Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 5 Part 3




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



She could feel the men’s gazes all over her crotch, causing her to heat up inside. Gushes of her love juices were boiling up deep inside of her, about ready to explode and overflow. Unable to contain her fluids any longer, they rush outside of her, wanting to get out.

[Haa, naaah!?]

Takeru could feel something hot and hard rubbing against her milky-white skin.

Those were men’s youma-twisted dicks.

They were rubbing themselves against her, tracing all over her skin and breasts, leaving sticky traces of their own secretions on her body, as if marking her.

[Nhh, aah, aghh, uguuh……!]

The places where they rubbed against her felt hot. As a result of being rubbed by the youma-like dicks, Takeru’s nipples got so hard that it was actually starting to hurt her. And when the scent of their liquids reached Takeru’s nose, the inside of her head goes completely blank.

(Ahh…… Oh no…… That’s, dangerous…..)

Takeru’s body was slowly being overtaken by the sinful pleasure, it didn’t even wanted to listen to her anymore. Her waist was slowly starting to move all on its own. It was drawing small circles in the air, spilling the hot and sticky juices out,

[Are you perhaps begging for it? What a slutty young lady you are.]

The men laugh at her behavior, their eyes filled with animalistic cruelty.

(Those, wretches……Naah!)

Takeru’s pride was screaming at Takeru to stop and try to escape, but she was no longer able to control her own lust.

Sensing that the dicks would soon pierce her insides, her womb twitched impatiently and her cheeks became deep shade of crimson.

The feeling of being mercilessly raped by youmas.

No matter how hard she was trying, her own lust was taking over her ability to reason and think straight. But she knew full well what was about to happen, and she absolutely didn’t wanted for Mikoto or Sui to go through something like that.

[We aren’t animals, you know? If you want something from us, you have to communicate it to us. With words. Otherwise we won’t be able to understand what the hell do you want from us.]

One of the men continued to rub his erect cock against Takeru’s erect clitoris, while the other two rubbed themselves against her smooth cheeks.

[Naah!? Ahh, nhh……!?]

The firm stiffness felt good right against her cheeks. When the penises go right next to her mouth, a firm stench enters her mouth and goes down her throat, and as she suffocates on that smell her green eyes fill with tears behind the frame of her glasses.

[What is it that you want, hmm?]

[No, ugh…… nhh……]

[Come on, hurry it up and say it! If you don’t we are going to bring your friends here and pound their asses so hard they won’t be able to walk ever again.]


Suddenly, from the other side of Takeru there was tentacle dick that was forced right into her mouth. It was horribly thick and felt as though it was made out of a bunch of smaller tentacles, where each single strand was a separate tentacle. They torment Takeru’s mouth for a while and then retract, teasing her lips with threads of thick secretions oozing out from the tip.

[Don’t! Please, don’t……! Those things…… To Mikoto… and to Sui…… Please don’t do it……!]

[Then hurry it up and say it! What is it that you want!?]



There was a sudden sensation deep inside of Takeru’s chest. When she looked down, Takeru saw her own painfully erect nipple being covered completely in the secretions of the youma’s penis. The dick itself was biting onto her nipple, trying to stick to it with its surface covered in bunch of small hook-like mini-tentacles. It was causing Takeru huge pleasure.

[Yaah, hyiii, uuuhhh! Don’t chew on them! Please, don’t chew on them!]

Letting out a bloodcurdling shout, Takeru’s crotch was shook with a powerful spasm as her stiff nipples continued to be violently tormented. Because of the youma’s curse, all of Takeru’s erogenous zones were abnormally sensitive. Her love juices continued to overflow from the inside of her pussy, letting out thick droplets and spilling them onto the floor.

[Just look at her! Acting so full of herself! So high and mighty!]

[Ehh……!? AHH!?]

When she was suddenly pushed back by one of the men, and she tried to naturally resist. The men didn’t look concerned at all, approaching her with their erect cocks in full display.

(W, wait! Why is this happening!?)

Weren’ they all too thick to be able to fit inside of her? Would they turn her insides inside out if they were to go into her? But wouldn’t it also feel really good?Terrified by what she was witnessing as well as her own thoughts, Takeru started to fall back instinctively, even forgetting to cover her bare chest and love nectar-stained legs. Then she hit upon another men with her back.

[P-Please, put it inside of me! Make a mess out of me! Use me however you want as much as you want!!]

She could feel her pussy burning strongly, her boiling love nectar dripping out like crazy. She felt as though every single fold of her insides was on fire right about now. Her butt wiggles alluringly on the stinky tatami mat, as she continues to let out more tempting words towards the men.

[My pussy, it aches so much, oooohhhh…… I think I’m about to go crazy from it, so please, stick it in me and make it stop…… Hurry, hurry, hurry!!]

The more shameful and perverted words came out of Takeru’s mouth, the more hot and swollen her privates were becoming. She then reached out her hands and put them on top of her genitals.

[Haah, uggh!?]

The moment she touched herself down there, Takeru could feel a strong current coursing throughout her body.

Continously being rubbed by the strong and thick dicks, her nose was filled with a smell similar to that of a dried squid, making her become even more excited and her thoughts becoming even more cloudy.

(W, what the hell am I doing…… Ahh, but! Buuut……!!)

Takeru’s finger began to play with her wet entrance, tracing small circles and causing her juices to overflow even more.

Every time her wet lips made a damp sound, a new wave of pleasure would surge throughout her body. Her love juices were sticking to her fingers, so thick that it was almost unbelievable.

Of course, no amount of self-pleasuring would be enough to make that hot sensation go away.

Deep inside of her pussy, at the place that her fingers couldn’t reach, it was still itching, it was still burning hot. It felt as though her womb was filled with thousands of small worms that were wiggling their way around there, causing flames of passion to consume Takeru more and more with every passing moment. And since her genitals already knew the feeling of a man inside of them, she knew that her fingers would soon not be enough to satisfy her. Her nether lips were gaping perversely, inviting the man right into her depths.

[Right here…… Right here…… Please stick it in right here……]

While continuing to pleasure herself, Takeru lets out a miserable scream like that.

[Where exactly do you want us to stick it in? Say it clearly so that we can know exactly what you want.]

The men grinned in a cruel way, playing dumb as to torture Takeru even further. They kept on swinging their dick right in front of Takeru’s eyes, causing her even more torment and making her become a slave to her own lust even more.

[You must beg us to do you, let us hear some more of that cute voice of yours.]

[Raise up your butt higher. Just so that we can have a clear view of your asshole.]

[Fuh, kuh, nhh, mhh……!!]

Takeru, who’s lust was only growing stronger, scratched the tatami floor with her toes and she got on her knees, raising her big butt as high as she possibly could. Her love nectar-drenched pussy was now pointing towards the ceiling, squeezed tight in between her healthy-looking thighs.

[R, right here…… Please stick it…… right into this hole!]

Her voice was full of excitement and lust, even though deep inside, she felt as though some part of her have just died.

[Right in this hole? You mean that hole that is so high up? But that’s your mouth. You want us to stick our dicks in your mouth so badly? Because if you want us to do that, we’ll do just that.]

[N….. No! That’s not it! That’s not where I want it! I want you to insert it in here!]

Takeru shook her butt even more, crying miserably and pleading to the men.

Her sense of pride long gone, she was not wiggling her butt just like a bitch in heat, letting the men smear their dicks all over her hot and bothered body. However, the men still refused to ease her suffering and plunge themselves inside of her.




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