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“It’s been a while. Do you have some business in the Imperial Capital?”

“Yes. I’ve been keeping myself busy in the Imperial Capital together with my grandfather. I’m so happy to be able to see Hiro-sama’s visage once more.”

“I’m happy to see you again as well, Chris. We were traveling together with an Imperial Military Escort on our way to the Imperial Capital, so we weren’t able to pay you a visit when we passed by the Dexer system. Is it just me, or have you become a little bit more mature since we last saw each other?”

“Is that so? It pleases me to hear you say that, Hiro-sama.”

Chris’s lips curled into an elegant smile. She really did seem more mature now. There’s an anecdote back on Earth that goes something like 『If one meets a youth again after three days, take a good look, and reevaluate him once more.』, but the growth of this young girl in front of us might be even greater than what that saying alludes to.

“It’s great to see you again too, Mimi-san, Elma-san. I’m very happy to reunite with you both once more as well.”

“Me too!”

“I’m glad to see you’re doing well.”

“Um, this seems to be my first meeting with these two lovely ladies. Can you introduce us?”

Chris turned her gaze toward Tina and Whisker. Come to think of it, this really was the first time they’ve seen each other.

“This red-haired girl is Tina, and this is her little sister, Whisker. They were both dispatched by a ship making company called Space Dwerg as our temporary crew members. They’re both really brilliant engineers. And girls, this young lady is Christina Dareinwald. She’s the granddaughter and heir of Earl Dareinwald, and we were together with her before we got to meet you guys. We just simply call her with her pet name, Chris.”

“I’m Christina Dareinwald. But please, just call me Chris.”

Chris’s image projected by the holo-display gave a slight bow to the twins.

“U-Um, the name’s… I mean, my name is Tina. Err, milady.”

“Sis…… Um, my name is Whisker. I’m pleased to meet you, Chris-sama.”

Tina became flustered when she realized she was meeting an Imperial Noble Lady. It helps that Whisker is quite socially adept. Well, Tina’s just acting like her usual self though.

After the mutual introductions, Chris’s gaze shifted toward Mimi and narrowed her eyes.

“……As I thought, you really resemble her. No, in fact, you two are nearly identical.”

She nodded to herself while muttering something in a cryptic manner. Hm? What’s up? Um, is it just me, or are people always getting taken aback or making puzzled looks whenever they see Mimi since we came here?

“She resembles someone? Um, who are you talking about, Chris?”

“Um…… I’m sure you are all familiar with Her Imperial Highness, Princess Luciada, right? ……Oh, um, I guess not.”

“I can’t say I am.”

“I’m only familiar with her name. Um, I think she’s the Crown Prince’s only daughter, right?”

“That’s right– Ah, come to think of it, she’s supposed to be coming of age soon, right? Eh, now just wait a sec… Eh?”

After saying so, Elma took out her portable terminal and fiddled with it with blazingly fast hand speed.

“……You’ve gotta be kidding me?”

After fiddling with her terminal, Elma stared fixedly on the terminal’s screen with an openmouthed and shocked expression. It’s rare to see Elma getting this surprised.

“I take it that you understand what I’m trying to say now, Elma-san? Um, if Mimi-san attends the award ceremony like this, I’m sure it will cause a very huge commotion…… Thus, I consulted with my Grandfather and contacted you immediately.”

As Elma listened to Chris, Mimi, Tina, Whisker, and I stood up and peeked at the screen of Elma’s terminal. And then, we found Mimi’s image displayed on it. Her hairstyle, accessories, as well as clothes were different, but her face was definitely identical to Mimi’s. Uh, well, Mimi wins out in terms of breast size, I guess?


Mimi was visibly flustered. Well, of course, she would be. In fact, I’m shocked as well.

Why……? Really, just why, man……? Elma’s matter was already a potential cause for a media circus, but why did something like this happen as well……? Just why?

“Um, would it be fine if we pass it off as sheer coincidence? ……Err, I guess not.”

“It probably won’t.”

“No way.”

“Not happening, Boss.”

“That won’t do, big brother.”

“So it really won’t……”

Chris, Elma, Tina, and Whisker shot me down, and Mimi and I sighed dejectedly.

“Why don’t we ditch the ceremony altogether and run away somewhere? I have a really bad feeling about all this.”

