment. I think we can manage as long as we have a direction to work with.”

“I’ve researched mental wave amplification equipment to some extent, so making one should be possible. However, it’s gonna be tricky if you want us to create a communication protocol using mental waves from scratch.”

“I think we can manage if we work together. Nanomachine engineering can supplement that aspect.”

The researchers and engineers were having a technical discussion with each other. However, I and Kugi, who have no knowledge in those areas, were completely out of the loop.

“The tea here is very delicious, isn’t it, My Lord?”

“The food made by the auto-cookers installed in imperial military ships generally don’t taste that good, but apparently, the tea alone is stellar. I think the soldiers who came aboard our ship back then said something to that effect. Or was it actually Colonel Serena?”

“I see. I have heard that people of this empire really do value tea.”

“Really……? Come to think of it, that really might be the case.”

I haven’t really taken note of it till now, but it’s true that Mimi and Elma tended to take tea breaks every now and then. Tina and Wiska weren’t really big on tea, but maybe it’s just cultural differences due to their race.

“Telepathy huh…… I can’t really pick up their thought waves or whatever though. Will I be able to do so as well with some training?”

“In your case My Lord, your power is just too strong, so you have to learn to control it first. Unless the other party can unleash powerful mental waves as well, it is impossible for another to reach out to you telepathically, My Lord.”

“Uh, does that mean the power overflowing from me is so strong that it can even bounce off telepathy?”

“That is the case. Conversely, I believe you will have an easy time learning how to convey your thoughts to another, My Lord. However, if you do not control your output, your thoughts will be broadcasted within a wide range and not just to a single person due to how powerful your mental waves are……”

“So, it’s basically the same as shouting from the top of my lungs huh…… That doesn’t sound too convenient.”

“Nothing comes easily, as they say.”

When I displayed a bitter smile, Kugi giggled in amusement.

“I will help you in your training as much as I can. I am an official shrine maiden of the Ministry of Divinities after all. I am fully qualified to teach this subject.”

After saying so, Kugi patted her chest proudly. Her animal ears stood up cutely. I’ve just gotten to know it recently, but it seemed that Kugi also had a playful and innocent side to her. It’s just that she doesn’t break her attitude as a devoted attendant in front of me all that often.

“Right. I do think it’s a waste not to use what you’ve been given with in the first place…… It’s just… It’s just that it kinda feels like I’m gradually becoming something other than human.”

Because I’ve been told that I would be able to blow away an entire mountain with my own power, I was reluctant to train my psionic ability. If I went that far, I won’t just be a Je*i knight. I’d be a Dra*onball character. Uh, but I do think being able to freely use psychokinesis is pretty convenient and cool. Maybe I can even unleash lightning from my hands. Uh, but that’s just like a S*th lord huh.

“I see…… Please tell me whenever you want to start training, alright?”

“Yeah, once I feel like it.”

When I saw Kugi’s ears drooping down, I couldn’t help but chuckle. She was so easy to read.

“Can we have your attention for a bit, you two?”

“Oh, okay.”

Dr. Shouko called out to us, so I turned my gaze toward her.

“I’d like to hear your opinions. Can those spheres actually be considered as intelligent creatures? Also, what will you classify them under? Biological weapons or naturally occurring organisms? Well?”

“I have no idea. It’s your call, Kugi.”

After all, I wasn’t capable of picking up their mental waves. From my personal point of view, they just seemed like dangerous killing machines.

“Well, um…… I cannot say for sure, but I think their mental waves more closely resemble those of an animal. I have never encountered a biological weapon before, so I am not clear regarding that matter. However……”


“The mental waves emitted by those『creatures』have almost the same wavelength, which is quite unusual. Normally, even if they are the same kind of creature, wavelengths vary between each individual.”

“I see…… And?”

“Um, the other point I am curious about is that they are constantly『connected』 to one another via mental waves. Furthermore, they seem to be attempting to link with『something else』as well…… However, it appears like they have lost sight of that ‘something’…… I am sorry. I cannot explain it well. Um, in other words, maybe they are just a part of an even larger whole.”


Dr. Shouko and the others tilted their heads to the side after hearing Kugi’s words. I also tilted my head. I think she just said something really important, but my understanding hasn’t caught up yet. An even larger whole……?

“They are part of a large-scale network using the same communications protocol? In other words…… they are a collective similar to an AI network?”

“It’s within the realm of possibility. It might be similar to the artificial intelligence network that’s active in the empire. Kugi-kun, what is the range of the mental waves they are emitting? Can the waves travel between star systems?”

“Mental waves can jump over time-space under the right conditions, but that requires considerable power. Given the intensity of the mental waves they are emitting, they can probably cover this star system but will not be able to reach out any further.”

“I see…… If that’s the case, I suppose it would be best to find a way to somehow prevent their mental waves from leaking out before this ship goes to explore the star system where they found the spheres. After all, it would potentially be quite troublesome if that so-called『large network』activates all at once the moment we step into that star system after picking up the mental waves. We have to report this to the Colonel.”

The thought of simply destroying them all so they won’t be able to send out any more mental waves crossed my mind, but I guess that’s no good. Well, I think it’s better to proceed carefully when it comes to stuff like this. After all, less-than-ideal first encounters eventually leading to full-scale war was a common development in movies and TV shows. Anyway, it’s better to just leave this kind of stuff to Col. Serena.



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  1. trangiahuyno

    I don’t understand what Hiro is hesitating for. He’s afraid of being seen as no longer human so simply don’t overuse them unless necessary because it certainly doesn’t matter in death. He always says he will do anything to protect his people but when he has the strongest card in his hand he hesitates. Furthermore, his lack of control over his psychic powers can put those around him in danger, as when the accident in Theta could have seen several members die if they were less fortunate.

    1. Rinden

      Hiro already said the reason before why he doesn’t want to develop his powers during the Elf Arc to Mimi. But, aside from that, I do understand the hesitation aside from being treated like a walking nuke. Hiro is already a walking black hole of trouble. But, once he learned his abilities it will lead to being open to more trouble and the possibility of corruption.

      This is also supplemented by Kugi’s statement that their “Gods” sealed the ways and tasked their people to serve and guide the lost other worlders. Even though Kugi said she wasn’t there to kill Hiro, and she was glad that Hiro met people that “Held him down to balance the world”, it doesn’t mean that if this said balance gets disrupted, Hiro might just be killed by another branch of the Holy Empire.

      If the so-called gods were able to seal and stop any of the other worlders and provided Kugi’s Race the ability and knowledge on how to guide the lost other worlders – you can bet they have also countermeasures to eliminate them as well if necessary.

    2. Seven

      Honestly the easiest answer to that is the Author flip-flopping things to suit the story. The inconsistency do tend to stand out so this is just another example of one those. The MC being introduced as some badass Merc who often makes the right choice and tends to plan everything just in case also changes from time to time. The MC was someone who admitted that he has no qualms with standing out and showcasing his abilities but is also afraid to stand out because tHe PoWeR oF tHe EmPiRe hur durrr. He’s also someone who vows to protect his crew by any means necessary but also chickens out when he actually gets the opportunity to have a proper means of doing so because of the plot.
      Author would probably get to that point in a different volume because the MC thinking decently and learning to get stronger now would make too much sense for the story.

  2. IMCF

    So… Hiro’s next meeting with cursed item will be different then? The telepathy will probably reach him then.

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