Inyouchuu Kyou Chapter 7 Part 10

Not only her soft flesh that was incorporated into the fingers of men, but also her milky skin that protruded from between their fingers was filled with pale flames of pleasure to a ridiculous degree. Her already sensitive nipples were getting more and more sensitive, and even just being hit by a breeze of air would flash a pleasant lightning through their surface.

「Huh? Hey, no way! You can even feel it through your boobs like that?」

「Fuwaaahhha…… Aaahh, ahh, aaahh!!」

As if to corner the screwed Mikoto even further, the hands that crowded around her burning breasts began to move even more violently. Dozens of fingers stretched and contracted just like that youmas inside of her did, powerfully manipulating and distorting her breasts’ flesh that had become an erogenous zone all of its own. They rubbed their sweaty palms against her sensitive milky skin, and squeezed the whole well-shaped roundness of hers with terrifying efficiency, as if enjoying their fresh elasticity.

(Ah, my chest…… Uuuhhh, my chest, my chest…… Ahhh, it’s so hot…… It burns so much…… And they are getting even hotter……!!)

Her twin balls that were jumping under the fingers of the men looked as if they were going to burst into flames at any moment. Even though she didn’t like it, Mikoto thought like that in the corner of her mind as she would become even more embarrassed than ever before.

「Aaahhh, nnnhhh…… Aaaahhhh, nooooo, nnnhhh……!!」

A sweet voice leaked out from her trembling lips.

Every time their hard fingertips would bite into her skin, a sticky fleshy pleasure would spring up inside of her mammary glands.

Every time her sweat-drenched nipples rubbed against her breasts, ripples of pleasure would reverberate in her boobs like mad.

Ashamed of the joy that overflowed inside of her chest, Mikoto desperately shook her frozen stiff body.

As if her pussy had been violated by the thick and hard potato-like youmas, an embarrassing sound leaked out from her vagina that opened without a hail, and sweet and sour mucus spouted out of it in abundance. The youma with a transparent ridge was getting more and more courageous inside of her, stretching its thick body and scratching her delicate flesh more and more, stirring her cavity’s walls, and rubbing her prepped flesh ridge of her G Spot all over.

「Hyaah!? Uuuhhh, aaahhh…… S-Stop it! Stop ittt!!! Please, I beg of you, stop it……!! Hyeeaaah!?」

The rough waves of lust would come and go between her pussy and her breasts, and Mikoto let out a bewildered voice while shaking her slender hips.

She felt like if she would feel even better than this, she would literally go crazy from the pleasure. Not to mention that she would most probably lose all of her sense of self and forget her reason for being here in the first place. Just imagining herself as a slutty woman who would only crave pleasure and nothing else, it was more than enough to bring tears to Mikoto’s eyes.

「What are you doing, young lady? You really want us to do you some more, don’t you?」

「Look, your nipples and clitoris have gotten so big, haven’t they?」

「Hyah!? Kuuuh…… Hyeaah!?」

The tips of her distorted big breasts and the rim of her crotch that was violated by the long and transparent youmas, as well as her her flesh bean…… all of those were so painfully erect that she felt as though they would burst at any moment now, were lightly flipped by the hard nails of men, or lightly suppressed with the tips of their fingers. Rarely, they would even rub her with a slight squeak.

A sharp sensation like that of a needle popping out a balloon assaulted her, and her body, which was held down on her back, turned back as if it could burst as well.

Her arms and legs were so tense, and her pussy and asshole were painfully clenched.

「Uwahyiiih!? Aaahhh!?」

An inhuman ecstasy swelled inside of her vagina to seemingly no end.

The climaxing cavities try to squeeze out the semen from the men’s penises, the mechanism which caused her womanly body to tighten around the two youmas that filled her pussy to the brim, and awakened a violent jolt in her.