“That’s going to be next to impossible…… If we stand Lieutenant Commander Serena up and leave her in the lurch, she’ll chase us down to the very ends of the universe y’know.”

“That’s terrifying…”

I have a feeling she’ll really do just that, and I’m already scared as heck. We do keep running into each other unintentionally a lot ever since we first met her, so I can’t even imagine what would happen if she chases after us in earnest.

“W-What should we do? I-I’m really just an ordinary commoner, okay!? There’s no way my family is connected with royalty. This is really just a coincidence.”

It looks like Mimi was a lot more distraught than me. Well, I get it, though. The other party is not just any noble. She’s an Imperial Princess for crying out loud. Looking identical to such an individual just plain smells of trouble. There’s a possibility of her being coerced to serve as a body double for the Imperial Family, or in the worst case, being assassinated in order to prevent the chaos.

However, before those worst-case scenarios, she might first be subjected to DNA testing and genome analysis, but it would be a heck of a lot of trouble if those tests really manage to prove Mimi has Imperial blood in her veins. Well, the fact that she looks so similar to that princess is trouble enough as it is.


“It’s gonna be okay. I’m definitely not going to let anyone take you, Mimi.”

I hugged the flustered and teary-eyed Mimi tight in order to reassure her. We’ll have to come up with something for Mimi. Maybe Elma and Chris can help out with formulating a valid plan.

“So, what should we do about this?”

“Right…… Mei.”


Mei, who was called out to by Elma, stepped forward from the corner where she stood on standby since earlier.

“Can you help us to plan out some countermeasures?”

“I will offer my utmost support.”

“But you really do look alike huh…… Are you sure you’re not related, Mimi?”

After the call with Chris, Tina immediately latched on to Mimi and began bugging her. You’re getting more and more uninhibited, lady.

“Of course not…… Papa and Mama were ordinary colony citizens working in the industrial sector. They, grandma, and grandpa are just commoners.”

“Un. Well, even if your parents claim they are, it’s not necessarily true, right?”

“Well, you do have a point, I guess. But if Mimi’s parents didn’t really say anything about it, then we’re at an impasse huh.”

“Yeah. But we should be getting some news soon.”

After Elma said so, the buzzer rang and echoed in the lounge, signaling that we had visitors. I turned toward Elma and she just shrugged her shoulders in reply. I activated the holo-display and checked out the ramp outside the ship.


『And what do you mean by ‘Geh’ huh? Do you have anything against me being here?』

The holo-display showed Lieutenant Commander Serena with her arms crossed, her adjutant, Lieutenant Robbitson, and some more folks who looked part of the military as well who were wearing really fancy uniforms. There were also folks wearing white coats behind them. Doctors, perhaps?

“Do you have business with us, Lieutenant Commander?”

『Don’t play dumb. You already know why we’re here, right?』

“Eh? I dunno what you’re talking about ma’am.”

『Please. This is no time to be making those tasteless jokes of yours.』

Lieutenant Commander Serena’s image on the holo-display had a vein throbbing on her temple. Looks like she really means business.

“Ok, ok. But we really don’t get most of the situation, so it would be better if you explained it to us properly first, right? Well? How about it, Lieutenant Commander?”

『I’ll give it to you straight then. Mimi, one of your crew members, might possibly have the blood of the Imperial Family, so we came here to ascertain the truth. The people behind me are part of the Imperial Guards, Sir Zain and Dame Loretta. This gentleman here is the Imperial Physician, Dr. Falke, and this is Lord Cornell, the Director of the Imperial Internal Affairs Bureau.』

The people introduced by Lieutenant Commander Serena all gave light bows. So this is their response huh. They sure are quick.

“So, depending on the result, you’ll possibly take Mimi away? Is that it?”


Lieutenant Commander Serena faltered after hearing my question and turned to the people from the Imperial Guards and the Internal Affairs Bureau.

“No matter her lineage, Mimi is part of my crew. Unless permitted by me, her captain, you people can’t take her away, and if you force the issue, we’ll resist with all we have. If you can’t even promise me that, there’s no way I’m letting you onboard my ship.”

After hearing my not so subtle threat, the Imperial Guard duo and the Director of Internal Affairs discussed with each other and nodded in unison.

