Inyouchuu Gaiden Chapter 7 Part 7

When she thought about it, it increased in size by about one size already, and something like a small protrusions started sprouting from the tentacles’ bodies. And there were so many of them that Kyouko had difficulty actually counting them. She thought that one of the protrusions was pressed against her visceral wall at one moment, but then,


A large amount of lewd liquids were shot into the bodies of the three Exorcists at exactly that time.

「—— Hooohhh!!! Ohooohhhhoooo!!!!!!??????」

「Hyiggguuuhhh!? C-Cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!」

「S-Something is cumming! A hot stuff! A whole lot of hot stuff is cumming inside of me!! Hyiiguuh!?」

The three women could feel that a wave of hot liquids started to envelop the insides of their whole bodies. Coming in through their butts and dripping down their throats, accumulating in their stomachs. The sheer amount of lewd liquids was so large that it could not be swallowed by their petite bodies even if they tried to do that with all of their might. And as the hot liquids filled their bodies more and more, the more the three Exorcist women could feel that their sense of reasoning was being washed away. It was slowly disappearing, like a muddy stream. Their flesh walls were filled with the momentum of the lewd liquids and their arrival, and the pleasure wrapped all around them as a result. Their weakened bodies could not endure it any longer, and they all reached their climaxes in an instant.

「Nguuh!! Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! I-It hurts! It hurts so much!!」

All three of them were able to feel both pleasure and pain at the same time. The filth that had accumulated inside of them was slowly leaking outside of them, forming huge and stinky puddles on the ground. They felt as if their whole bodies were going to explode from the inside. They could also feel their muscles contracting all over their bodies.

「Ah…… Ah……!!」

As for those liquids that did not enter their bodies properly, it naturally flowed towards the nearest outlet……


「Geheh! Fugeh!? Ueeeagueh!?

「Obueh!? Nhh! Gehoon! Gehon!」

「Fuguh! Uhh! Umuuh! Kumuuh!! Nnh!」

Cloudy and thick liquids spouted out from their oral cavities and assholes. Their abrupt eruptions stained their faces, butts, and dyed their skins pure white. Just like that, all three Exorcist women were covered in thick coat of aphrodisiac.

Their internal organs contracted violently. Hot liquids filled the inside of their bodies and the outside of the bodies as well. The insulting liquids soaked into their skins. THey felt their hearts and bodies gradually flaring and filling up. The bodies of the three Exorcists were then pushed even further towards the peak of pleasure.

「M-My ass…… It’s cumming……!! It’s cumming out of my ass……!!」

「Obueh!! Eeehhh!! Gehon! Gehoon!!!」

「M-My boobs! It’s leaking!! Out of my boobs as well!!」


Bodily fluids then erupted from their mouths and from the tips of their chests. The appearance of the female covered from the tip of their head to their toes with cloudy and smelly spunk squeezed out of their own bodies was making them look almost inhuman. Instead of human beings, they were more like flesh toilets for the youmas to be used as they saw fit.

(……I……I ……)

A wave of sudden relaxation surged throughout Kyouko’s body. Her hair, her face, her oral cavity, her ass, her internal organs…… every part of her body was enveloped in a pungent stench. Surrounded by the putrid smell of a youma, she stretched out her tongue with delight that almost melted her body away. She was unconsciously picking up the filth around her mouth and swallowing it down as if it was some sort of a rare delicacy.


(Hurts, it hurts……)

When Kyouko tried to breathe in some air through her nose, cloudy liquids flew in there and a sharp wave of pain ran through her. Even feeling that pain as a source of pleasure, she collapsed her upper body towards the floor. At the same time the leakage from all of her holes would continue without stopping, and so more and more smelly semen would leak out of her, staining both the floor and her body. She lost all strength in the arm that had been inserted into Mikoto’s asshole. She could also feel that Takeru also lost all of her strength, and her arm slipped out of Kyouko’s ass completely. Just like that, Kyouko’s ass was finally free from the blockage that was plugging it until just now. Her internal organs filled with the cloudy liquids could be seen with the naked eye with all the gruesome details to them. Every time she let her muscles relax even for a bit, those cloudy liquids would leak out of her and go outside.

「Ahee…… Hyiheee…… hehehe…… T-Thish ish……Hehehehehe……」

「Fueahhh!! Aaahh!!」

Mikoto, who also collapsed onto the floor with her asshole gaping wide open after Kyouko’s hland slipped out of her, laughed in a deranged way, and Takeru, who also collapsed onto the ground, could only weakly twitch and spasm time after time. She did not even have the strength left to move an inch or lift a single finger.

(F-Fine…… I don’t… care…… I really…… could not care…… less anymore…… I…… feel so…… so incredibly…… tired……)

While being enveloped by the pleasant warmth of the liquids that leaked out of her own body, Kyouko closed her eyes and tried to put her weary mind to rest. However ——



All of a sudden, a hand was inserted inside of Kyouko’s asshole again.

「Oh, you cannot do that. Remember? You are going to die if you will resolve to do this half-heartedly. I am really sorry. I ended up conducting an experiment that put your lives in danger completely unneccessarly. But this is the end.」

While laughing out loud, Maki grabbed the youma body inside of her intestines. At the same time, two other men had their hands thrusted into the assholes of the Shiratori sisters. Then they used the knives in their hands to cut off the connection between the flesh rings and drag them out all at once from their insides.

「I guess that I have come to realize it a little bit too late now. Rather than having you three force yourself to do it, it would have been better for us to do this from the get-go.」


「Kahyiih!? Hyaah! C-Coming! I-It’s coming out! Ohh! Ohh! Ohh! Hyiih! C-Cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming again! No! No! No! No! No! I don’t want to! I don’t want to cum anymore! I don’t want to cum anymore, but……!!」

Once it started to climax, Kyouko’s body would never stop. She felt as if her internal organs were being pulled out from her.

At that very moment ——


「I-It’s coming out~~!! I-I’m…… I’m leaking!! My fluids are about to come ooouuuttt~~!!!」

「Ass-pussy! My ass-pussy! It feels so good! I feel so good from my ass-pussy!」


The three Exorcist women were enveloped in a sense of tremendous liberation that almost drove all of them insane, and a large amount of cloudy liquids flowed out of their butts at the same time. Embarrassment, humiliation, determination to endure…… all of those feelings that the Exorcist women were bottling up inside of them finally burst forth.

As for Kyouko, she arched her back so much that for a moment out there she was afraid that she might actually hurt her spine really bad.

「…… Ooohhh…… ooohhh……」

The three women lost their minds roughly at around the same time.


The three Exorcist women were lying motionless on the floor like dead frogs. Above their and the boy’s heads, who was looking at them all happily, the birdcage began to move restlessly.

「Oooh! I can see that the experiment was a resounding success! This is it, it’s finally complete! The best one, the strongest one, the one from my very dreams……」

The birdcage then explodes from the inside as Maki’s gleeful eyes were directed at the creature inside of it. And then a lone youma fell to the floor from the broken birdcage.


It was a giant caterpillar about five meters in size. It swelled and swelled, spreading an ominous atmosphere all over the area.

「Fufu…… Fufufu! Kukuku! Kukukukukuku!!!」

The boy laughed and giggled for a while, and then he declared as if he was unable to hold it inside of him any longer.

「Now then, we can finally begin the final experiment!」

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