「Ahh, ahh, nnhh, ahh! Aaahhh! Nhaaah! N-Nooo! Please, nooo! No, no, no, NNNNOOO!!!」

A violent quake exploded in the depths of Mikoto’s stomach. Inside of her womb sung with a languid voice, the delicate walls of her pussy filled with sweet and sour love honey that overflowed from her without a second thought, The stern and rubber-like warts of the youmas caressed her every single nook and cranny, becoming more and more integrated with her insides. The pleasure she was feeling was so violent as if someone punched her to the face. Her body contracted strongly around the long and thick objects, and hger entire genitals coiled around the two youmas, hungry for even more pleasure that those two things could offer her.

「Haaah, aaahhh, aaahh…… Aaauuuhhh!! Aaahhh!! Nooo, stop it, don’t……! Don’t! Please, don’t! I’m going to go crazy from it! My mind is going to break apart! Aaahhh! I-I can feel it! The inside of my stomach…… it’s becoming stirred up!! The youmas…… they….. they are stirring me up!!! Hahyiiihhh!! Hyaaah! Aaahh!! Gyaaah!?」

The unsatisfactory intense pleasure, which was stuck inside of her pussy where her miserable nectar was stirred with loud and wet noises, was overflowing while sending sparks before the girl’s eyes. The core of her body, which was lying on her back, was continuously cleaved one after another, resembling a sensation of being run over and over again. The slender woman’s body held down by the men shook and shook as if it could burst at any moment now, and the inside of Mikoto’s head became pure white from being overstimulated.

「Oh wow, those are some seriously amazing cries that she’s letting out! Damn it, my cock is already feeling like it’s about to bust!」

「You stupid bugs! How long do you intend to hog all of the fun for yourselves! We are all waiting here for our turn, you know!?」

Excited men peered into Mikoto’s crotch and barked while grinding their teeth with anger and frustration. They seemed to have finally realized that a phallic youmas had entered her pussy and as long as they were inside of there, they were unable to have their fun.

And while that was happening, ——

「Hmm. I guess we are about ready here, yes?」

Mikoto heard the youma Director’s voice, and his arms stretched out through the sides of the other patients. They closed in on Mikoto’s pussy and inserted his claws into her cavity in a carefree manner.

「Uhh…… Aaahhh, no, no…… What are you doing……!? What are you doing, you asshole…… Hyaah!? Hyiiih!? Aaahh!!」

Tears of pain spilled down her bright red cheeks, her soft belly swelled, and she let out a scream of pleasure.

With his claws hooked on her butt, the lewd bugs rampaged even more violently, screwing her delicate insides with even more fervor, which had become so pleasant that they were getting thicker, with the countless meat warts that grew on their small legs and back.


Her stirred vagina made faint wet sounds over and over again.

「Nooo! Nooo! Ahh, aah…… Don’t! Stop! Nooo! Aaahhh!! Aaahh!! Nhuyaahh!?」

Not only her tears and love juices were flowing right now, but also her runny nose as well, as Mikoto’s big breasts, which had become an erogenous zone comparable to the clitoris, jumped heavily, and her big butt also rippled from the impact of what was happening to her.

「Noo. aaahh…… Don’t!! Aaahhh! Don’t! Please, don’t! Hyaaah, hahyiiih!? AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!


A thick and long youma was then pulled out of her by force, and Mikoto’s pussy almost got turned upside down because of that.

「Uwaaah!? Nhaaah!?」

Mikoto spat out a breath-like voice with her tongue hanging outside of her mouth, so hot that it was about to melt away, and trembled while bending over unnaturally.

(Ah, ah, aaaahhhh……)

She somehow managed to escape from fainting by being freed from the inhuman sensuality that was born inside of her by the process of that youma being extracted from her, but her body and mind were completely numb and she couldn’t even move a finger even if she wanted to.

Her crotch that floated up showed off that it was the same down there.

Deep inside of her fleshy petals that have bloomed obscenely, the wide open cavity was gaping and closing as if it was a creature with a life of its own. Not only her pussy that was stirred by the legs of the youmas and her flesh ridge, but also her sphincter muscles were filled with obscene amount of pleasure, and she just spat out a lump of finely foamed love juice without stopping, and it was hard for her to tighten her muscles again.

「Uwaaahhh…… Oh wow, that’s so amazing! Heee, look! You can completely gaze inside of her right now!」

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