Inyouchuu Kyou Chapter 3 Part 7

With their many compound eyes shining on their heads, as if they were trying to cover up the bouncy breasts of the girl in a swarm, they spread all over Sui’s beautiful roundnesses, stuck their claws into their soft milky skin, and clung to them. .

「O-Ouch…… It hurts! It hurts! Hyahyiiih!? No, no, no, for so many youmas to…… No, no, take them away! Take them away, I beg of you!!」

Minor pain flashing here and there on her milky skin, and the mysterious, poisonous color of the shell covering her left and right bulges caused Sui to panic and lose her composure.

She pleaded with a sweet tearful voice in her throat and shook her slender body confined to the delivery table like a spoiled child. Naturally, her bare breasts bounced up and down and left and right more than ever, but the youmas who tried not to be shaken off just clung on to her even more than before.

「It’s okay, it’s okay. Good girl. See? there is no reason for you to cry.」

The Director smiled and spoke in a tone that was soothing, as if he was talking to a baby. He peeked into her tear-soaked eyes and slowly brought his face closer to hers.

「They look just like a spiny spider that lives in Southeast Asia, but they are in fact splendid specimens of youmas. However, unlike other youmas, they only consume the spiritual energy contained in the females’ breasts.」

As if hearing all of that would make Sui’s fear go away, the Director started to explain things to her, going into a whole lot of needless details at times.

「That is why those little ones are clinging onto your breasts so desperately. The nails that pierce your skin will hurt a little, sure, but it’s okay, you’ll feel better soon enough. These nails are full of aphrodisiacs, you see. Because of that, your boobs should become a mass of burning pleasure before long.」

「Huh!? N-Noo! This can’t be! that’s a lie…… T-This cannot be true! I don’t want that……Hyeha!?」

If she would start feeling good from those youmas, it would inevitably lead to her accepting the eggs that the other youmas were going to lay deep inside of her pussy. Like that, she would truly become nothing more but a seedbed for the youmas.

Sui panicked and tried to struggle desperately here, but it only proved to have the opposite effect on the monsters that were assaulting her.

「Nnh!? I-It hurts……!?」

The sharp nails of the bewitching bite of the youmas reached further into her fresh and soft skin that glowed with ecstasy and was dyed in a glossy cherry blossom hue. A small pain pierced the outside of her bouncing breast, the valley between them, and even the side of her pink nipples.

「Oh yes, that’s right. I forgot to mention. The more you shake your breasts, the more the claws that have already latched onto you will secrete their aphrodisiac. And, of course, they will reach even deeper into your boobs. This will hurt a whole lot, but you are a smart girl, so I think you know what it is that you must do here. The sooner you will be able to feel good from it, the better.」

「Hyah!? Hyiiih!?」

Swallowing the premonition of her own depravity, Sui let out a piercing scream and blushed her cheeks heavily.

Sui could feel that her breasts, which were spilling to the right and left side of her chest, were gradually becoming hotter and hotter. A bright red flame seemed to be burning behind her moist, sweaty skin. The youma aphrodisiac poured from the tiny claws of the small bugs, and that burning must have meant that it was already taking effect on their prey.

(Ah, my breasts…… they are so hot…… they feel like burning…… I feel like I’m going to melt away…… Ahh, aah……!! My boobs……!! My boobs……!!)


Just like her clamped clitoris and nipples before, Sui’s entire glowing breast throbbed heavily from the inside with the blood flowing through them.

But this time around it was not about an organ that was the size of a grain of rice, or her nipples that were smaller than the tip of her little finger.

It was all about her boobs, which were way too big for her to be able to cup them in the palms of her own hands.

Those two big, cherry-red glowing hills were now tinged with great heat, were throbbing like crazy, and were maddeningly scurrying, just like sensitive clitoris down below.

「Fuh, nnh…… Waah…… Nnhh! Ngyihhh!?」

The frustration that sprung up inside of Sui’s breasts at the current moment was even greater than the one that flared up inside of her clitoris. No…… there was no comparison between the two right now.

No matter how hard she tried to grit her teeth, she just couldn’t help it but to feel it.

She clenched her small fists with the tip of his arm tied to the side of his head, and even if she curled her slender toes on the tips of her legs that were wide open to the left and right, her two huge hills felt so violently hot that she felt as though they were about to explode soon.

Beneath the swarm of purposeful youmas, the sweet and sour sweat on her fresh milky skin turned red, looking just like an eggplant. Her nipples become more and more erect and tensed painfully.

「So? How does it feel now? Feels good, doesn’t it? See? I told you it would soon start to feel good.」

「I-It doesn’t…… feel good at…… at all……! S-Something…… l-like this…… Fuh, nnh, haah, uuuhh!! S-Something….. like t-this…… is not…… Haah! Haah! Nhaaahhh!!!」

It was not as if Sui was trying to put on a brave front here. She honestly thought so.

Her big breasts on both the left and the right side of her chest have been forced into the state of constant ecstasy by the aphrodisiac of the youmas that were constantly assaulting her, bringing her a never-ending torment. Because it was so intense, there was no leeway for her to actually feel any kind of pleasure from it. But a little bit more…… just a little bit more, and surely…… she was sure that it would start to feel good at some point. However, right now it was nothing but painful.

However, when it came to Sui’s pussy, it was an entirely different story down there.

Her virgin mucous membranes, which danced under the pressure of the small legs of the youmas, and stretched without looking as they would stop anytime soon, became more sensitive the more her breasts were being tormented and teased. Every time their bumpy, segment bodies stretched and shrunk, the electric current of pleasure would run through her creases squeezed by the cold back of the youmas. If they continue to stir the miserable love juices that she was constantly spewing out with their small legs, sparks of pleasure would flash one after another in front of Sui;s eyes, and a warm sensation would spread to the back of her navel.

An unbearable heat in her chest and her pussy that was melting away so sweetly with pleasure was something that Sui was unable to properly withstand.

(I-It started to…… feel really……. weird……? M-My body…… my body feels so weird right now…… Haah…!?)

Caught in between ecstasy and severe pain, Sui could only break into tears.

What’s worse, while she was stuck in her current predicament, the pleasure gradually started to overshadow the pain.

(N-No, I can’t…… I can’t feel good! I mustn’t! Because if I…… if I feel good from this, then I…… I…… youma-san’s eggs will…… Youma-san…… Youma…… -san…… will hatch…… inside of…… me……)

Sui desperately clung to the Director’s words, which until just now she didn’t know if they were true or not.

Due to the clash between the pain in her chest and the comfort that her pussy was experiencing, her consciousness was disorganized and her ability to think was becoming increasingly more blurred and unreliable. However, her instinctive dislike of being turned into a youmas’ seedbed was still strong inside of her heart.

It was then that,

「Fufufu…… Is it painful? It must be. Surely you must be in a whole lot of pain right about now.」

The Director, who twisted his thick lips happily, picked up another large wide-mouthed bottle. He held it out in front of Sui’s face, who was dripping with greasy beads of sweat all over her body.

「Do you have any idea what that thing is, hmm?」

「Uuuhh…… H-Hmm? W-What is…… Hyiih!? Aaahh!!」

Sui, whose attention was brought towards the bottle by the Director’s mysterious words, saw a brightly colored youma writhing in a large glass bottle and let out a scream of sheer terror.

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