Inyouchuu ~ Exorcisms of the Lewd School ~ Chapter 8 Part 4




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko




The tentacles wrapped around her breasts intensified their movements. Hot liquids spring up from both Mikoto’s nipples and pussy.

(Ahh, uuh…… M, my boobs are…… Aahhh, ahh, iyhhhhhh……!)

Mikoto’s flesh was on fire. She felt as though there was a simmering lava inside of her breasts, looking for a way out.

The thin tentacles penetrate their breasts, wriggling around them and expanding. It felt so weird for her but also so good. Right about now, even her breasts have become one huge erogenous zone.

The sucking tentacles continue their work, sucking on her nipples and clitoris without taking a break.

[Ugaaah, uuuhhh!! No, noo, aaaaaauuuuuugggggghhhhhh!!]

Being thrown right into the vortex of pleasure, Mikoto’s whole body shakes and her limbs twist uncontrollably. However, escaping the tentacles was pretty much impossible, no matter what she would try to do.

Their hold over her and the speed at which they were violating her was only getting more and more intense.

The main body of the demon seemed to be feeling lots of pleasure as well, shaking its body and glowing its huge eye.


The tentacle dick accelerates its movements.

Her love juices are being stirred.

Her nipples were being assaulted.

Her pussy was being spread and pounded.

Wrapped in tentacles, Mikoto’s breasts bounced like crazy. The hot lava inside of her was looking for an exit, pushing the tentacles aside as it was climbing up. Her heart felt as though it was about to explode. The tentacles were wrapping themselves so hard around her that it was hurting.

(N, nipples! My nipples, they are……! Gyaaah!?)

The suction cups at the ends of the tentacles latch themselves onto Mikoto’s nipples, assaulting them even harder. The hot stuff was mixing with Mikoto’s milk right now, feeling about ready to overflow from her.

[Don’t!!! Aaahhh, don’t, please!!! I’m melting, my breasts are melting~~~!!!]

The tentacles wrapped around her breasts were squeezing them in a rhythmic manner , while the ones inside of her breasts were wriggling around like a pack of worms. Her nipples were spread open so much that right about now they were similar to her bloated clitoris, changing onto one huge sexual organ.

And not only her chest.

Her arms, her legs, her pussy, her breasts, her back…… Every single place touched by the tentacles were feeling good, pushing Mikoto closer and closer to the edge.

BOUNCE! BOUNCE! The tentacles were seeking to drown Mikoto in even more pleasure.

[Hyaaah! Haaah! Cumming! Cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cuuuuuumiiiiiing~!!!]


Mikoto’s body bounced strongly, pushing the deepest parts of her pussy against the tentacle dick.

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Finally the light in Mikoto’s mind explodes like a huge firework, spreading her limbs wide and causing her whole body to tense up. And then –––


The transparent liquids from inside of her pussy squirt forward, drenching the tentacle dick, but there was also another liquid springing forth from the depths of her urethra.

The thin tentacles inside of her nipples back away, causing all of the hot liquids gathered there to erupt outside as well.


From inside of her nipples, a threads of milk as thick as semen squirts forward.

[Fuuueeeaaahhh!? It’s coming out, it’s coming out, coming , coming ouuuuuutttttt~!!!]

As her thick and smelly liquids springing from inside of her, Mikoto could feel her whole body shaking and twitching violently, centered around her pussy.

[Haeeeaaaaaahhhhhh!? …… It’s not stopping, it’s not stooooooppiiinnnggg~!!]



Leaking liquids from her holes like that while experiencing orgasm at the same time made Mikoto climb a whole new kind of height, at the peak of which her body lost consciousness and went limp.


Mikoto’s unconscious body was lowered onto the floor.

[Fuh, aah……]

Her breasts released from the tentacles grip, they started to slowly going back to their normal shape. Being put on the ground also felt pretty good for her, since it was cooling down her heated body.

Laying on the cool ground, Mikoto was mostly naked. All of her clothes were laying scattered across the cave, leaving every single corner of her body completely visible. They were completely drenched in the mixture of both her own love juices and the tentacles spunk. Mikoto’s pussy and nipples were currently spread open, leaking naughty liquids out of them, making her into a really unsightly scene to behold.

