Inyouchuu Kyou Chapter 3 Part 5

No…… Could it be that Sui was actually deriving pleasure from being in pain?

「Well, how about now? Finally feeling ready to talk?」

「I… will never…… tell…… you… any…… thing……!!」

「Fumu, I see, I see…… Oh well, this is actually starting to feel kind of fun, you know? Now, let’s have a go at it one more time, shall we?」

「Hyiih!? Hyaah!? Hyii…… Igyiiihh!?」

Once again, Sui’s lewd nucleus was tightly sandwiched between the two metal plates, and slender body tied to the delivery table arched strongly, tears and sweat dripping down her cheeks and face, and she cried out in severe pain.

But even that pain would soon disappear.

And instead, an intense itching sensation that almost caused her to faint exploded inside of her.

If the Director was to do it again to her…… Would she even be able to withstand it?

With tears in her eyes and despair in her voice, would she be able to beg this disgusting man for forgiveness? And would he even listen to her request and stop tormenting her?

Frightened by the premonition of her imminent fall, what Sui did……

(S-Save me, please…… Help me, Mikoto-chan…… Y-Yamato-chan……)

She thought of her dear companions behind the scenes and desperately called out in her heart to them.

* * *

How long has it been since the bald and disgusting Director began to torture her like that?

「Uhh…… Fuaah, aaahhh…… Uuhh, ahh…… Fuwaah!」

Sui’s blushing cheeks were moistened with tears, her slender shoulders were trembling, and her sighs were weakly repeated over and over again throughout the room.

Her nurse clothes were stripped off of her, and her bra was pushed down without a single care in the world, and her exposed breasts would slowly rise and fall. Her fresh and milky-white skin glowed with a cherry blossom color, and her nipples and breasts volume that color the rounded tips were glossy and dyed in a sweet pink color, and they were erect as if they were ready to burst at any moment.

She was subjected to the clamp torture that had been done to her clitoris over and over again, and when that was no longer enough to amuse the bald Director, he started to do the sam to her nipples.

The torture to the girl’s genitals were repeated over and over again until eventually she lost track of how many times it was repeated, and her nipples and clitoris were all in unbearable pain, swollen and erect beyond their limit. But the metal clamps have now been removed, and the corners of her lascivious lips were still intact, and the embarrassing mucus floating on her red, delicate flesh shone lusciously and slimy under the white spotlight that was cast.

「I must say, you may be one stubborn lady, but that expression that you are making is really cute and adorable.」

Looking down at her, Director Hongouin smiled with satisfaction, contrary to his dumbfounded words. Could it be that this frog-faced man was actually enjoying what he was doing to her? Just barely, Sui was able to see a nasty grin twisting the man’s thick lips.

「Yes, yes, that’s it. If you are able to withstand a stimulation that is so strong, you are going to turn out to be a magnificent seedbed…… Besides, even if you happen to go missing, I assume that no one would really make a fuss about that.」

「W-What are you saying……!? Right about now, Mikoto-chan and others are surely……」

「Oh yeah, I wonder about that? On what basis would they come here? After all, Exorcists are all shady people dealing with shady thing, isn’t that right? Youmas? Hahaha! What is that? Who would even believe in such a thing?」

Sui bit on her lip while she was being laughed at. He was right. It was certainly just as this man was saying right now.

「Taking the current times’ common sense into consideration, you Exorcist lot are nothing more than freaks with a strange system of beliefs. No one will take your words seriously. The same can be said if some of you snuck into this hospital and went missing afterwards — no one is going to care, and no one is going to raise any fuss over it. That is the big difference between you and let’s say, a patient who was supposed to be discharged long ago, and yet he is still admitted in the hospital.」

「But, but……! Mikoto-chan and the others, I’m sure that they will……!」

「No matter how many friends or co-workers you might have out there, it’s basically the same thing, really. You can’t get help from the public, so you have to do something with your own strength and options available. Which makes it all the easier for me, since I only need to do something about you when you eventually come to me.」

The Director, who stood up while saying that, temporarily disappeared from Sui’s sight with a hasty movement. In the corner of the room, by the wall where it was dark and invisible, something made of glass began to make a loud sound, as if he was searching for something amidst the cabinets there.

「W-What does that supposed to mean……?」

「To put it simply, I need something with which I can erase any kinds of nasty pests that might come snooping this way. Oh, yes, that’s it…… Let’s go with that one, shall we? As long as I can operate under the assumption that your comrades will come to save you, I can use that knowledge and prepare myself accordingly, so that I can launch the appropriate counterattack. So what’s the problem? Now then, umm, that person…… Mikoto-chan, was it? I would really like to turn her into a seedbed if I could help it…… Ohh, there it is, there it is! I can use this one as well.」

「T-There is no way that this can be that easy for you……」

Sui tried to rebut the Doctor’s words in some way, but just as she was about to add something else to them, she stopped in the middle of the sentence……

After returning from the darkness of the corner of the room, the Director was holding in each of his hands a medium-sized wide-mouthed bottle, and inside of them were filled with some strange twisted and colorful objects. .

「I-Is this…… N-No way…… Are those youmas!?」

「Hm? Oh, you are able to tell? Oh well, I guess that’s to be expected. You may be an amateur, but you are still an Exorcist. I am sure that you must have seen a fair share of things across your career, no matter how short it might be.」

With his fleshy cheeks glistening with pride, the Director pulled up a side table towards himself and placed the glass bottles filled with youmas on top of it. He then took out some small bottles and test tubes from the pockets of his white coat and carefully arranged them one by one as if to show off their contents to the increasingly more frightened Sui.

「I know that I might as well be preaching to the choir with this, but oh well, just please bear with me as I go out of my way to explain it to you. Most of the youmas that feed on spiritual energy lay eggs in the wombs of human females in order to reproduce, you see. This is because the density of the spiritual energy is concentrated the highest inside of human genitals.」

While speaking in the tone of someone who was really familiar with the subject at hand, he picked up the bottles and test tubes that were lined up and picked them all up, thinking about something for a moment.

Mizuyori, who stares at the situation with a strained face, gasps every time she sees a strange creature with an eerie shape trapped in a container, and becomes more and more frightened.

「However, the human beings who were laid with the youmas’ eggs are nowhere near what we could call safe. In the worst case, they would lose their lives in the process of giving birth to the baby youmas, and their bodies would become so disfigured in the process that there would be no way for us to simply write it off as a patient having passed away in one of the hospital rooms. Not to mention that if they die, I can no longer play with them……」

「P…… Play with……?」

「It’s all for the sake of my experiments, you see. Experiments. What experiments, you might ask? Well, it’s simple: an experiment to spawn a highly-functioning youma colony.」

In that moment Sui managed to forget all about her own embarrassment, and her face turned pale in an instant, and seeing her reaction Director Hongouin smiled in a nasty way.

「Did you know? There are a select few people in this world who cannot lay youmas eggs even if they are violated by them over and over again. Apparently, there is something in those humans, some sort of natural ability that prevents the eggs from setting in and hatching properly.」

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