『We promise you that we have no intention of making any immediate actions, even if we do confirm that Mimi-sama is of Imperial Blood. We would first like to confirm matters, and then consider how we’ll deal with it afterward.』

Lord Cornell addressed us in a composed and sincere manner. Well, I guess it’s fine then. It’s not an issue we can avoid anyway. And it might actually be a good idea to come under the patronage of the Imperial Family before strange rumors start spreading and more shady folk start getting ideas. It’ll be next to impossible for us to guard against the schemes of the sly old foxes in the Imperial Capital after all.

I turned my gaze toward Mimi and Elma to confirm their response. Mimi reluctantly nodded and Elma sighed before nodding as well.

“Man, it’s always one thing after another with you, huh, Boss……? Are you really that much of a trouble magnet?”

“Big brother is really amazing when it comes to attracting trouble, isn’t he? He’s like a trouble singularity.”

I vehemently object to such a title!

Since everyone didn’t really need to be present in order to receive the guests, I and Mei were the ones who picked the guests up from the ship’s ramp. Mimi and Elma stayed at the ship’s lounge area. Tina and Whisker stayed with them. I actually thought they’d prefer to stay in their rooms, but due to their insistence, I allowed them to observe the proceedings in a corner of the lounge.

“Welcome to the Black Lotus, everyone.”

“Sorry for bothering you all.”

“If you really are sorry, then how about you turn around and forget this ever happened?”

When I joked around like usual, Lieutenant Commander Serena gave me a scary glare. I was just trying to lighten up the atmosphere y’know.

“It’s my first time to come aboard a mercenary ship…… How novel.”

“That’s true. But contrary to my image of them, this ship is a lot brighter and more beautiful.”

The Internal Affairs Director, Lord Cornell, and the Imperial Physician, Dr. Falke, ran their gazes around the ship curiously. The two elderly men walked in a steady and calm manner. The two Imperial Guards seem to be walking ahead calmly as well, but they were subtly keeping an eye on me and Mei. It looks like they were also checking out the passageway for anything suspicious. How professional.


They let out sighs of admiration when they laid their eyes on Mimi. Or maybe the size and beauty of the lounge area was part of the cause as well. Well, judging from Lord Cornell’s focused gaze, it’s probably more of the former. The Imperial Guard duo even seemed close to involuntarily kneeling.

“My name is Cornell, Mimi-sama. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

“Y-Yes…… Um, I’m really that sort of person so… so please don’t be so formal with me.”

“That might be the case, or it might not be. At any rate, we will be finding out soon. Dr. Falke?”

“Yes. The results will be out straight away. Could you please lend me your hand, young lady?”

Mimi turned toward me nervously with a questioning gaze, and I nodded in reply. After seeing me nod, Mimi resolved herself and thrust her arm toward Dr. Falke. Dr. Falke brought up a rubber thimble attached to a cord that was also attached to his tablet terminal and put it on one of Mimi’s fingers. He then began operating the tablet terminal.

“Fumu…… This is–”

Dr. Falke muttered after staring at the results on the tablet screen and removed the thimble from Mimi’s finger.

“According to the results, there is a 100% probability of Mimi-sama having the blood of the Imperial Family.”

After saying so, Dr. Falke knelt down on one knee and bowed reverently toward Mimi. Lord Cornell and the Imperial Guard duo also followed suit.


Mimi let out a shocked cry and I and Elma covered our eyes with one hand as we looked toward the ceiling.

Oh, man. Just why did this happen?



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  1. MythicalBug3728

    and she has no status to back her up, huh?

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    You have got to be kidding me

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    And now, we know why the story continues on…
    I want to know why it took so long for anyone to say anything. Elma lived in the capital for almost 50 years as a member of an imperial groundskeeper family. Shouldn’t she have seen the princess, or at least photos of her, a few times?
    Still, that’s a heluva secret to keep from your own family, maybe grandpa ran from a succession conflict and wanted to live a normal life? Or her parents did?
    This also means that there are many more reasons that her parents died in a “mysterious” accident, and then she was used as a scapegoat for the blame. It was probably a legit assassination, and she was kicked into the dirt to prevent her from surfacing.
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    Love the story so far. Keeps one guessing.

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        Also there have been hints that a few people kinda sorta recognized her before. Its just that the MC passed it off as people ogling her. Actually I really recommend reading the story a second or third time when you can, the author has a lot of hidden foreshadowing that you don’t catch the first time through.

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