There was also a number of bite marks left across all of her body. Her pussy was also twitching and swaying gently in rhythm of Mikoto’s breaths, as it started to swell yet again, unable to return to its original size.

Mikoto’s toes and fingers were curling up slightly, as if they were trying to grasp something. Her whole body was shaking slightly, seemingly basking in the afterglow of her own orgasm.

[Talk about being a sloppy elder sister. How could you just go and cum like that again?]

She could vaguely hear someone say such words, and Mikoto tried to cock her semen-stained face in the voice’s direction to see who it was.

(T, that’s because…… I couldn’t help it…… Something like that, I couldn’t help it……)

First she got to violate her own little sister and without even being allowed to rest she was assaulted by those tentacles. No matter how strong you are, there is no way you would be able to withstand something like that.

[And look just how big your tits have gotten.]

[Naah!? S, stop ittt~!!]

[You don’t like it? Even though your tits are so big and so much filthy milk came out of them?]

As the small hands manipulated Mikoto’s breasts she could feel pleasure raising inside of them, and milk started to spray again from the tips of her opened nipples. She felt that with her whole body, like a huge lightning strike.

Mikoto tried to get away from Masumi while she observed her with innocent curiosity. She hated this and she didn’t wanted any more of this anymore. She wanted them to let go of her and leave her alone. All of those dark emotions were truly intriguing for Masumi.

[Oh, so you can still feel ashamed after going through all that? Ufufu, I’m glad to hear that.]

[G…… Glad to hear that!? Uahhh!?]

The tentacles wrapped around Mikoto’s ankles yet again. They lifted her body up and spread her legs in a perfect V shape.

(Aaahh, n, no way……!)

Mikoto’s hips were lifted even higher, with her sweet pussy facing the ceiling right about now. The demon raises from behind her back, studying her gaping holes with utmost curiosity.

“No, don’t look! You mustn’t look at me!” Mikoto was screaming that inside of her mind as she continued to thrash her body about. She felt as though if she struggled hard enough she might be able to break free –– However.

SWOOSH! …… Another tentacles wrapped themselves around her wrists, going down to her arms and elbows, locking her permanently in one place.

[Kuh! Uuuhhh!]

Then, her arms were pulled back and force straight.

(W, what are you…… Aah!?)

Next, the tentacles raised her legs again and bended them. Mikoto right now was almost in a shape of a ball, with her feet reaching to the sides of her head. The glowing golden eye got closer to her, inspecting its work.

(Uuh, ahhh…… Something like, that……)

Because of the position she was currently in and the way in which the demon was ogling her with its eye, Mikoto could feel her cheeks becoming hotter again.

Her pussy started to feel hot again and her love juices flowed once more, pushing her flesh petals open and overflowing outside. Her clitoris started to swell once more, shedding its foreskin and throbbing painfully.

[Fuh, ugh……]

While trying to catch her breath, waves of pain began to surge throughout Mikoto’s chest. Pulled by the gravity, her breasts were leaning forward, almost touching Mikoto’s mouth. If she tried it right now, she would be able to bite on her own nipples and suck some milk out of them. But her own nipples were out of her reach, as Mikoto wanted to avoid having to look at them. But she could see them clearly, and their sight was bringing tears to her eyes.

[I was thinking about making you go crazy from the pleasure, but now that I think about it it would be boring.

Said Masumi while massaging Mikoto’s ample butt with her small hands.

[Don’t think bad of me, please, but I think that forcing you to cry in such a ladylike way is far more entertaining of an idea. It just gets me going so much.]

[S, stop it! D, don’t touch… me!!!]

While spreading Mikoto’s butt cheeks, Masumi’s fingers slowly approached her gaping anus.

This is the hole that was violated by the girls earlier by the vibrating toy.

But even though Mikoto though this hole was dirty, her anus was far too week and defenseless to protest, gaping wide and exposing her fleshy insides.

As Mikoto’s juices continued to overflow and wetting her flesh, tears were spilling from her eyes. Masumi, on the other hand, continues to gaze up her butthole, spreading it a little with her fingers.

(Don’t look there, please! Don’t… don’t stare at me……!)




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